Jesse O' Barker remove Herald - Medusa cloaks???

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Μorfeas, Jul 27, 2020.

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  1. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    why you remove from Jesse O'Barker the Herald's Dragon Skin and M'Edusa's Snake Skin??
    is a bug? or you do it in purpose?
    and if you remove it, why you don't incrase the drop? because now is 0.01% !!!!
  2. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    I don't think the drop changed, it's still I believe between 0.2 and 0.7 % loot chance.
    About the removal from shop the argument was more or less: "It's better if you deserve it instead of getting it with easily farmable coins".

    It's a pretty laughable argument since it's too much about luck with such a drop rate and key cost. A player that drops it in 10 runs doesn't deserve it more than aguy who fails to drop in 1000+ runs (there are quite a lot of those guys actually).

    Anyway, just use a non unique cloak with a decent crit line on it and raise it to t7-10 and glyph it to 60.
    You'll get almost the same crit as herald cloak but you won't have the slots and unique lines (which you don't care for early 55).
  3. rcch

    rcch Active Author

    Jesse&Hansen said that those items vary on the shop and those cloaks are one of those changing/seasonal items. So those will come back(they said so) but those are not there all the time.
    ofc it is BP ;)
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