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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Anyki, Jul 1, 2021.

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  1. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    This quest being repeatable was the only thing available for people to finish the progress bar in a reasonable amount of time, given 4 days of this event being active. If this event was running longer than 4 days, say 8? then this perhaps wouldnt be an issue with it being nerfed.

    Your other big source of event progress comes from the 100x4 powder quest. As it stands the dye drops are completely disproportionate to the quest, they need to drop equally or the ability to convert red/yellow to green/purple.
    The crafting to produce the colors you need is even worse, and not feasable. 1x unit on a craft that cost dyes. you price dyes at a higher andarmant value (when available), than the ferry bundle that contains 25 powders each. This is so illogical and unecessary.

    The 5 seperate quests are a joke. First they should award the 100 coins upon completion of the first quest items (25 runs for leaders), not further the goal posts on the same quest, by asking for 10 more drops from sentinels (50 more runs for sentinels) totally making them almost near impossible to complete.

    I ran kaladoros about 60+ times, at 5-25 mins a piece (sometimes full run for ferry tickets drops, to then just killing boss/sentinels only).. this is unreasonable for just about everyone, but i had the luxery of time to burn to do so.. others not so much. (roughly 24+ hours between dersert essence for tickets, and quick runs on kaladoros)
    Its great i manage to get 100 glowing starfish for epic crafts from bosses, but i still FAILED to complete 3 out of 6 of these quests.
    this map needs multiple sentinels or you need to reduce the required numbers of drops down to 5 or so. If i want to complete them, im looking at yet another 15-30 runs, assuming its 100% drop and assuming i get the correct sentinel i need.

    summer solstice tokens are a complete void, i managed to get 10. I followed a post in another thread from where they drop, to the handful on the kaladaros map x5, draken x3, andermant x1, progress x1. Im not sure where anyone could get more, as the next part could cost up to 50? for the 5 chests. huh? should be a rare drop at the very least considering what you can get from the chests isn't that worthwhile to invest so much time.

    Thankfully desert of essence was running, as i boxed this map for ferry tickets and got the generous amount of draken from it.. which i found that change to be very good without too to much time on it. If this desert event wasn't running i would have completely avoided this event altogether.

    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    BUMMER Solstice Event

    No other words for it. Making us pay for minigames....With the 2 free ones i got, I tried both arenas (killing and the surviving) and none of them gave a chest. Yet you want us to pay for it? Almost 10euro for 10 tickets??? Comedy at its finest lol

    Also the killing all the meanies arena is terrible for dwarfs. (and i asume its even worse for DKs)

    last year event was bad, but 100x better than this year
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  3. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Great Event Solstice.
    Hands down the biggest flop you done for a little bit.
    90% of players have bucketloads of gold coins,last year we could buy fishing rods for gold coins, this year it is Andermants.
    You know what you can do with your Solstice Event.
    [EDIT]point is trying to milk the last $$$$$$$ out of players, it is as simple as that.
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  4. RagePowered

    RagePowered Forum Greenhorn

    This game is not pay to win anymore, it's pay to play. You took a bad event and made it even worse, impressive.
  5. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    I think the New Moon quest was nothing but a rip off and so is the Summer Solstice.
    To kill the wolves you have to spend a lot of your blue, for very little in return.
    The Summer solstice gave very little up for all the effort.
    I think that if you have to kill or collect hundreds of items you should get a better pay back too!
    The special events are just money makers for DK not special events for the players.
    A lot of time spent, going in and out collecting items, doing the same [EDIT] over and over for sod all really. I just do not bother with the special events anymore.
    New Moon [EDIT], so unfair.
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  6. Laurie53

    Laurie53 Someday Author

    Rising Hero event. I added a new character on my Switch character page - yeah I know, shoulda bought it from shop. They took my money and nothing. And it's no longer available in the shop for me either. So another non-event.
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  7. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    Rising Hero is very good event. Thanks to the developer, my interest in the game has returned.
  8. Айлейд

    Айлейд Living Forum Legend

    this event would be useful on a test server, but not on gaming.. I agree with those who consider this an event a product of laziness, because you could come up with a normal event with the same awards, but went the easiest way, and most importantly, you don't need to come up with anything:confused:..
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  9. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I see that several responses to your post have been deleted, so I'll take a more circumspect tack.

    What do you like about the event? The rewards? The length of time to complete the event? The fact that you don't have to learn any new maps?

    Can this really be labeled an "event" if playing the "event" doesn't differ from normal game-play (other than the anxiety to rush progress through 99 Experience levels)?


    My take on Rising Hero is similar to most other comments:

    1. Rewards are pitiful in comparison to the effort and/or expense required to complete the progress bars
    2. Most of the key rewards are subject to the usual randomness that pervades this game (Will you drop a lesser rune of materi blessing, or something at least slightly more useful? Will you drop one of the few new Jewels we deem useful?)
    3. There's no new content; we're just playing the everyday maps and killing the same monsters as the day before the event started
    4. At the end, you'll have an extremely weak level 100 toon which will be virtually unplayable (unless you got friends to carry you in high difficulties the entire time and got some very lucky gem, rune, and equipment drops)
    5. You'll have one fewer character slot available ... just before BP is supposed to introduce a 5th toon type
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  10. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    Yes, I really like the rewards. My main character Dwarf cannot farm the highest mod so the rewards for me are very good. And I already got them. :)
    Thanks to the dso team for a good event.
    The only thing, I would like more interesting quests after level 55, a new mainland, then it would be more interesting to the Rising hero.

    p.s. sorry for my bad english i am ukrainian girl


    FAALHAAS Forum Commissioner

    I guess you got powerleveled? Im almost sure nobody whos trying to do this legit will be able to finish the event....so from my point of view; this event is one of the worse events ever.
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  12. EriduSerpent

    EriduSerpent Forum Apprentice

    On the Terrifying Shadows one...how do you know how many coffee beans you have?
    I cannot see the amount anywhere and the guy John Sunlair does nothing, I have the gold portal bits but what do I do with them. The last time they had this event I deleted the bits because all I was doing was the same thing, getting coffee beans, fighting and gaining nothing from it.
    There was a huge vase thing in a cave, off the beach, I killed the monster and got nothing for it, all seems pointless really.
    I am not even trying the Rising Hero, it has taken me 10 weeks to get to level 45 :D
    The game is unfair to the players, drop rates and item quality sucks even during special events.
    AND let's face it...who needs 100 pairs of pauldrons!!!! That is all I seem to get.
    So sod it, I just run about doing whatever missions I can, I just want the Melon Pug and the Black pig to go on sale for once...that would make me happy.
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  13. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    I started playing this game in 2015. I have played on and off, depending on what's going on. I will go for months at a time without playing. I quit after the expansion in December. In started playing casually again in April. I got one character carried to level 100. That was more like a job than playing a game. I've already posted about how stupid the rising hero event is. Then some of my recent posts in this forum were deleted. That is always the last straw for me. So I'm done playing until something new comes along that is worth trying. Have fun y'all.
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  14. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    1. Open your (I)nventory window
    2. There are three tabs hanging off the top-left edge of the window ... click on the bottom tab, the "Special Bag"
    3. There are a bunch of tabs in a row near the top of the Special Bag ... click on the one on the far right, the "Keys" tab
    4. That will expose another row of tabs, I, II, III ... click on II
    5. That contains event-related keys (actually, Bag III is mainly for other event-related keys) ... you'll see the Coffee Beans in a box on that tab (for me, it's the final box in that window)
    As for the Terrifying Shadows event, Jon Sunlair will give you tasks related to the event ... once you qualify to participate. I think you have to be at least level 55 to play the main dungeons of the event. Until then gather the Coffee Beans and the portal pieces. Next time the event rolls around (it appears to be on an every month cycle), if you've hit or past level 55, Jon will give you a "quest" to show him the 4 different portal pieces, take one of each, give you one full portal pass in return. You'll then be able to use that to jump to the main event map.

    In reality, you won't be able to fully complete the event until you're a much higher level and have completed a series of quests that will give you access to a bigger, badder version of Sargon inside the event.

    The preparation map you're playing in now is only there to gather the 4 portal pieces ... you might drop some random junk, but that's inconsequential.

    Personally, I'm skipping Terrifying Shadows for now.
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  15. Yulka1980

    Yulka1980 Forum Apprentice

    Could you tell me what those "series of quests" are, because everytime I m in a group, when if comes to killing Sargon, I m separated from the group and find myself alone in the map against Sargon. I think the players who are with me have done those quests and I havent, thats why I get separated,

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  16. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    You are wrong, the event is good. If you want a quick up, buy scrolls of experience for 500. And go with strong friends of level 100 to the grottoes of hagust, stonekeep to high mod.
  17. Dark59

    Dark59 Old Hand

    Bad entertainment with good prizes.
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    He's right and you demolished your own argument with a statement like this.
    In what way is this a good event when you have to pay to complete it one time( if you haven't noticed, there are 16 objectives, 4 for each class, you have to level up to 100 4 times) and you have to get get carried by level 100 players, wasting their time?
    A good event is an event where you can complete it on your own, without cheesing and without having to pay.

    This event only exposes how bad and grindy it is to level alts or or new characters.
    Mobs don't give much XP, quests barely give any XP and don't even give much andermants at all.
    This needs to change.
    I have already had the displeasure of leveling to 100 with my end game character and i don't want to suffer through it again
    there should be something similar to the wisdom bonus but for xp levelling.
    Why should leveling be a chore after you already did once?

    I know why, because it serves to cover the lack of end game content.
    besides, grinding gems is already enough grind.
    You need to cheese to complete this event on one character let alone 4 characters.

    They could have make this event last through all of July and August, 2 months were more than enough to complete.
    This only exposes how bad of a grind is levelling normally to 100, as if the grind to get bigger gems wasn't enough already for new players.
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  19. Taurissan

    Taurissan Forum Great Master

    This is the first promotion where prizes are mined by one character and taken by another.
    Unusual ...
    Provokes the achievement "Noble Veteran of the Dragon" (who was too lazy to pump 100lvl to twinks)
    I am silent about precious stones.

    But, the ruthless routine and uselessness of the next character pumped up to 100 (which will have to be deleted and the next one)
    In general, Draken again clearly showed us that he does not need our money, but our life completely:eek:
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  20. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    1 pay? where u need to pay? 1-100 in tryhard style u can reach in 3h = ~2,9k mm = less than 1h on bloodchest or if u are too lazy to do bloodchest u can do some quest in lortac bc....u have new chars with uncompleted missions? 3k mm is less than 1h on lortac missions
    2 don't u noticed offers 1h for 1h on chat? its 1h carrring for 1h carring = where u see wasting time on 100? or u wish to have carry for nothink? in the life there is nothink for free xD
    are u remember summer event? xD there u cannot complete evenet without paying, here u have 10 options how to not pay for this, but if u are too lazy to do it = its ur problem
    for kox its less than 3h = 3k mm
    for normal players its 5-6h 4.5-6k mm
    for newbie players its 6-7h 6-7,5k mm
    in the event u have xp books for somthing xd if u dont use it dont be suprised that u dont get tens lvl per h
    u have few types of xp boost, what do u want? u get 100% on 10lv and 25% on 20lvl and 500% on 50lvl
    if u do 1-100 which takes^^ u get 4stones...each of it is worth more than 60k dust...
    this game was always grind festival....
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