Bug Judgment of the Dead (Sea of Bones)

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Kaori.25, Jan 26, 2022.

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I can't find map

  1. Sea of Bones

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  2. Missao de mar de ossos

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  1. Kaori.25

    Kaori.25 Forum Greenhorn

    I received this mission Judgment of the Dead (Sea of Bones) but I can't find this map, I did all the mission of Elysio de Mortis and completed it all. After finishing I received a mission to look for the ammon in Cardhun Deistegrada and this mission appeared, but I don't find this map, I even thought it could be in Elysio and I killed Mortis again and there was no change in the mission. Some players told me that this maps existed before, but it doesn't exist anymore, so why does a mission appear for something we don't have access to?
  2. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Forum Connoisseur

    Hi @Kaori.25 That i remember the sea of bones was the first map of Q6. Now this Q doesn't exist cos to get to Mortis you must do the main quest... and fist you had to do some quest to get to the second map, then they change it and sometimes they gave you a side quest and ask you to get some coins of mortis and some souls... but you had acces to the second map already... and now this disaster...

    I hope it helps...

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