Feedback Lor’Tac: The World’s Heart (Level 50)

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Does this work for other DK'S having the same ability. Just a thought maybe not.
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I tried it on Balor and when I used it when he had the Herold copy, I'd get a count of 2... I didn't so much care about the crit (They made that next to useless now), but the slowly building attack speed is nice... gets past a couple of break points. Plus, these sorts of bosses hit so hard that generating 60 rage is easy... before R155_14, when the rage gen was also nerfed, it wouldn't have been feasable, but now that they upped it to acceptable levels again, it isn't half bad. And with respect to what skill did I replace; I got rid of headbut as you can't armor break the boss anyway. The hardest part is remembering to do it consistently so that it becomes part of your battle rhythm, but once you do, it is a split second that you are not doing damage, but you trade that for some extra DPS and some extra HP Regen.

    Now that you mention it, I wonder if the 5 point skill stacks with other DK... because if so, You'd be able to get 100% extra HP in a group of 5 DKs... I doubt it works like that (like double singularity doesn't do double armor break) but it would be awesome if it did.
  3. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    k Thanks. I will try it out, altho i dont have much hope for it to be in my skill tab. As things stand I am getting an impression that the whole release has made DK's useless as.... i will see when i get proper lvl50 items and go endgame lvl50 if that thinking changes, but i doubt if even my endgame lvl50 character will be as strong as my pre 155 release DK.
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  4. VDX360

    VDX360 Forum Apprentice

    First, I'd like to keep in mind that with update 155 being quite sizable there's going to be a learning curve as players adjust to the numerous differences--plus there's going to be bugs.

    Bug: Dragon's Meal upgrade for Dragon's Hide does not appear to regenerate hip points as advertised.

    Room for improvement: The Splitting Earth upgrade for Ground Breaker costs 5 talent points and adds a small explosion at the end of the ground breaker attack. However, the damage isn't that great (only 200% of base) and the size of the blast (2 meters per description) is really small making it very hard to aim it as a range attack or be effective as crowd control.

    Unsure if bug or improvement issue: The Splitting Earth upgrade states when the talent has "travelled as far as it can go, it will explode" however if the talent 's distance is shortened due to terrain features (stairs, uneven ground etc) there is no explosion.

    Overall, I like the ability to have more nuanced control of talents as it will allow for more individual game play but it will take awhile to learn the new system.
  5. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    I have to say, I'm a JUST A BIT annoyed, by the NERF that has come to my DK's stats!

    The setup I have gone with now, has resultet in a loss of around 700 DPI & 4k THP. That is A LOT!
    And I do NOT feel like the new skills make up for it! Specially the nerf in building rage by losing HP!
    I took a couple of testruns in Q6M2 to test it out, and went with the best suited skills. I also tried different skill-builds in there.
    The result was the same, my char WAS weakened. It was way harder keeping myself alive, or actually killing the knights as fast as before.

    I have only tried the first new map, it seems okay, but I'm not that impressed. I'd say that the old-style graphics actually looked better, but that's just my personal opinion.

    All in all, i sure hope endgame makes up for it! Right now i feel like i have lost A LOT on my DK, and gained almost nothing. But i have to say that i like the idea of the new skill-system. Too bad it has weakened my char that much.
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  6. VDX360

    VDX360 Forum Apprentice

    New Knowledge Systems All But Mandates Mentoring Cheat

    Previously, the knowledge system gave 1% increase to damage and total hit points with a few extras at milestones, most notably access to mounts, an additional active skill and the ability to wear cloaks. A large number of players exploited an aspect of the mentoring system to mentor their own characters resulting in the ability to triple the rate of ancient wisdom for daily challenges etc. The often cited reason was to gain access to mounts.

    Now, the new update (155), knowledge gives a wide range of increases, several which are game-changers (50% increase in damage etc).

    The resulting impact is that players that use the mentoring cheat to sky rocket ancient wisdom collection get access to advantages not easily obtained by players not using the mentoring cheat creating imbalances in average game play data and in PvP matches.

    At this point, players basically need to engage in the mentoring cheat in order to remain competitive in the game.
  7. -Wintersolstice-

    -Wintersolstice- Forum Apprentice

    Thoughts from a DK...

    Personally, I find I have to put my extra knowledge points into Vitality after Behemoth, or I just get destroyed by mobs.

    For PvE obviously max out Defiance, unless you're in a group, then I can see Supportive Aura being very useful. I'm sure someone will eventually math out the most efficient amount of points to put into Defiance (taking in account all cooldowns, stun times, etc), but until then I'll just probably just be a Crowd Favorite :D

    Here are my regular skill selections:


    The bleed on the Rageful Swing is amazing, too bad the crit rates were nerfed to next to nothing.

    You also HAVE to have a Liberation skill, with the new Champion monsters and huge stun times (I died by those 3 second long consecutive Scorpitl stuns too many times -- why was the stun immunity removed?)

    The Charge stun has been nerfed considerably, now only stunning enemies in the targeted area, and although it can still be very useful, I just didn't have any more room on my skillbar
  8. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    Quest to enter Yolotl is bugged. Please fix.
    1st attempt: Jade Dagger couldn't be placed on the podium of purity (in front of Yolotl)
    2nd attempt: 4 totems that I was supposed to destroy were already destroyed, thus cannot be destroyed again and quest cannot progress.
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  9. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Are there 2 maps for the Cradle of Frost? Once you complete quests, you can't go back to the first version.

    The new maps and quests are a refreshing change, long overdue.
    The color palette is boring, repeated too much, and difficult to endure for long. Such a large area deserves more types of monsters, again boring.
    As usual, the preparation was inadequate, and numerous bugs are found in databases and in programming.
    The misuse of previous honor points, and the trashing of skills and talents is unacceptable.

    I have cancelled my subscription and deleted my purchasing information, before they take another hit on me.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
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  10. BiggestBill

    BiggestBill Forum Apprentice

    First post after a couple of years gaimg....

    Biggest problem ive noticed on my dk is the loss of rage...

    I can take the crit reconfigure, but the lost rage from mobs attacking me is a total havoc...

    Before i could stay alive no problem with the mods hacking and slashing away, building up rage for the heal spin but now i die waiting for rage....

    At least you coud give us full rage like the other classes if you take this away from us... after the update i've stoped playing with others because of this issue...

    I cant do anything to keep the mobs away from them.

    Earlier i could jump in take a couple of swings and get them to attack me and stay alive becauce of the heal spin, now im dead becaus the rage is limited... it might just be me but its one less dk taking ppl with them...

    And the skill system is crap as well... cant even get the specs i had before the update at lvl45 and you toss in a new skill as well...

    Dont you want to keep the players in the game.. now it seems like you only want more new players and dont care about the ones that been in for some times.

    And im a new player only been in it for 2 yaers, but now i feel like giving it up...
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  11. crazyelli

    crazyelli Junior Expert

    same for me i canceled my premium today and will only play till it runs out
  12. Xanlin

    Xanlin Forum Greenhorn

    I feel the EXACT same way. It's too bad too. This game was a lot of fun. Now I dont feel like playing any more. My DK could do maps solo and was also a good helper in groups. Now, without the crit, which was cut by approx 70 percent or so AND the loss of rage when being hit by mobs, what help would I be? You expect DK's to stand in there and fight as melee, yet we have no way to stay alive anymore. I am free to play and spent sooo many hours building this toon. It was all for naught. Thanks for ruining this game for me.
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  13. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    The DK's certainly got the crappy end of the stick.

    I tried running some maps with my buddy who "had" a better than average DK before this so called improvement. I've never seen a game purposely break the melee class before. Maybe the super strong ones survived most of the nerfing, but I am not seeing a lot of them getting invited to groups since the improvement.

    For my character I'm hoping that at some point better gear will drop and I can get my SW back to where it was before this improvement, but I certainly won't be paying for premium again.

    Right now I cannot solo maps that I use to breeze through because I lost so much hp and attack speed.

    The worst part is now I'm a little worried that if I do spend the time to build my character back up that DSO may decide to "improve" again.

    Like the old saying goes, "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me."
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  14. THAS_maniac

    THAS_maniac Forum Apprentice

    overall new expansion and new skill system is interisting but with big red mark in many things especially the fairness for point distribution in wisdom /knowledge tree.
    I play all 4 class ,3 of them dont have so much headache to distribute 30 point from old knowledge point for maintenance HP and DMG than My DK
    1. Ranger for HP still same (15 point for it ) and dmg (15 point) even losing passive talent 25% more dmg from shortbow veteran but nothing lost ,I guess cause, they increase basic weapon damage so it help to recover that 25% so overall stat fine
    2. SW( dont have problem at all I just spend 15 : 15 point for dmg and HP and overall I gain more for both HP and DMG (boost form basic hp and basic weapon )
    3. Dawrf ,with 15:15 point for HP and DMG ,HP nothing change ,DMG increase ,except lost my armor and steam from old experince talent
    4. DK speechless with curent progress of my DK, I'm just frustrated only to maintanance my old stat with this 30 points ,distribute 15:15 it's not work ,my HP fine my dmg lost alot ,curently I spend 10 point for 50% and -5% ,7 point dmg ,13 point HP, to minimalize the lost but still far away from my old stat

    so my point is , It said this expansion and new skill system for balancing between the class ,but why the other 3 class can get more or have the same amount HP and dmg with old gear like before , but DK dont have a chance at all to only keep old stat with the same gears.
    if really thinking Dk's stat so overpower and need nerfing to make balance with other class ,at least let us keep our skill to survive such skill for hp regen or build rage ,curently with new skill system we are DK really worst only for survive
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  15. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    Yep, 2nd map is a combination of the 2 prior ones. So much programming for no positive effect^^

    PS: (Sarcasm)

    I like the new PW. Its pretty calm in here. No invititations for groups, no mortis spam, nice. I can just play boss battle over and over again, because every Deathknight is now as tough as Dragan on hard mode for a DK. And that was not a joke. Except that these explode in a nova that deals about 10k damage, despite being in full tank mode.

    So yeah, who needs events if you can have your challenge here. I dare every dk to run a 5 knights round solo in m2 right now.


    Thanks for fixing the dagger quest! I was able to advance to the cradle of life, where my questline broke again. I simply cannot enter the inner map, awesome. The guardian that should drop keys drops nothing. At least that massivly increases the playtime for this expension. So more value for money, in a way^^
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  16. Leonixis

    Leonixis Forum Apprentice

    look for guardian at very top of map...
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  17. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    I am not the guy that crys before testing things, this guard drops nothing, not even a sphere for me. While others have a 100% chance for a key. But thanks for caring!
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  18. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    The key that drops is a little brown bag that is practically invisible. You are hitting the CTRL button to highlight things right?
  19. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    cradle of life map?
    very top of map above the entrance,kill him every time u need to enter,u need a key everytime to enter.
  20. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    XD i remember the first time i killed him, i never saw the brown bag i just ran to the portal, and told my self, wth ...what am i missing, but since i am always missing stuff on the floor i knew it was my fault,