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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by THQ1.King, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. THQ1.King

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    Every time I go PVP I change my gear almost completely
    I am in danger of wasting too much gold and only time to change gear
    Then I was in my mind wasting too much gold and only time to change gear
    Why not have a replacement hardware just just click on what button the gear appears!
    For example, in the main gear there is a 2-hand weapon and two critical
    And also a set of other "items Alternative" There will be a shield and arm 1 hand with the jewels also where it moves in total 1 and a total of 2
    Exactly like 4 skill sets now
    We can make gear two sets

    I think it's an exciting plan!

    Also, if there is a direct transition to the points previously recorded and moving to it via the map or a stone of their own will be faster in moving the game so that you can not move to gates that require something like "move to dragan boss" You must have Red Pearl in your bag "

    I hope you got the idea
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