Is this the end of Drakensang?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by mojomagic55, Nov 15, 2021.

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  1. mojomagic55

    mojomagic55 Forum Apprentice

    Been playing 11 plus years, have seen many changes in that time. But since the game formatted to Terrifying Shadows and most of the ways crafts changed, many people left. People left during the spike of COVID as well. Many have jumped ship and are playing Amazons New Worlds, but this is my game. Eleven years is a long time to play one game online, but I like it.

    What are you going to make the game exciding? How will you draw people back, or are you going to let the game continue to die? It is my hope that the new DOS will make this game great again.

    The Tuna
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  2. Arsyada

    Arsyada Forum Greenhorn

    Attracting players is not as easy as retaining players who have spent years, It seems that DSO forgot to give special gifts to appreciate the players, it could be giving andermants, skins, runes and so on every 3 months of playing, or it could be that they don't care about losing veteran player?
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  3. RantNRave

    RantNRave Forum Apprentice

    new player here since february and practically am already done/hiatus with this game.

    I quite enjoyed most aspects of this grinding til 100 and some time after getting royals and traps gems, epic+5x runes, PW uniques, heck even making a second toon to farm andermant for slot unlocking on my mains equip... however its become a chore and boring once its done. Agathon is lightly populated and not by many NA, groups, guild, friends, are really non existant. most of anything i do is solo, you can only bring so much joy to farming dust and jewels solo, which is about the only thing left to really do.

    i peek around for events only now, like anniverisary, easter, and a few others that were in my reasonable time limits, had some decent rewards along with bonus codes to help.
    so far regarding this new team, that still hasn't surfaced... the october ween event was heavily time intensive, (Rewards meh) and stellar gold was drop cash for premium or you can't reasonably do it (rewards okay).. so 2 months of being inactive now.

    if future events are going to be altered to be pay to win, via premium or ander, instead of time spent.. then im done. I cant play games that punish players for not dropping $$.

    Two huge mistakes is this game does offer premium from time to time, buts its used on recieving it.. i hate that. let me use it when i want to. second is the trader for community coins, requires premium to begin with, and then the coins are now never offered because of the new team (im 51 coins short of premium). They removed the "3 day" on top of it which i thought was good to use, i dont need to waste a month/2 week premo for some event thats active <7 days that i could do in 5.
  4. mark-kim-8888

    mark-kim-8888 Regular

    I've also been playing DSO for 9 years...Yesterday, out of boredom, I created a new Dragon Knight...nostalgia))...yes, it is interesting to recall the former Splendor of the Game...I couldn 't kill the boss of the Herald in Kinshile at level 17 ...I had to raise the level a level 20 with a 62-level weapon, I killed him))) I asked in a general chat to reduce the Grottoes of the Khakosts to a painful level in order to dress a Warrior))I may not play with them for a long time....But as I imagine...where to get millions and millions of dust to raise the level of stones to the Imperial level??? Life is not enough...forget about the Shares...impossible!!!
  5. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    Let's see that the game does have players and that they pay that most use bots or use programs and make groups to farm well if that is the new DSO player because if you play alone these but very screwed if you are looking for a group it will be complicated because they ask that you do a high damage, runic powders is the big problem because someone from the development team came up with the fantastic idea of creating 4,000,000 different gems that you cannot grind quickly and that it is a complete pain to get them because you have to kill a Lots of monsters at high levels which is easy if you go in a decent group but if you don't screw yourself up, that's the game. Why make a "fun" game that supposedly follows German RPG laws? That's hippie stuff
    In my opinion, I think the best option is for fans and people interested in the game to create or develop their own independent version (clearly with monetizable things to pay the developers if they want or for the copyright, which some are already up to **** of waiting for some response from the current developers) at least alone later servers will be created for it but because of how things are going that does not advance but if it goes backwards the path that most players are looking for is in this This is not how I see it.
    translated by mrs. gaagle


    I understand the intentions but keep in mind that old players are not interested in a ******* skins, rune or gem, they are interested in the good old mechanics that have been loaded with the passage of time and another as you base the player's activity to reward him for h / plays per day or for days connected, do I open the thread?
    translated by mrs. gaagle
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  6. mojomagic55

    mojomagic55 Forum Apprentice

    I don't believe that special gifts are required, I don't need trinkets I just want a fun playable game.
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  7. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    It is the end of Drakensang unless it is sold and reworked.
    There is no new team , there is perhaps 2-3 people keeping this a float in there office.
    Forums are dead. Plus there is know answer.
    Lag on Lagathon is now making it impossible to play 2-3 runs then lag and have to leave groups.
    As for more than 1 character would not waste my time.
    I do not need any gifts or Trinkets have probably 90% of the mounts pets costumes in the game.
    Do not need Gems or Rune. Have all Legendary and excess Legendary Runes to help guild farm plus excess dust.
    I would like a game that is playable with no lag with people on the game to make it enjoyable again.
    At the moment all that happens is group does a few runs and someone gets stuck lags or kicked and then says game is EDIT.
    Our guild and groups are from all over the world South American countries USA a couple from Europe and Australia.
    So the lag happening to everyone in this group is EDIT's end.
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  8. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    they dont want players back,they wanna finish the game,but they dont realize that,!!!


    right now the conection on heredur is not very good from yesterday,but no one dont care like before with 5 years,here is like this,if you agree with admins and supervisors forum,you are ok,if you say something is wrong and needs to be fixed,they are not happy with you saying that,this is the reality,shame on you dso team,for you is personal for me is not,they banned me from facebook page,because i was telling other players not to spend the money in the game,because there is no satisfaction anymore,and this is the reality,from lvl 45 when the big boy james take over ,everything is wrong here,all the game satisfaction is destroyed by a guy who wanna make the game for himself,and not to improve for the rest of the players,but hey ho,who im to say somenthing,doesnt matter anyway,have a nice play players!
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  9. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    It is my personal belief that in 2021 there is no one with concrete money to invest who can be interested in a product powered by an obsolete game engine - also, let's be serious, have you seen the newest MMOARPGs that are already out or coming out (one in particular)? - for which there is certainly no skilled developer's market to tap into.

    The biggest problem is precisely this, that even if you hire some devs, you have to pay them for months before they learn to do something right. Nebula is not Unreal, there is no one in the world already trained on it, since only one game still runs on it, and no technical documentation is publicly available.

    As a former player, this is what I have always thought ever since I heard of the umpteenth and last (in chronological order) ordeal that hit the offices and employees who took care at least worst of keeping the game.

    I felt hard to believe that there was a "new team" on the air, nor that there are people busy reading and analysing the hundreds of posts collected in the suggestion's thread: I will be glad to be wrong, for those who still waste time behind the game.

    I noticed that a kind of survey has just appeared in which they focus on the aspects of the team play: I would be surprised if this ever leads to something good and useful for what's left of the game.

    On the other hand, I do not consider, contrary to what many have argued, that the fact that the production cares so little/nothing about communication and social involvement would be a clear sign of disengagement. BP has never been interested in communicating proactively and keeping open channels toward their clients (the players), they had always an indolent attitude with social management and a substantial indifference in dialoguing with the community. I'm sure they had to force themselves even when they paid CMs to do some animation activity, feeling like they were spending money for nothing.

    In the next months (that's the Bp's average range of time between two significant events) you will know if there was still something boiling in the pot, assuming there is still a pot. Good luck.
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  10. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    look at the conection,right now,there is no new team or care from the actually te4am,this the reality,soo stop saying different thing about the situacion
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  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Is there a new team? That question has still gone unanswered
  12. mojomagic55

    mojomagic55 Forum Apprentice

    Lag is created by slow internet speeds. Before blaming the game for you lag, make sure you have adequate internet to play. People cry all the time about the lag; in some countries they are limited in what is available, but many times people just don't want to pay for faster internet because of the higher cost. Then quit crying, it is not the game why your MS is 1000, it is the slow internet that you are unwilling to pay to speed up. And if you are using wireless, you need to make sure you reset the wireless, and or move it to another channel if it is really busy. 11 years plus here, stop blaming the game for everything.


    Yes there is a new team go to Discord, most everything these days is done in Discord, that includes our game.
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  13. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    do you have brothers and sister home?they are like you?i wanna know!
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  14. sibano

    sibano Padavan

    Frustrated questions
    Some miss level 55, others are older, look for the one who comes and goes, which is a proverb. It's really been said correctly.
    it's even nice to collect cores at the time of level 55, but now I don't feel like doing anything at all. 1 2 months the account in full for those who do it was how did they do that ? Is it a game or an underhand account? Are we stupid or is Dso too smart? even though I've been doing farm for years now while my account was full at level 55, my account doesn't seem to be full, what is the reason? How many times has each player deleted their account so far, has there been a day when you didn't swear at this game? has there been a day when you haven't complained? Have you had any unanswered questions in this game? Why does the dso always get worse ? because the managers are incompetent ? Where did Dad learn how to make such a cake ? It's all hidden in Dr. Oetker's secret recipe.
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  15. MisterNoob

    MisterNoob Advanced

    well... Tencent (yes this is Chinese company who owns Drakensang) has some other problems now, not DSO :p

    China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has reportedly barred Tencent from updating or launching apps in the country.
    According to the South China Morning Post, app store and platform operators have been told to enforce the ban, which is being described as "temporary administrative guidance."
    It's unclear exactly why Tencent, which develops and operates high-profile games like Honor of Kings, is being targeted.
    Chinese regulators, however, have reportedly taken issue with a number of the company's apps for violating regulations and infringing user rights.
    Tencent has issued a statement explaining it is cooperating with authorities and inspecting its apps, while also reassuring players and users that its products remain functional and available for download.
    "We are continuously working to enhance user protection features within our apps, and also have regular cooperation with relevant government agencies to ensure regulatory compliance," said the company.
  16. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    Interesting, thanks, I always liked eerie stories.

    But it seems to involve "only" the Chinese market, where Tencent is/was having partnership with BP related to the diffusion and penetration of DSO in the local market, with no direct join among the two companies. As far as I see, the actual owner of BP is still Youzu Interactive, and current BP's CEO is Wanqin Liu, board member at Youzu Interactive.

    Therefore the issues of Tencent, whatever they are, will at most reverberate in a further loss of profits for Youzu from Drakensang revenues, which is easy to imagine are already reduced to the bone (even if I see people around who incredibly still give premium membership to DSO).

    Maybe who knows, the property tried to sell the game (absurd things like afk farm could be well explained if you have to prove that you have a large number of active and always online players) but it went wrong, and therefore every plan and possibility of product development collapsed, or that negotiation is still in progress, making all the activities go on stand-by (including the monthly events, which despite being the same for centuries, and effortless to be runned, are gone anyway).

    In any case, this does not justify the deathly silence and the total absence of the productors, which persists despite logic suggesting that precisely in moments of greatest difficulty, such as these, they should behave clinging to the community and trying to preserve those few real active players who still remain, spreading confidence and enthusiasm despite all adversity. That's the exact opposite way as they are going on.

    In business as in life there are limit points called of no return, that is, beyond which things will not be able to become positive again whatever efforts are made. And the analyzes carried out by the production may have told that such point has already been overcome. But even if they understaffed and overstressed, making a post every now and then, and trying to interact as little as necessary in order to prove themselves still alive, would be almost a must: certain silences could mean more than many words.
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  17. VeteranDSO

    VeteranDSO Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Javah,

    This is a very good story and embraces my exact thoughts, well done!

    In other Words The End is Nigh...
  18. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Exceptional Talent

    I have been reading for 3 years that the game is over, how long does it take to close?
  19. sibano

    sibano Padavan

    I have received a 1-month premium withdrawal from my credit card, Can I provide a refund? Because I don't play this game anymore.
    Drakensang has been dead online for a long time.
  20. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Regular

    As @Javah says, sometimes silence can be most noisier than the same noise...

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