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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by მɀõც.¸¸.·´*, Nov 1, 2018.

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Would you like their implementing the key to clear the symbols and icons on screen?

  1. Yes

    9 vote(s)
  2. no

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  1. მɀõც.¸¸.·´*

    მɀõც.¸¸.·´* Forum Apprentice

    Since the last update the screen is more and more stuffed with a lot of icons and symbols that make difficult to play. Everybody knows that if you put the mouse on this symbols your character does not move nor attack. In other occasions the symbols hide the drop or make it difficult to see it if you are in a hurry. So it would be much more easy to handle the game if those symbols did not show on screen.
    A simple and elegant solution would be to have a key to clear these symbols. You could use the game settings to assing a key to this function. Many players would prefer to clear up the whole screen being much more confortable to play this way. You could even implement this key with a toggle function so that you can choose the amount of information the screen shows: Just symbols/ The whole screen clear/ Classical view , for instance. Everyone would feel free to arrange the screen to fit their taste.

    I think this is a nice idea to implement to get a better experience in game. Please vote if you like the idea.
    Please, feel free to comment.
    Thank you very much for your interest for improving the game.
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  2. GotAnswerz

    GotAnswerz Forum Apprentice

    I agree. Because of the extreme nature of this game, and the constant increase in the same, we need a way to clear away everything around the edge of the screen, so we don't click them in battle.

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