level 60 mechanic skills

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  1. -mauricio22-

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    1 ability to shoot fire:
    very good, we hope it doesn't have a cooldown, to be able to use any weapon. have good damage, such as heavy shooting.
    the mechanic is a character that attacks from a long distance, this ability is a quartet melee attack.
    exposes the mechanic to attack melee and suffer more damage.
    We expect this ability to have a lot of damage, so it can be used in close range attacks.
    2. cheat skill:
    not a good skill, this skill is equal to oil. you drop the oil from afar, it damages and stops the monsters.
    it is nothing new. oil is better, you use it from long distances
    I propose, a turret that heals in a radius of distance, to be able to fight alongside the monsters. with a turret that heals I can use fire ability
    I propose, remove the heavy shot cooldowns, to be able to use one-handed weapons and various sets.
    At this time the mechanic only plays with one set.

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