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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Haragoshima, May 16, 2015.

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  1. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    Hi I'm Haragoshima and I just reached level 40 on my DK and I some advice on what to upgrade to do next. First before I say my stats, I have not gotten to map 2 PW or have not beaten Grimm. I am waiting till level 45. I currently have 2 Deep sea items which are Shield and Trophy. The rest of my items are Extra or legendary. I have 200k GOP in total and am willing to get Premium if that's the only option. So now here are my stats. P.S if you want pictures of my character please let me know in the comments and I will post some. Thank you for your help.

    Dam: 233- 298
    Attack Speed: 1.14

    Health Points: 3801
    Armor: 2809 ( 64.35% )
    Block rate: 585 ( 42.92% )
    Block Amount: 669 ( 63.22% )
    Critical Hit Rate: 319 ( 17.00% )
    Critical Damage: 200%
    All Resistance: 338 ( 17.83% )
  2. whisperkiller

    whisperkiller Forum Apprentice

    My help would include simply: Level up to 45, worry about your gear then. Unlocking m2 when you have lvl 45 with bad gear may be challenging, so i suggest you do that before lvl 45. m2 is a easy way to get ok gear, including mortis amulet+legendary every 1-2 runs. Also when you get to Myrdosch and specifically Thunder crest, i suggest you do the quest ''Gold rush'' as you get a decent lvl 43 unique belt from it. Good luck.
  3. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    Thank you, I will do that, Is there anything I should improve before i do this?
  4. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Well, if you're all exo/legendary, then you don't need to savagely look for better gear. Whenever you pass a level, gear tiers change, as you've probably already noticed. Be on the lookout for better pink/yellows after lv43 (until then, just replace anything you might find better than you already have). Now, what I noticed at a first glance is that you lack critical hit rate, which is partially explained by the Deep Sea Trophy. Generally, your left-side items should be offensive oriented (damage & crit.) while your right-side should be defensive (HP & armor). The Deep Sea set is nice, but it loses its shine as you progress. Plus, it's a defensive left-side set, so unless combined with offensive right-side sets (Witch Chaser, Red Essence), it'll make you lack damage (yes, I know I said left is for offense and right is for defense, but that's a general statement regarding regular items; with uniques you can vary it up). For starters, I'd say find an adornment with crit. & damage. Keep the Deep Sea one too if you want to continue looking for the other 3 parts of the set. Here's a link with all the info on a DK's uniques, if you're interested in knowing more about them: Dragonknight Unique Items. Also, since you're a tank, later on you'll maybe want to switch to 2-handed, as those guys seems to be an awesome type of build for your class. More info on that here: Dragonknight Showcase. Good luck!
  5. whisperkiller

    whisperkiller Forum Apprentice

    I highly suggest you to get these items once you hit lvl 45:
    -Vargulf Round Shield (Full moon)
    -Witch chaser set (New moon)
    -Ring of death (Q6)
    -If you can get them, 30%crit dmg gloves from Andarasch are really good with witch chaser set (As it gives high crit)
    -Some kind of 1-handed weapon, preferably sword (legendaries do fine, But Karabossa's fairy axe from new moon should do fine at the start)
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  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Lots of options, and the advice above is good advice. Leveling up to 45 should be the goal.

    If you have the realm frags, doing the moon events with other players around your level can be helpful. Getting the karabossa axe and vargulf shield should improve those 2 slots.

    My advice would be to run the temple sector outer loop for now, hitting the red circle bosses and mobs and try to build up you realm frags, anders, and gems while hoping to get decent level 40 legendary and unique items. Use the anders to improve your gems and try to get as much of the moon events done. With some effort and luck, you'll uprade your stats enough to begin to tackle the andraksch and watery grave/map2 queztlines around level 43.
  7. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    Thank you. Y'all have been so helpful it's insane. Best of luck to all of you. Happy Drakensanging
  8. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I am at similar level, and I would like to share my experience.
    I have now improved my armor from previously 1200 to 2200 now (still same level of level 41), but this armor increase has helped me tremendously. Also, I have now gained 30 Knowledge level and thus my base damage on 2H has gone up from 590s to 760s (due to increase of Knowledge level).

    With this, I can hunt Temple Sector outer loop effortlessly and can do a round in less than 20 minutes and also I can solo Gorga normal with in one round (before a quake comes) and that has speed up my hunting tremendously. :)
  9. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Just don't exaggerate with the armor... I did that, while neglecting damage, and it wasn't a good idea.
  10. Haragoshima

    Haragoshima Someday Author

    So well just so people can get it clear, im not getting rid of my deep sea 2 items because they give me a 300+ 500 more Armour for the 2 set boost and give me 10% more health
    I am not giving it up. that's my armor and the way the i don't die. How ever my critical rate is low and I do like some advice for where to farm onyx gems the best. I heard that if you don't have enough free slots to find a grey weapon with slots or grey armor with slots and put 2 or 3 in there and you have about 10-15 free slots right there. Also tips and tricks like that to make the game easier is appreciated. I will be getting premium in about 15 days when my game card i order from amazing comes in and when my debit card comes in. Also I am at a grinding stop right now at my LVL 40 DK which needs a little or more then 6 full bars of xp left before I can unlock more quest. So farming is ok with me, but PW Map 2 and anything besides grimag I cannot do yet because I don't have it unlocked and I can't find people who can help me because they are all level 45's that already beat mortis about 100 times, but if it's a priority my guildy said they will help me finish the first one, but the second one is when they do a guildy event and I can't go with them on those kind of events. So Farming is a go for me and tips and tricks are wanted and aka needed. Thank you helping me out. If you have anything else about farming, tips and tricks, and what I should do before I go into the hard kind of things let me know, I will read them and do them. Thanks for you help. Happy Drakensanging!
  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I don't thing you should give up on the deep sea items until you get better gear, typically at level 45.

    I used 3 and 4 items of the deep sea set (missing just the ring) heavily with my dwarf until better items popped up at level 45. I actually am still using the bullets (dwarf version of the claw/adornment), as i have had terrible luck and really can use the 4 slots for my 6.5% speed gems.

    At level 40, the 3 set bonus from 3 of the amulet, claw, weapon and ring (imho, the least valuable item in the long run is the shield) is really helpful for survival while levelling up. if you do a search for deep sea set or similar a longer post by me on rthis set should pop up.
  12. EnFury

    EnFury Forum Apprentice

    I agree with this -> My help would include simply: Level up to 45, worry about your gear then.
    Though i recommend to get full moon shield now and then again at lvl 45, the increased block rate is strongly benificial. On a side note i also recommend having the talents rush of blood, which heals you hitpoints for 20% of damage dealt by mighty wild swing, and dragon power.
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