Support Lvl 40 SW Tips Recommendations Tricks Required !

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by husky57, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. husky57

    husky57 Forum Greenhorn

    Hello my fellow drakensang players!

    I have a Lvl 40 SW on Agathon server.
    I would like to ask for opinions, advices, tips and tricks from the community
    for making a stronger PvE character.

    There are many things I would like to know... Please tell me your opinion about my Character's Stats, Skills and Items. Currently I am worried about my base damage please help! Also tell me if I am missing any ''must have'' item.

    1 more thing this is a complete f2p character...

    Here is my mighty hero)

    thank you for everything!!!
  2. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    Well, it's hard to give specific advice at that point but here you go.

    1. Get to lvl 45, you can do some gorga for EXP and improve your gear.
    2. Save up your Realm frags and exchange them for Blackborg map entries and save around 3k fairy woods (this is necessary to complete the event). When the new moon event comes around, find a group and kill the boss, she drops parts of the witch chaser set, which is currently one of or the best set for mages. This process might take more than just one month, you will need to be lucky to get her uniques as they don't drop too often.
    3. Start doing quests for the 100 gold cape
    4. Currently, unless you are very lucky with legendary enchantments or you have upgraded low level rings (which you can't get anymore), the best rings out there are the rings of death from Q6. You will need to defeat Mortis once to get your first one, so that might not be too much of a problem if you find someone strong who is willing to help you. After that, though, you will need 10 frags from him, which can take over 20 kills if you aren't so lucky.
    5. The best place to farm at level 45 is q3 and q6 map 2. The first one gives a lot of essences and andermant, while the second one drops a bunch of extraordinary items which you can sell for gold or melt for glyphs.

    At first it will be easy to improve as you only really need to open legendaries, but as you get better and better, it will also become harder. There are many things that require luck in this game, for example getting Roshan's set (not so amazing for PvE, but great for PvP) or good left hand equipment. Be patient and don't give up, as a F2P you have a long way to have a good mage.
  3. husky57

    husky57 Forum Greenhorn

    why can't I get low lvl rings anymore ? Can you please tell me little more about upgrading low lvl staff for higher lvls
  4. Heaven

    Heaven Junior Expert

    Well, by low level items I was talking about the ones that you used to be able to get at Grimmagstone. Unfortunately, BP removed that dungeon and made some other changes that make it impossible to get items as good as those. Regardless, you can still get some pretty good high level legendaries, although the rings of death are still going to be way better than most.

    Anyway... you shouldn't even worry about that. You still have plenty of room for improvement without needing those.
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  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Actually, it is a bit more complicated than that. You can still craft low level legendaries, but they are not as impressive as they used to be. In the past, a low level crit weapon decoration with 4 lines of crit could level up to 40-45 and have over 300 crit per line. With R139, they re-balanced those low level items so that they are not so OP when you level them up. The problem is, this did nothing to change the OP items that some people already had. So, some of the really powerful old players have these items that no one else can come close to these days.

    That being said, if you are looking for DPS, then the Ring of Death will give your the best bang for your buck theses days.
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  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    You cant get them, as heaven mentioned, because Bigpoint (1) adjusted the upgrading mechanics for low level gear and (2) eliminated the low level dungeon responsible for most of the low level drops (grimmagstone, which is still in the game as a parallel world dungeon, but that drops at your level). They also improved the top potential stat lines for many level 43-45 items, and in fact, a top level 45 legendary will beat the low levels now, with 2 exceptions.

    The first exception was damage on level 6 rings - if you got a +1 line on the level 6 ring in the past, that always glyphed up to +19 at 40 and I think +24 at level 45, and iirc, +30 at 50. As a result the 4x low level legendary damage ring automatically became a +96 damage ring at level 45 and +120 at 50. That being said, the gap between top legendary gear today and perfect low level damage rings from before the update is not in my opinion game breakingly large as near perfect rings of death are available with work and the top line for damage today can get up to +22 for DKs and +27 for others on legendary gear.

    The other exception was critical hit value, as mentioned by baragain, and that is a bigger problem. Those upgraded very high as well, and the top line of glyphed up low level gear is much higher than current legendary drops. My level 39 low level legendary ring has a +231 crit line, and others have done better, whereas my best single line at level 45 that ive gotten on any drop is around +190. It is possible, with 4 low level crit lines, either on one item or spread out of 2 or 3 items, to get 1000 crit at level 39 and over 1300 crit at 45. Compare that with a typical 4x crit item that actual drops, which can be around 600 crit with good luck and up to 800 crit with exceptional luck. This means players with low level crit gear can have higher crit on builds thar should be low in crit (for example , a dk using the warlord set with dragonache has limited spots for crit, but with a single glyphed up low level crit adornment can turn that around andhave excellent pvp crit hit numbers), and there's no way to build a character to defeat these types in pvp, especially if they group up.
  7. husky57

    husky57 Forum Greenhorn

    What about my base damage. I think it is not so good. How can I increase it ? (if there is a need of more detailed pic of rings and etc I will upload them)
  8. Harmless70

    Harmless70 Forum Apprentice

    In the short term I would recommend getting a ring of life from Grim, and then working to get HOD open to start farming for level 45 gear. I wouldn't worry too much about your items before you hit 45 as long as you still feel like you're progressing all right, but I would take advantage of any opportunities to farm level 45 items, you might get a few that are worth hanging onto.

    As far as the moon events go, Blackborg is really the one to focus on for you. I would start working on a stash of fairy wood but not really with the intent to complete the event. You don't have to use a whole lot of fairy wood to get a couple of summons, and if you have a full group that does several trips you can generally keep killing Karabossa without going through much fairy wood. The critical hit and attack speed enchantments from the witch chaser set makes quite a difference, you can switch from the book to an orb and still attain a 50% or better critical hit rate with any luck.
  9. husky57

    husky57 Forum Greenhorn

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