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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. Kingdramana

    Kingdramana Forum Greenhorn

    I really like most of the content that is planned to be released. The guardian thing does sound interesting enough, hopefully with some amusing plot behind it and I do like the new creatures and challenges. If were to be able to complete everything in a single go it wouldn't be as fun, I am also into making it challenging. Most of the normal maps out of there are so easy compared to the event ones, I would really like the new expansion to have some sort of complexity to enjoy.

    I have some comments about the new skills showed in the last twitch session too, I suppose I can share them here too, since it's part of the expansion, right? If not, apologizes.

    I really like how the spells look and the utility that they can bring. It's certainly not what we were expecting but I think they are well done still. The dwarf gets a nice AoE skill to take out a mass of enemies that has gathered around, something they certainly couldn't do that well before and I am sure it would be amusing to watch how that electric turret takes a lot of creatures. The spell weaver has an interesting spell that brings a bit more of ice damage to the table and it looks useful for hitting several enemies at once, something fire-based mages (those that choose the fireball over the lighting strike) can't achieve that well since they can only hit the front lines so to speak. The ranger's arrow is not that fun, though getting a bit of fire damage and a little explosion could certainly be useful, it always depends on what one likes or not, of course it will be useful for some players and others will just discard it. I think the most important here is that they bring new ways of playing, new utility for the characters.

    That's the reason why I have problems with the new skill the dragonknights will get. As a main tank I find it sort of worthless. We already have some AoE skills that we can spam quite nicely, the Mighty Swirl, for example, which we use a lot when we want to heal ourselves while damaging all the close-by foes at once. The new skills looks like it has a little bigger AoE but I don't think it's worth of using over one that can heal you. It says it sort of buffs oneself and debuffs the enemies, but I am not sure what sort of stats could be affected that would be interesting to use. It's true that the DragonKnight is sort of the strongest buff/debuff character, being able to slow, heal, break armor, increase movement speed, increase attack speed, and increase armor/resistant through a mix of masteries and skills, but I don't know what other stats could he control that would be useful honestly.

    I would really love if the DragonKnight could get a sort of taunt (it could have the new skill's animation, but instead of buff/debuff it could taunt the enemies it hits). It's so annoying to be chasing the enemies/bosses that instead of focusing oneself goes for either the mage or the archer while those have to run for their dear lives. While it's amusing to watch, neither the tank nor the damage dealer appreciates this chase-and-flee situations. It's quite bothersome, because you can even try to jump in-front of the enemy's face but he would just ignore you and go for his target nevertheless, plus most of the boss reset their attack objectives after throwing a skill (Heredur and Herald are two examples), and it happens with mobs too, when you try to even jump in middle of them all but they scatter to hit someone else. I don't know, it would be nice if the DragonKnight could at least force the enemies to attack it, it shouldn't be like the guardian's taunt that lasts the entire guardian's duration, a single second to bring the mobs attention to oneself would be nice. It would make and interesting combo with the Mighty Swirl, the spellweaver Meteor/Lighting Strike, the ranger's Multiple Arrows or even the new AoE skill that dwarfs will get.

    Long posts are my style, sorries, but I kind of wanted to share my opinion somewhere. It was a bit hard to find a nice spot, but I thought this was the best place. Thanks for reading though!
  2. dannyy868686

    dannyy868686 Someday Author

    So after looking at the road map, it says the exp and 155 will be out in july but on stream it was said it will come in august, with it being so close why has there been no date set...? and the new skill system also comes in july/august?, yet its hasn't even been tested on the PTR and the devs said it will need loads of testing? :/, really confused now
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  3. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Yup, it's a real challenge to find the latest information, the best information, the real stuff for now. Between a hodgepodge of several forum pages, a neglected calendar , facebook, twitch, and wiki, most entries are conflicting, misleading, or a history lesson, no longer valid.
    How about deleting the bogus stuff as you go, using more time stamps in wiki, or just having 1 Go To place for the latest stuff?
  4. Templarred

    Templarred Forum Greenhorn

    How can we enter Lor Tac?
  5. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    We can't at the moment.
  6. dannyy868686

    dannyy868686 Someday Author

    25 days till exp, still no no skills to be seen, no skills to be tested, I guess the devs were wrong when they said it will need a lot of testing...
  7. ZackBG

    ZackBG Forum Greenhorn

    Is This Gonna Be The Very Last Update Of Drakensang???
  8. flazhoryginalny

    flazhoryginalny Forum Greenhorn

    Creators I Love You The New Update Is AWESOMEE !!! :333
  9. Fluffycrab

    Fluffycrab Forum Apprentice

    1st stop, Tranquil Shore. That place looks great, free of dark roads, clutter, and annoying music!
    But seeing the "(Level 50)" thing, I guess I won't be there for a while.
  10. JsTyyy

    JsTyyy Forum Greenhorn

    All of my glyphs is in one set....Would it be possible ever to earn glyphs of objects without being melted it, because I would like to try the unique sets that I have collected without having to melt it if they are not good enough? i have karabosa, red set , yellow set, legendary king set, unique from mortis, sargon set and many other and i want ti try all of them on lvl 48-49-50 (soon over 50) but i have all my glyphs in one of this sets... ?
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    They said this feature will come after the game expansion.
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  12. Dyren

    Dyren Forum Apprentice

    :p I dont know but this is best for Drakensang Update Event
  13. ItHurtsWhenIP

    ItHurtsWhenIP Forum Apprentice

    This feature will be handy, but I guess we wont use it too often, if we ever will. I cant even imagine its costs:confused::eek:
  14. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    If I read this correctly you would like the test these items in a set at a higher level. You would like to add glyphs into then and after the test remove the gyphs without destroying them...

    Question would you prefer useing Gold or anderment to remove gyphs? Or you prefer to have a repeatable quest to do that for each item?
  15. Dyren

    Dyren Forum Apprentice

    Hi teddy.bear :)
    1. I will ask a question , If I now level 23 and finish collect 225 Tablet Fragments..can I exchange next time if my level 46?
    2. If this event is end the NPC Yaltepetl is whether it will be removed or eliminated?
    3. If I open Toltact Treasure Chest will get random equipment?

    Thanks before:D
  16. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Speaking of ideas for improvements, let us combine old specialty gems that have outlived their usefulness. Or at least let us sell or trade them.

    For example, I've got 3 Shadow Stones cluttering my locker. Each has 11 health points, 22 armor value, and 33 andermagic resistance. They have no sale value. With the Lor'Tac release these relics will be useless, their value to stats just a token.

    If we can't combine them, or sell them, let us know. Likewise, please do not tell us we can combine them, a week or more after we toss them away. Too late news is always bad news.

    It would also be good to see Gems of Insight for sale again.
  17. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    Now I see where the idea for the new skill of DK's generated lol. Thanks for ruining one of my most awaited features :) If this was not the only feedback from where the idea generated then my apologies :) .Sorry if my post has no valid meaning, just frustration lol.
    If you had trouble keeping monsters attention to urself by just switching to 2h with higher damage range or variation in group damage by you using red/purple with buffs and rest on blue then you could have atleast suggested a hook like skill which could draw single or multiple enemies to urself and in the process give some additional effect's as well. It would take care of enemies running away from you and also be useful in other scenarios. Too bad :( Hope you enjoy you game play more now with the taunt skill.
  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    There is one interesting feature of the new skill... It stacks with previous uses of the skill. It says that it is stackable up to 50 times, but how often will you find 50 monsters in a 10 meter radius? Not very often I might imagine. However, picture this... you have a group of 10 enemies (very reasonable), and us use this skill once. For the next 10 seconds, you have a 4% increased attack speed and a 4% increase of your crit (base crit). Now, you use it again at 5 seconds (to restore the healing effect) and lo and behold, you have it stacked to 20 (assuming you didn't kill any of them in the first 5 seconds). Do it again, and you have 30... again and you are up to 40, and once more and you hit the max of 50 for a 20% speed boost and a 20% crit boost. Now, as long as you use it every 6-9 seconds, you'll keep the buff, even if there is only one enemy in range. I've found that a fast way to build this is to get a good size mob, use your banner, and then spam the attack 3-6 times to build it up to 50/50 and then just maintain the buff... It even works against bosses. As long as you use it every so often, you can boost your buff by 1 each time (or more if there is some minion in range). This helps, as long as you are consistent with it, in those really long boss fights (Mortis/Balor come to mind) or fights where the boss spawns minions (Karabossa, Caves PW boss, Grotto PW boss and others).

    Hope this gives you a new perspective on this interesting skill. I'll need to play around with it more on live server to see if I can integrate it into my play style, but I'm not sure if it will receive a permanent space on my bar... maybe special occasions and boss runs, but day to day, we'll see.
  19. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    it takes 60 rage points to use the skill, in large mobs i don't think any dk would need anything other than MWS (60points) to stay alive however much crit rate has been nerfed, even if only 5 mobs were there. as for stacking the skill against bosses, please help me understand this, say in PW pos the neferetari boss on the top right corner who comes along with the other boss. say if you would be fighting the nef boss solo, and its on beserker mode and backing away and hitting you. is the skill stacks useful in a scenario like that? the damage impact from opponent is large and waiting 6-9 seconds to increase my crit/attack speed by 0.4% spending 60 points each stack? Please tell me if you would keep it in your skill tab for fighting those type of bosses. Apart from HP regen I dont see any use for the skill. Maybe because speed and crit of DK is nerfed they thought it would be a suitable way to compensate and use the skill, although i can think of a hundred new uses of the mods to the old skills we had, i cannot think of anything other than hp regen for this skill. Please tell me if you have tested the skill in those sort of scenarios and would you use it?
  20. Enaggelion

    Enaggelion Forum Apprentice

    I was looking forward to this update but after having played it for awhile, I must say it's disappointing with the new system. Even after using up the points etc, the end result is that my ranger, lv45 has lost the following attributes:

    1. more than 1k hp
    2. 20% block rate
    3. 30% reduction block chance
    4. 10% slower attack speed
    5. 5% slower travel speed

    I mean having an update that lowers players attributes and upgrade the monsters strength is certainly not what players want - whats going on here? The above attributes are essential for survival of a character and for example improving travel speed is so hard to get, why reduce it?

    If you want to keep this system, can you please introduce items to improve these where we can forge them in our gears? And please if you do so, can you increase the drop rate?

    I am mostly a single player (don't have a group who shares the same time I play and playing with other groups, they just kick me out whenever they like it so grouping is not reliable) and with such low drop rate, I bearly survive in the game - with this upgrade it makes the game a lot harder to play. I have been playing for almost 2 years now and I only have 2-3 uniques and legendary.

    Besides this, the game in general is a good game because it's mainly a rip from EDIT (old classic game), however near the end levels, it's all about grinding hours and many long hours doing the same thing over and over again - it bored the hell out of me!!!!

    I mean please reduce the idea of forcing players to grind with little reward and focus on something more refreshing, like mini-games (e.g. I recalled in EDIT the chocabo racing (pet) was very fun and so was fishing where you can get reward).
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