Is there a viable 1H Ranger build?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by bilybob, Sep 15, 2018.

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  1. bilybob

    bilybob Forum Apprentice

    Returning player here and I've noticed while scouring build threads that there seems to be only "cut and paste" 2H build options. I am interested in building the Ranger I have recently managed to get to level 55 so it is somewhat a blank slate. I have no Dragan items and only a rag tag bunch of mixed gear of varying tiers.
    Given that the Gwenfara Event is coming soon I was wondering what you all think of a 1H build Ranger using the event bow? I know that I will need supporting items, gajillions of gop's but this bow seems to make a case for itself. What supporting items would be ideal? Is this even a viable build?
  2. callme0216

    callme0216 Advanced

    Thats a really low amount of informations.
    You want to play with 1H in PVE? Or just PVP
    IF you returning player i assume you have this runes too..
    So here is what i think match well with Gwenfara bow without Dragan.

    If you use 3 darkness set piece you get:
    • 10,00% Increased critical hit value
    • 15,00% Increased damage
    • 10,00% Increased critical damage (from Helm)
    • 2x 720 critical hit value which can be increased with leveling up the item. (Shoulders-Boots)

    Or you can just use Cube full set, Blade dance bow with the similar buildup.
    With the Blade dance bow you can get 55% Concentration costs reduce..
    Thats not bad if you want to spam EA-s, Blade dance with +120 concentration or more..
    One EA cost you 22,5 conc. with that Blade dance bow build.
    Thats 4 EA in a row what cost you 90 conc, and lets count that you get 20 conc. from wisdom ,so thats 5 EA in a row.. Now we have the White Karabossa adorment + Nefertary cloak ,thats 2x +5% more conc.
    Lets not forget that if you engaged yourself to play as much to wait untill the:
    Therefor you can get a gem which boost you to get +5 conc.
    Thats something like 6 EA in a row with Blade dance bow.
    With Gwenfara bow thats 4 EA..
    After that? Adrenalin! thats spice things up a little bit.
    Of course only if you have atleast 5x 2% costs reduceing rune, Grimmag torso, Khaly shoulders, Karabossa adorment, Nefertary cloak for supporting items..

    But untill you complete this set what i wrote 100% they introduce something better, or another Dragan event..
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