Leveling and questing problem between level 47-50

Discussion in 'Quests' started by benceba, Jun 27, 2021.

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  1. benceba

    benceba Forum Greenhorn

    Hello everyone, My friend has a huge leveling and questing problem. He is now level 49, but he was level 47 a few days ago. He had some main quests to do and I helped him completing them. Our main goal was for him to achieve level 50 with these quests, because I wanted him to reach the desert to farm for some bone coins together. Unfortunately, he ran into a barrier. There was this quest called "Saving the world heart". The wiki about this quest shows, that level 49-50 is the requirement to get this quest. My friend got this quest at level 48. I found it really weird, but we just went for it and defeated balor. And this is when our problems began. After accomplishing this quest, he did not get any quest afterwards. He was probably low level 48 or something like that, so we had to grind for days to get him enough exp to reach level 49. We thought, that he would get at least a few quests after leveling up (because the world map shows, that the desert is for level 45!!!!) but he did not get the "Magic carpet ride" quest.
    So after this long text, I have 3 questions.
    Will he get the quest to the deserts at level 50?
    Why is the map showing level 45 at the deserts then?
    Why wouldnt he get any quests after a level up? He has to get 7 million exp from farming, so it will probably take him a few days to reach level 50.
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    1) This may not be the correct answer, but Saving the World Heart is a 2-part quest; (1/2) appears to require that one's toon be level 49, but (2/2) requires the toon to be level 50. Did your friend actually get credit for both parts of that quest as listed in the Compendium tab of his Journal? There's often some flexibility to the requires, but at times the game is a stickler for detail.

    Also, I strongly suspect that the Magic Carpet Ride to enter Hiraja is one of those absolute requirement quests; your friend will need to level up.

    2) The level requirements at map entrances are the minimum level necessary to enter. Typically, you can access a dungeon so long as you are within 5 levels below it. Some maps, of course, are also quest-dependent (e.g., building the doors between The Gleaming Mountains and Thunder Crest, and between Thunder Crest and Stalgard).

    3) Answered above (but I'm happily open to other players with more accurate knowledge correcting anything I said).

    You two might consider farming a lower level Boss at Painful or higher difficulty modes. That will give each of you experience, Wisdom (so vital!!!), gem, etc. The Boss will also drop a special item which you might in the future use to craft gear unique to that boss. Of course you'll need Keys of Prowess from defeating Sentinels in general dungeons entered at Painful or higher. Consider farming those Keys of Prowess in dungeons which are also linked to crafting quests, so you can at least get a bit of extra reward when you turn in those quests.

    Farm scaling dungeon at Painful or higher --> kill Sentinel to get the Keys --> enter Boss room to get more experience and goodies --> level up your friend to 50 --> look for that Magic Carpet Ride quest --> move on to Hiraja and beyond.
  3. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    nothink special
    in the past this quest was able to finish on 46lvl and then u have to do free farm in road to 50lvl ;d
    now they change some lvl=need for some quest
    but there is much more 'free lvl farm' waiting for u ;p
    i finished all main quest and 95% other quests on my toon but its....69lvl and i dont rush quest just i do it in normal way
    if sb will rush quest its possible to finish them all on 60-65lvl but its still long way to 100lvl :p
    it's normal in this game = go lvl up on mobs

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