Is there a way to work on this game ?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by murcinhum, Sep 28, 2023.

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  1. murcinhum

    murcinhum Forum Greenhorn

    Uhm, hello,

    So, i've recently gotten into the game again (been playing on and off for years ever since i was like 14 or so) and... well, the game hasn't changed a bit since then. At least not for the better imo. I'm not sure how much the company even supports it anymore, haven't looked into it (i just saw the rather rare hotfix updates and nothing more on the main page).

    I was wondering if there's someone i can talk to about whether it is possible for me to somehow be part of the dev team? I don't need money or anything, just to fix a bunch of bugs that have been there for ages it seems like and potentially try to optimize this piece of crap. Like, what's up with the performance? As a kid i played on a cheap arse laptop and it ran like garbage even with the ugly graphics. Now that i play on a decent machine it still feels just as bad, even tho it runs properly.

    I have no idea if such thing is possible, so decided to just ask around the forum. Apologies if it isn't the right place or time for such threads.

    EDIT: I was also curious whether there's a way to run private servers on an old patch? I quite liked the old game more (pre lvl 50 updates)
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  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Baron

    So welcome back.

    I give you a disappointment, I don't think they care more than zero to have someone poking their nose into their code even with the meritorious intent of wanting to solve some bug.

    The reasons can be numerous, from the difficulty of controlling, tracking and verifying the work made by some "volunteer" who offers himself to the cause, rather than due to the fact that (personal opinion) certain bugs are wanted and implemented for some purpose. To don't mention that you should have a strong skill in Nebula game engine in order to manage something with knowledge of the facts.

    However, what you can do is propose yourself through the official channel since even if you ask game support they will certainly answer what I'm about to tell you: send CV, cover letter, references, to ... and good luck.

    Also this link might be of some interest for you

    And no, you can be sure they have no will nor interest to someone running a private DSO server.

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