Suggestion Let's better divide the capabilities of the classes

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Marcelosmbr, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. Marcelosmbr

    Marcelosmbr Forum Greenhorn

    The damage in the game is overvalued, so much so that the tank is becoming unnecessary. What is the logic of this?
    This logic of overvaluing the damage, in my view, is spoiling the game. There are a lot of groups that I feel is useless, I'm focused on tank, and the game seems to be telling me something like "the game is too easy to need a tanker, drop the shield and focus on damage."
    I have played many games of this style, and in all of them the tank is absolutely necessary.
    The certain thing is that either you are focused on damage, have low defense, or the opposite, or a bit of both.

    I think they should balance this, so that it would be almost unfeasible to set up a group with only damage. That being possible today, even in inf4, is a joke.
    And the team in the game even wrote a note saying they intend to "extend the base damage of two-handed weapons," I'm sorry, but people who have had this idea have serious mental problems.
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    It depends if the game can be played solo. We could as well have a healer class, for example, but a healer can hardly do any solo run :/
  3. Marcelosmbr

    Marcelosmbr Forum Greenhorn

    To go on inf4 you need to be stronger than average, I can tank level 4, but I'm unnecessary, because those who have enough damage to go on that level, for example, can go alone, or with people who only have damage. The logic today is that people have so much damage, that a tank ends up being often just a "backpack".
    The logic should be "no tank, let's die". Today, I can be a war with as much damage as any other focused class do damage, and still have the ability to tank, lol is a logical nonsense.

    In other games, without tank, is certain failure.
    How is drakensang? relax, do not wait for the tank to catch the attention of enemies, because even before it arrives, enemies will already be dead: /
    Or relax, the war, which has as much damage as you mage, ranger or mec, and as much defense as you tanker, is holding the boss lol
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  4. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    A guy named blizzardman will tell you that a tank increases the hp of mobs so they die slower.
    A tank can already be a healer class with bloody wild swing and high crit
    You are complaining about your chosen setup not being valid anymore and thats that
    You are not willing to change and or adapt
    Let me tell you this though
    They would have to rework the whole game then just for you because a tank cannot farm
    It would take a tank an enormous amount of time to solo anything.
    You say you can tank only level 4 but now you moan that the damagers outdamages the mobs
    that makes no sense.
    There is a few games with "tanks"
    I think you mistake rpgs with arpgs, because I cannot think of a single arpg where a tank does not do damage, arpg means action role playing game of which the original was made in 1996 that original game has had 3 iterations and not one had a "tank" only class
    now the second arpg that they dubbed the **** clone (this game introduced mounts)
    also no tank
    the second iteration of this *** clone also no tank
    enter 2007 and ***** quest came to be
    once again no tank
    why in your mind do you see the need to want to bash something 999999 times before it dies and even more so why would you wish it upon other players?
    If you really want a shield so badly craft your weapon with 240% idoti on the 1h weapon make it t8 and you can have 32k dmg with perfect platinum lines
    then go shield bash some mobs
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  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    I get you.
    The thing is, you're talking about really the best of the best characters. Games often kind of break once people reach top stats, meaning that typical DPS classes also have enough defense to withstand some beating. But most people in DSO certainly do need a tank in Inf4, because they go down in a few hits.

    However, more specific classes would be cool. In theory. In reality, people expect DSO to be playable solo even on max infernals.
  6. Marcelosmbr

    Marcelosmbr Forum Greenhorn

    Of course not, as I said, you balance things, but never be able to replace the role of pure tank in a mmorpg. The pure tank is one of the most well-known and necessary builds in any mmorpg. It tells me a mmorpg in which, in the maximum difficulty of a dungeon, a group survive without the player who is only there to retain damages, can? It does not exist, I at least never played one besides this. If you know, tell me here. This flexibility in dso build is one of the biggest problems, at least in the way it is done today. You are a war that uses two hands, has as much damage as the other classes, its purpose is to deal damage, right? Sure, it must be pretty fragile physically, right? No, you can have as much defense capability as most of the tanks in the game. In any other mmorpg, as bad as you are as a tanker, there will not be anyone focused on damage, with the same defense as you. As bad as you are as a damage-dealing class, there will not be a paladin, a dragonknight, a tanker warrior with more damage than yours. Today with the set of cubes, it is possible to be a great tanker and at the same time have a higher damage than many other players, is something funny as ridiculous as it is. The fact is we live the "damage" era, focus on damage, kill enemies on a hit, subjugate the bosses in a few seconds or minutes.

    --- MERGED ---

    Why does the group exist in mmorpg? Because there is a division of labor, which is the consequence of the different capabilities of classes and build, each has its focus, and its weakness that is nullified by another player.
    I've played neverwinter for a few years, see an example, no matter how good you were a wizard, ranger, two handed warrior, you could have the higgest damage on server, but without a tank in the group, depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, you would die before think about attacking.
    This is a logical system, which encourages focus on one build or another, and so group work, what is in existence today is illogical.
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  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    There is a difference between a tank only and a dmg tank
    there is berserker and paladin
    paladin can dual wield a 2h wep
    berserker is more fragile but in another game the palladin does more dmg once again
    note on the tone Action mmorpg
    makes it an arpg
  8. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Baron

    If we're talking about 1h DKs specifically, they are absolutely still viable in the PvE side of things. The best 1h DKs can boost the team capabilities to pour out damage off the charts. The only problem? I have played with more 1h DKs than I can possibly recount, and only two of them meet my expectations. Neither of the two have good damage, but they have a great sense of how to use their skills and synchronize them with mine, to the point where playing with them is faster than playing without. In other words, they not a "burden." (They also do far more than just hitting the taunt button.) But great 1h DKs are few and difficult to find, that is why many players hold the perception that 1h DKs suck and they prefer playing with 2h DKs.

    I would say if you want to build a 1h setup to go right ahead. But be aware it is an uphill battle to find acceptance. You could be The Best 1h DK Ever and still people won't take you in their group if they don't know you. So make some friends/join a guild who understand your playstyle and can support your character growth.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I dont get you
    I really dont
    Here let me explain
    you mmorpg this and mmorpg that
    Clearly you dont understand the concept of arpg
    Maybe it is because youre a bit of a noob in gaming in general.
    Yes this game does have a drop in drop out group system
    Yes this game does have social capabilities
    But all those mmorpgs youve so eloquently played tell me did they have an isometric view?
    Oh they didnt?
    So in these mmorpgs youve played you tra la-la la-la around like you have all the time in the world?
    The action part in this game is hitting stuff once and they die so that you can go on to the next one
    I see youve been a member since 2014
    So I guess youve returned to the game after many many years?
    Now you want people to not be able to do maps without a tank
    On what level?
    Normal? painful?
    See thing is you have mentioned that you are only able to tank level 4
    Now lets say for arguments sake that you returned to the game after a very long time and suddenly you need to meet all these expectations of higher levels
    Maybe learn to craft?
    you mentioned the cube set and high damage
    Meh its true but then you do not really know what youre saying
    See a player with the cube set (dk) and max crafted damage in the weapon belt helmet and torso and it even on t8 with platinum lines can reach 32k damage
    I assume 32k sounds like a lot to you but its not
    its not only not a lot that player might be lucky if they are able to farm infernal 2 with that damage maybe on pinks?
    Maybe more likely max they can do fast and solo is infernal 1
    you have to understand the concept of costs too
    that dk with 32k damage is going to use a looot more essences than a 2h player
    And why make it cost more for yourself to bust a pinata?
    The very next concept after that you will have to understand is farming speed
    See it might not matter to you but people farm bosses not for the luxury of staring them in the eye and not die but to actually get core from them
    Now lets say you need materia core or draken core how fast you are able to farm has a huge impact on how fast you will be able to craft a unique item and or tier or soul core it
    Now let me make a few examples of how badly the mobs damage a dk currently a 2h dk
    Or not even mobs the snow from the xmas event
    on infernal 2 the snowballs hit me with 18k dmg inf3 28k and inf4 48k
    I have 18300 resist minimum
    but lets say I equip a shield with block and resist on it there is mobs in the middle of that path
    a snowball hits a sw or a ranger theyre dead too (if 1 doesnt do the job 2 or 3 will)
    how will you tank your way out of that?
    do yourself a favor and google ARPG
    because in essence this is what this game is and its about the grind
  10. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    that is not true at all i can do solo every q inf4 but i prefer to have tank on my side,because i can maximize the damage i deal and it's faster

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