Lvl 55 Ranger, which items do i grind for now?

Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by MaximumCrizp, Jul 31, 2021.

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  1. MaximumCrizp

    MaximumCrizp Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I just got to lvl 55 as a ranger, and now im trying to find guides online about, how to proceed in Drakensang Online, but i can only find end game builds, and not some good starter options as a ranger, because a lot of the end game items seems really hard to get without good gear... So which items do i grind for now? And can i grind for end game gear without any good items, gems ect.?
  2. nasty_player

    nasty_player Forum Greenhorn

    My toon is a ranger and here are my thoughts/advice and take them with a open mind. If you have some better to do in life, stop playing the game. If you are going to play, I suggest you to get to lvl 100 asap. You really need some luck and spend lots of time playing with a group to get good items. Speaking from my experience, I got items from lower level and I was able to farm for better items as I grow stronger. I mentioned playing with a group, forget about it because nobody will group with a ranger (it is your fault to pick ranger) and you should expect to play solo (I play solo 95% of the time). High wisdom level, decent gems and runes will help you a lot without needing to get help from others. So, how to achieve high wisdom level? Farm bosses at the difficulty that you can handle and with the help of wisdom runes, I was able to get a lot of wisdom dropped from bosses. Also, you will get a piece of boss ingredient that you can use to craft items from the workbench. This is how I make some of my gears. Wisdom runes are the first type of runes that I maxed out. Next, unfortunately you won't be able to upgrade gems and runes fast enough because the only way to farm gems dust is doing bloodchests and upgrading them cost a lot of gold in which you can get quicker from selling items from the bloodchests.

    I am a little bit off from the topic and yes, you can get good gear without good items, gems, etc if you have a group, or friends or a guild that can carry you. Like I said before, it is hard to be accepted into a group so you are most likely not able to get good items if you cannot carry yourself. I can solo parallel world bloodshed but nobody accepts me to their group, talk about pathetic. Ranger sucks, they can't spam fire arrows if they don't have enough concentration to spend = no damage. To conclude, farm and max out wisdom runes, concentration runes (one that adds to the concentration pool and the other one is concentration regeneration), farm boss ingredients (arachna, destructor, gorga for ranger), collect golds. You will get some decent items while doing the above if you are lucky. Again, I am speaking from my own experience.
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  3. MaximumCrizp

    MaximumCrizp Forum Greenhorn

    Ty so much for the response, that was just what i needed to know, im fairly new to this game, but i like the game so far, although it seems really hard to progress as you mentioned as a ranger. Im just hoping that the game will get even better as i start getting the right runes, gems and items, i hope that it's worth the time atleast...

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