Is switch better than craft?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by EmilyRose, Oct 30, 2020.

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  1. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    They promised us the pubblic Ce test at the end of october, but nothing happening...
    because they aren't still ready or because they want to hide us the becoming nerf more they can ...
    The enchantment will be switched during the crafting process
    What will happen to the unique item with only 2 enchantments?
    will be we able to add 4 enchantements like actual crafting process?
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  2. gbit

    gbit Forum Overlooker

    They said nothing about crafting with unique items....
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  3. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Connoisseur

    They didn't but if all cores will be "gone with the wind", i guess that means no more pristine, soul or augment crafting.

    I don't know how they treat enchant 's default values, but guess, according the number on picked, still not crafted unique, that default value could be "NULL" - in that case, same like slots, first empty,

    For example, if you switch 1 & 2 from that unique from pic above - next could be switched like 3 - 3 or 4 - 3

    But if not ... :D
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  4. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Someday Author

    They are allegedly reworking enchantment system... we know practically nothing about the future...

    It seems all enchantments will work with item base values. Which means, even with "unrestricted" craft, only some combinations would make sense (as items usually only have 3 different base values). Interesting cases are attack speed and movement speed.

    Because of said rework, I would keep all good plat lines in sufficient quantities- even if, e.g. gloves atk speed is 12% and 1h weapon is 24% - they could "normalize" the values to make them comparable. I'm really curious how they manage to keep things balanced without screwing up current builds.

    Switching is definitely better than current crafting as the stupid randomness is removed (and, of course, will be offset by more randomness in base values...)

    I would postpone any crafting until CE hits test server - then we will know and understand how new enchantments work and take necessary precautions...
  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well if you look at the picture you posted those numbers at the bottom is line numbers being switched.
    Now as far as I can conclude the switch all lines will only work with uniques with legendaries
    players have been planning to use blue lines from uniques to cheat the system but I dont know how the devs will prevent that.
    I like the concept though it is perfect so to speak.
    my proposal to the devs would be to break the blue lines from uniques into multiple lines as this would fix the problem
  6. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    because you would like that
    I would like too
    but we don't know it
    only alfa testers know the truth.
    I fear we will know the truth only the 24 november ...
    I play since 2011 and i remember when the developers did drastic changes,they gave good compensations to players.
    The expansion "Sands of Malice" brought a new bad way to compensate the time of players on the game.
    They haven't "feeling" for players, no more.
    I don't belive switch will be better.... i hope to be wrong.
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  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    would like that? <- maybe you misunderstood but thats exactly the same as crafting now, well prestine crafting atleast
    also what I didnt mention was that i suspect the legendary would have to be the same type as the unique for switching all lines
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Why would they remove the cores except augment cores ... since there would be no more tiers?
    Even if they remove the cores ... there has to be a new way of Pristine and Soul core unique item crafting.
    each item would probably be limited by the number of enchantments ... in that case only 2 enchantments can be added. You can switch either #1 or #2 with any other enchantment from the other item.
    Therefore ... you will need to craft the item to leg rarity first, so you would get 4 enchantments.
    IF unique items are eligible for crafting with regular items (this new way of crafting/switching) and IF the process is in both ways ... it will be exploitable all day long from here to eternity :D
    So what? Easy-peasy.
    I will transfer all enchantments from this item
    to a leg item of a same type (ring to ring) ... then craft the leg ring with leg items and then transfer the N-enchantments from a leg item to unique. In example from leg weapon to unique weapon ... and i would get the number of enchantments from the unique ring onto unique weapon.
    And those are only the starting and finishing steps in the process ... imagine what would i do in between and what kind of sorcery would that be :)
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  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    well whether its a line nerf of uniques or something else obviously they wont allow for this to happen.
    but lets say you succeed
    you think youre going to be OP vs mobs that drop item level 165?
    or maybe vs mobs that drop item level 190?
    ugh i've been lazy to look for messages on fb so will just tell you here without divulging too much
    The concept behind this item levels and the skills passive tree and the level 100 in general stems from something new.
    Each skill will have 10 levels of awesomeness
    there will be passives that boost and affect these skills.
    Call it a new game if you like, call it whatever you like, the first thing this is going to do is create variety on all classes.
    You will find specialist players in almost everything but not specialist players at everything.
    Wild pack for example is separate and the levels it can attain makes a ranger a summon class.
    In the same instance rangers will also have explosions on db allowing melee rangers to become a thing.
    I suspect there will also be rangers less reliant on wild pack or db and they will be strong ranged players.
    And thats only rangers.
    We will have 1h dps dks 2h dps dks 1h tank dks 2h tank dks. idk what they will do with skills
    we will have mages strong in all elements but stronger in some a lot stronger in some and or mages specializing in 2x elements
    Mecs, if the skills tree remains the same for them it is because (5 from the screen and not 10 like others) 10 levels of power would be too strong on mecs, but where mecs only have 5 levels of power for their skills they can use a lot more passive points once again rocketing each of those skills to new levels of insanity
    And thats only the active and passive skills trees
    We are talking a new dawn for uniques because the numerical uniques will surpass % powered uniques by an insane margin on higher item levels.
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  10. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    they inform us:

    " Every Unique item that has transferred enchantments can be used on the workbench in Dark Legacy."

    that means in Dark legacy we can't add any lines to unique items
    yes, but before the CE ;)
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  11. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    wrong, you can, just not current uniques
    It is to prevent all those blue line abusers from abusing blue lines @trakilaki theres your answer <- this was proposed by players weeks ago, I actually went blue line hunting, pretty sure this is part of what caused the delay to ts.
  12. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    sorry i don't understand what you are saying
    What blue line?
    the concept is simple for me:
    not craft
    4 lines= 4 possible switch
    he posted a unique ring with 5 blue lines, you will not be able to use this ring to switch enchantment if you didn't craf a legg (4 lines) before CE.
  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I don't understand anything you say.
    Haven you all said the cap level would be 100?
    like I don't have a better things to do but spending resources :D

    I don't understand anything and that is ok because I don't even try to process information regarding Crap Emulation (CE)
    What blue line hunting?
    Are you referring to those default enchantments that are Tier dependent ATM? Those like the damage on Witch pauldrons and damage on Ring of Death?
    If yes ...
    1. what makes you think they will stay the same ... since they said they will change bonuses and enchantments
    2. You are forgetting that you would be able to add any enchantment on any item ... so no point of hunting "blue lines" if you can transfer even better lines later on
    3. and finally you forget that enchantments are scaling with level and level 100 item would always have higher enchantments than T10 level 55 item
    I was showing just like an example of how bad crafting would be and the level of possible exploits
    I am aware of at least 2 "hacks" ATM that will almost certainly be working then :)
  14. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    and what do you think it will happen?
    sure a fix...
    the dimostration that if they don't give us the public CE test is only an error
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    fix what?
    time for bug reporting are long time gone for me ...
    on top of it ... it is only my assumption since I know nothing about the upcoming screwup content ... but what i know is ... once I had presented them a long detailed exploit that both QA and the Devs never understood. The exploit was practically tested by me and mathematically proven by Baragain. :)
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  16. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    ...mathematically proven ...
    it seems they haven't a good knowledge of the math
    maybe with the Bigpoint's new managing director something is changed :)
  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Here is the tricky part and what I have been trying to tell everyone.
    Instead of tiers they will be replaced with item levels
    So lets say you succeed in leveling to level 100 there will be 6 difficulties
    Now unfortunately I do not know if there will be an item level range per difficulty but I can imagine that to be the case.
    Once youre level 100 and you play on painful the mobs and bosses on painful will be for example level 105
    You will then on painful be able to farm items ranging between item level 104-105
    The level requirement to equip and use this item that is level 105 will be 100
    the rest can be said for excr
    fatal infernal merciless and for bloodshed
    Now here is the thing
    Taking even diminishing returns into account
    You will for example be able to farm up to item level 165 as an example
    This is why I have been betting on unique items with numerical values as unique values, because most assuredly a unique with numerical values, the numerical unique values is much higher on for example item level 130 or item level 165 than it would be on item level 100
    Now trying to ascertain the new item level I had to take diminishing returns into account so my previous tables might be slightly or extremely wrong thus I have made the following formula in excell to compensate, =B3*4.5%+B3-99.5%
    If you have a better formula please do advise, the only difference I see there is maybe making the 4.5% lower but I do not know for sure
    Please see the chart below for item levels 100 - 130
    obviously the q6 amulet goes in a negative if taken from 55 to 100 <- I do not know how to treat that
  18. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Y'all are not reading and comprehending.
    Nobody crafts to the Witch Seeker Pauldrons because of the great +damage enchantment line. This means that after the CE, you will NEVER be able to craft enchantments to or from that item. No adding 3rd or 4th line. No taking that damage line elsewhere.

    Now, here is my problem with what they have stated. No where does it say that items that have been subject to SOUL CORE crafting will be usable on the workbench.

    How many items do I have where I crafted the enchantments onto X unique, then got a better X unique base lines and so did Soul Core crafted the enchantments over from old to new and Augment crafted the new X unique up to the original unique item's level and equiped it on my toon. Said new X unique technically has never had a Pristine Core craft applied to it. Thus reading above, the enchantments on my newer X unique are perma stuck on it as is forever.

    And in all the info that has been put out, there still is no method mentioned for raising the level of an item. Only that to get higher level items they must drop from a higher level mob.

    Think on this, people.

    And to answer the original question. The new "swap enchantments" is going to be way way better than the Gambling crafting we've got now. Once you find a great Enchantment, you will be able to KEEP that great Enchantment and keep "swapping" it up items as you get better level items (minus the small problem I've just detailed).
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  19. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Expert

    if you think this, craft a legendary item on witch pauldrons on the 23/10 and enjoy the new switch/craft after the CE ;)
  20. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    lol and why would you even bother?
    you know why this happened?
    its because everyone thought they are smart enough to collect blue lines from current uniques and then they want to switch those blue lines with normal plat or gold lines and end up with for example 800% idoti on a weapon.
    So they had to do it, there was no other way.
    Why would you want to craft witch seeker pauldrons lines to anything anyways you can just craft 180% increased damage and 60% armor on this item on q5 pauldrons and be done with it
    however you will have to craft q5 pauldrons before ce comes so as to be able to do it.
    Well I suspect you will also be able to craft q5 pauldrons after ce if you have used equipment refiner on them.
    Well in all fairness you farma level 105 item on painful and then the same item on fatal but its item level 115 and then that same item on merciless and its item level 135 and you just swap lines
    seems fair imo
    the only real problem is merchant uniques, which I proposed they let em drop from amphoras
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