Lag When Selling Items

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by 9ndrei, Apr 22, 2020.

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  1. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur


    What happens and when will this get fixed. After returning with a full inventory and deciding to sell everything, it looks like I'm clicking a lot faster than the game can handle.

    I finish clicking on every item I want to sell (yes, because you just can't make a SELL ALL BUTTON), and it takes up to a minute for all the items to disappear from my inventory.

    It's not something from my PC since I tried it on the laptop with the same result.

    Sometimes it's normal, the selling is instant.. but most of the time it lags. And by the way.. everything gets frozen in time when the game is selling previously clicked items. People don't move on the map, etc. When the selling is finally done, everything returns to normal.

    Need a fix now.
  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Great Master

    It depends on your web connection upload speed.

    Due the quarantine state i have moved in my country's home, that is far from city and reached by a bad old-style ADSL connection. Upload speed is almost inexistent here (0.x Mbps) and it lags like hell and freezes all around when fast (lol) selling the items.

    I know that time ago it didn't happen, but now it does. Maybe they have overheaded the system in order to prevent abuse from some user (just a speculation), or just they bugged something putting hands where they shouldn't have been. Try to report the issue to support as well.

    I have decent mobile connection with a large amount of Gbs, so I am taking advantage of tethering/hotspot in my smartphone. Maybe you cold do the same.
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  3. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur

    It's not the internet connection. :) I got a 1 Gbps package.

    And if it were a connection issue, the lag would be visible in other parts of the game, not just in the item selling department..
  4. nvmind

    nvmind Forum Inhabitant

    I got that issue sometimes. Different players in different countries have the same issues in the same time. It is definitely not the internet and not on client side. Is on server side.
  5. 9gag

    9gag Forum Greenhorn

    Same issue was not like this in past years , Dso servers are getting more laggy day by day and they are not doing anything about it. Not everyone lives in their office basement
  6. Javah

    Javah Forum Great Master

    Nope, or at least it is just in hardly noticeable measure. The main issue I found with poor web connections is while I sell the items, not during moving or fighting.

    Anyway have you tried using a different connection?
  7. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur

    Of course I did. I traveled between cities (in real life) and it's the same issue. If it was anything related to the internet connection, you'd experience lag spikes when doing something else.

    The latency indicator doesn't even register this 'selling lag' as I have a constant between 28-36.. even when the game clearly lags behind and keeps selling items tens of seconds after I finished clicking on them.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The latency indicator is measuring the latency between your client and the server - internet lag ... the lag you are experiencing is not connected with internet it is happening on your PC with your hardware - client lag. It could be happening due to many reasons ... from hardware malfunctioning to lag due to code execution. The latest is probably the cause for your lag ... we all know about the memory leaks the game has. In fact we are/were all experiencing the same lag at some point when selling items.
    The more time you are being online ... the greater the lag is.
    The temporary fix is simple ... close the game and restart it again.
  9. 9ndrei

    9ndrei Forum Connoisseur

    It's not a hardware issue. I tested 3 fresh installs on three different rigs, one of which runs two instances of Metro Exodus at the same time without sweating.

    The issue appeared two releases ago (or 1 release and a patch/fix). It's a client/server issue and the best hope is someone at DSO inadvertently fixes while screwing something else up. Clearly support are utterly unprepared and they can say nothing other than "ugghhh.. try reinstalling the game" as if I needed their sparkly genius to think of reinstalling the game.

    Short of that, they just say 'we'll look into it', deleting the ticket, sipping coffee and forgetting about it while deleting forum posts.
  10. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Mogul

    I'm under the impression that both forum moderators and support "staff" are separate groups of unpaid volunteers (as well as @trakilaki who pretty much single-handedly kept up the wiki for our community) … they have slightly more direct access to BP/DSO personnel than you or I do, but only as much as BP/DSO deigns to grant them.

    I'm sorry for your situation, but there's no need to beat up on these volunteer teams for not having the answers.
  11. Ankit8617

    Ankit8617 Forum Apprentice

    Exactly the same problem over here as the OP described.

    EDIT : Even after the server maintenace this week, the lag is still present.

    --- MERGED ---

    This lag is really very very annoying, I just hope it is soon fixed
    Last edited by moderator: May 13, 2020
  12. 0768833

    0768833 Forum Greenhorn

    lag happens only when selling to town merchants (when you see your items being sold),
    if you use your wisdom shop you got no lag, unless you switch to the 'buy back' tab.

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