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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Haragoshima, Jan 23, 2015.

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  1. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    My name is Haragoshima and I have a level 26 (almost 27) DK with this Armour and weapons.
    I need help on finding Better Armour and weapons since most of mine are lower level, but every time I find a weapon or Armour that is a unique, magic, or extraordinary that is a higher level then that piece I need, It doesn't beat the stats. My lower level items are most powerful which doesn't makes sense to me. I understand that my level 24 shield is better, but every thing else I mean Come on. There must be a way to get better items then these. Anybody willing or knows a way (no farming/glitches) that I can get them please let me know. It would help a lot.

  2. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    In my opinion since u didnt find any better item , u must upgrade ur items using gops to the lvl u want them. This is how works for all the players. To change them to eos , legs and uniques u must farm and a premium account also would help u since now gives u stuffs from mist cubes. GL
  3. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    Thank you that does help. Anybody who has a technique to help get GOP's like a area around my level Please list it below it would be must appreciated. Thank you Rpfo you helped me a lot. :)
  4. thedarkestlight

    thedarkestlight Advanced

    Farm bosses like arachana, bearach,heredur to get glyphs.
    Farm khalys for good items.
  5. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    At your level, and in general, at any level, the best glyph farming is where you get most glyphs per hour/minute. It will be crypt of kings/heredur in your case.

    1. Get the mount/epic mount and run to Heredur, kill him only (and mobs around)
    2. Wear the fastest boots you have
    3. If possible, buy the universal map to reset the dungeon after you killed heredur. Get premium Account.
    4. If possible, get the +5% speed pet, and other speed items (warlord cloak)

    Ideally, if you do all of that and you could kill heredur fast enough, it will be one kill per minute. He drops his shield (4000 glyphs) pretty often, once in 10-15 times or so. You will be getting some purple items and legends as well, so it will be around 300-400 glyphs per run In average.

    Farming other bosses for glyphs do not make much sence, especially at your level.
    1. Bear is to far and it is long trip, his unique drop is more rare.
    2. Aracha would level you up very fast, and you will not kill her fast enough yet. Also, spiders will block your run with the mount. It would be longer trip as for now. And she drops her weapon not that often, once in 20 times or so.
    3. Other bosses will not drop uniques instantly, I killed khaly 200 times in a row once, not worth time spent. even though it was the only time I saw two legendary items dropped from one kill :)

    On the upgrade, orange item is not better than purple at your level if you have glyphs. Imagine you have 500K glyphs. Look what would be the upgraded blue item vs orange. Invest into what would give you better stats at the same upgrade price. Once you have enough glyphs to switch to better color and have right item - melt old one and get your glyphs back.

    Upd: you also need to expand your inventory. That would be the highest priority as for me and will improve the speed of farming and gaming experience. Also, before you farm, throw anything you don't need. Those three items from daily chest, insignias, finish quests etc.

    Good luck :)
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2015
  6. jmie88

    jmie88 Someday Author

    yeah i agree with sebastian.. farm heredur rather than arachna even if arachna can give 7k+glyphs and legend armors at your level and heredur only 4k+. with lower legend armors... reason why is this game makes us Level up faster than can give us good items... with that said.. when you get good armors its already not updated to your level and you need to find another set lol..

    by the way heredur's map drops gems more than arachna's map
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