Level 36 Mortis Solo!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Static_, Oct 25, 2014.

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  1. _Static_

    _Static_ Forum Apprentice

    A few days ago, I posted photos of my DK on facebook. The response was a unanimous "PHOTOSHOP!". So, here is the proof. My stats are real. You cant fake a solo mortis run!

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  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Impressive, and a little insane! A lvl 36 should not be able to solo Mortis.o_O:confused::p
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  3. Wyrwiflaka

    Wyrwiflaka Exceptional Talent

    Don't worry cos movies like this and ppl who doesn't think what they do, BP in short time will "fix this bug" and make bosses and mobs stronger and harder for common players without gems for cash and billions glifs put in items.
  4. NightWalker

    NightWalker Board Analyst

    Not really, I see level 30s solo it all the time (payers of course). I don't get why people think it is photoshop. The stats make sense! I was expecting people to shout "payer!" not "photoshop!" Money can make anyone really strong. Guess they still haven't seen a huge payer with max 50 items and full sacred gems yet.

    Good job soloing mortis nevertheless! (and impressive stats) :D Just ignore what the other people say.
  5. DuriaTheBrave

    DuriaTheBrave Forum Greenhorn

    Static! We still need to go hit Mortis up together bro, hit me up when u have a chance, I'm on at night almost everyday!

    -DuriaTheBrave, Ranger, Agathon
  6. Amethystine

    Amethystine Forum Greenhorn

    I'm in the chat log lol :p nice bro! I know this is kinda old now though.
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