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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by iNeXoRaBlE, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. motorola11

    motorola11 Forum Apprentice

    "KubQn, post:

    My brain has been destroyed. Thanks. Firstly you agree that Q7 and Q8 sets are too OP (in PvP ofc) and you want them to nerf it. THEN you're saying that if they want to boost SW they shouldn't buff his skills, because they are BALANCED (sure kappa), but buff him by making Q7 and Q8 set better for PvE. Well how they can make it better if you want to nerf it because of PvP?

    "SUGGESTION: Why not just make the Q8 set 3xice missile with CD? about .5-1.5 sec"

    Basically by doing that you're nerfing Q8 set for PvE too, just saying. And now if they will buff it for PvE by idk giving each ice missle 60% dmg boost (just stupid example), ppl are going to cry again of the dmg is doing at PvP even with CD of it

    ATM I can agree that SW is one of the strongest PvP char, but why he shouldn't be? His PvE is a crap so atleast we can have fun at PvP.
    At PvE how can we be even close to deal dmg like other classes? If I want to get spell dealing dmg like EA I need to have a Q4 set so my lightning can deal 500% dmg too. But then i'm losing the most op set bonus (150% dmg) aswell as I'm still having costs on that lightning.

    Same with War. Maybe they're dealing 250%, but with boost to 3,0 AS + 150% + free cost of his 250% spell for that long duration make Mage dps weak.

    And about ppl crying that Q7 set have 9 sec bonus. Well I can have it 3s too if I get +50% dmg to lightning and no cost on it + I would activate it idk by placing Guardian who have 50% chance to get CD refunded, instead of using Control + Meteor + Circle + TP to refund mana when I'm at another 3s of not making dps by casting all of this.

    That's why mage must be rebalanced. The problem is that from what can we see BP rebalance gonnamake him useless in PvP and even more at PvE. So maybe left him as it is.


    KubQn please watch picture carefulll maby you leran smoething :)

  2. KubQn

    KubQn Forum Apprentice

    So? What should i learn? That you're mage is probably done and you're bored (well they gived us infernal 2 so now you have something to do). You have late game char and you can easily solo every mode and every Q, but you see, there is a one problem. As a mage who is the biggest paper and with it should be the biggest dmg dealer, go with any class who have simillar stats to you and do a time race on a map/boss. I wonder if you can beat somebody. Just for me, do a dmg race even on heredur with a Tank, and then let a Ranger/2h DK/SM.
    If they will be as good as you (in stats) and you will beat them, you will kill him first, then I'll shut up and I'll call myself a noob. If you will be the slowest in killing a map/boss, then mage is a crap at PvE, peace.

    EDIT: From your previous posts it seems like you don't even play a mage. You had a 4 years old ranger, and you switched to dwarf. So again, showing me a stats means nothing at being OP compare to other classes with same stats at PvE.
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  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    You cant beat a OP warrior at solo farm bosses with a OP mage.As you saw from my video that warrior managed to do 14s kill on arachna fatal.As a mage you can only attack with lightning strike/ice sphere and you cant just sit and tank it.You have to run and attack while the warrior just sits, takes the hits and does dmg.Which is why a warrior will always have a big advantage vs the mage even if they both have similar offensive stats.Same with SM.You cant beat him at dmg simply because even while he is moving, his turrets continue to do dmg to that boss, while you can only do dmg while you stand still.The time you use as a mage to run around to avoid hits or to get in range to attack, DKs and SMs use it to do dmg and this is why the mage needs a dmg boost in order to match up.

    As for rangers, with q7, they can use like 4-5 EAs, each of them doing twice the dmg that lightning strike/ice sphere does, and it costs no concentration, while if you activate q7 and get a 9s boost, you will be out of mana before the boost is over..making you able to use like 8 spheres in that 9s interval, but only if you use a tank in party or have a target that wont move.If you go vs arachna and use the q7 buff for instance as a mage, you will use like 3-4 spheres then have to move and lose some seconds from that buff, or u can just stay still until the buff runs out and the boss will 1hit you.Thing is that if the boss starts to move, you also have to move as a mage..and this is why u cant never beat the other classes at PvE farm right now (bosses).

    So for those who say that 9s on the q7 buff is a lot you should consider the fact that a mage cant sit still and attack a boss solo for the entire 9 seconds if solo farm.They have to move a lot and that means losing seconds from that q7 buff.You have to move to dodge hits , you have to move to get in best spot to catch the boss in the ice sphere's range...Most of the times, you miss with ice sphere/lightning strike because the boss moves and these 2 skills barely do any dmg then, not like when playing a warrior/sm when all your hits get full dmg, or a ranger whos EA explodes on impact.These facts also prove why the mage is currently the weakest class at PvE (bosses).

    I do agree with you that q8 and q7 need to be tweaked for the PvP part, but nerfing these sets and the mage for PvE aswell will make this class pointless to play anymore.Whats the point to play it if you know that no matter how much you invest or develop your char, you will still be the worst at both PvE and PvP?
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  4. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    Please corect q7 and q8 set! Its big disbalance in arena from mages side. Cut 2 sec or 3 sec q7 set and q8 set cut damage from ace what give all the time (instant damage need).
  5. allcoss

    allcoss Forum Apprentice

    I think about q4, q7 and q8 sets should be separate from pvp and pve.
    Better to avoid set bonus from q7 and q8 sets in arena for all classes. q7 and q8 sets make disbalance on arena. And i think for pve it is ok. Need just make unavailable in arena this set bonus.
  6. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    My only suggestion would be to allow mages to mind control SM's turrets.

    "But a turret doesn't have a mind!" I hear all the dwarves cry.
    Well, what about virtually every mechanical monster in Myrdosch?

    In my opinion this would go some way towards lessening the dominance of
    Dwarves in PvP.
  7. -VENDA007-

    -VENDA007- Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, this guy has nice stats, but every other class can have similar stats, but still it would take half more time for mage to kill any boss...
  8. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author

    Here are my personal ratings of each class.

    Current standing:

    PvP offence *****. This is why this thread was started after all. Fireball dmg is similar to archer unmarked explosive arrow. Fireball area of effect is greater than explosive arrow. Common speed is 2.0. Q7 set is so abused by mages just blindly firing balls at enemy direction.
    PvP stunbreak *****. Teleport is instant, creates distance and does not hinder movement. Low cooldown.
    PvP stuns *****. Stuns are instant AOE, no need to aim. Often an opening mage move.
    PvE ****. Decent damage dealers.

    PvP offence ***. 2 shots max per mana pool. Extremely laser-small AOE of arrow thanks to R194 nerf, making it hard to hit targets. Explosion should be based on proximity to possible target or ANY contact, be it contact with target or environment. Zero bonus from Q7 set due to worthless stuns.
    PvP stunbreak **. Suffered the most from removal of lvl35 pvp talent-cannot be stunned for 4 seconds after being stunned. Dive and Adrenalin are clumsy and delay movement long enough to render the stunbreaks useless. Same for bladedance. Bladedance needs its own bug report for rubberbanding back to original position, causing unfair death in PvE.
    PvP stuns *. Completely useless in PvP. Most archers don't expect success with stuns.
    PvE *****. Q7 bonus is the only reason why you still see archers around. Archer not using Q7 set is basically useless in party.

    PvP offence ****. Standard Q7 DK usually 1 hits with a single jump or charge. Wild swing AOE is a bit too much. Good potential for top DK to outperform top mage in 1v1. Immunity from jump may be a bit OP.
    PvP stunbreak *****. 5 stars because dragonskin will also grant immunity. Then DK just hide in 1v1 until immunity cools down. Abuse? Strategy? How about strategic abuse :)
    PvP stuns *****. 5 stars because no cooldown on charge. Almost instant. Some aiming needed.
    PvE *****. Immortal in tank mode. OP in dmg mode, but rare enough to be spared a nerf thread. Everyone needs a good DK..

    PvP offence ***. No skill involved, just spawn turrets and sit back. Somewhat low but safe dmg. Will never beat DK.
    PvP stunbreak **. Similar to archer. Destination is predictable.
    PvP stuns *. Similar to archer. AOE enough to be of use on occasion.
    PvE *****. Which class had 2 mortis rings each first?

    Of course, the only way to determine imbalance is for BP to look at statistics:
    -population of each class
    -% of grand marshals in each class
    -1v1 statistics between top representatives of each class because everyone's individual experience is meaningless. (Tegan top mage vs top ranger: 4 mage wins to 1 ranger win).
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  9. -VENDA007-

    -VENDA007- Forum Greenhorn

    EDIT are you talking about ? unmarked explo arrow deals 375% dmg and fireball deals just 126% dmg, so where is the similarity ?
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Oh look, another ranger crybaby, spreading misinformation and making rangers to be victims of the evil developers and other players.Explosive arrow does more damage than fireball.
    And by the way, i am against the recent ranger nerf, it was completely unnecessary, the nerf of q7 set especially, but also the explosive arrow change, which was terrible. In fact i would be for increasing the direct damage for it, it would only benefit and it would punish those who spam randomly.

    Your way to determine imbalance is stupid and unproductive
    Pvp rank is a function of how much you played pvp, not how good you are, if you play only pvp, you'll going to be way less powerfull than against people who farmed hard and crafted items
    And you have to look at other pvp modes.

    So this post was originated because one mage killed you and you came here whining and releasing stress caused by bruised ego, nothing there's nothing rational about your post. And in fact, when they nerf the mage, you'll start whining about DK, 'cause you whiners are never satisfied. And then, when the other classes have been nerfed, they'll nerf the ranger again, and you'll come crying, pretending to ve like a victim. And that goes for the other class suprematists that plague this game, like all those mages who cried about explosive arrow
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  11. fab

    fab Advanced

    Did rangers complain about scatter shot with bear set cause bleeding as well and its almost 80% hit without proper aiming, and EA is like killing two birds with a single stone ( reducing armour and explode doing damage at the same time ) and their range is so much further and faster compare to crazy slow sw frozensphere. How crazy can that be LOL
    Sw ice missiles doing just a mere 55% damage with talent selected and they are already crying like babies.
    Their bird kill sw instantly and majority sw got about 65% -70% armour, did they complain about that as well.
    I know this ranger which is been on since beta , continuously killing you if you manage to own him a couple of times and swearing in all chat as well.
    BP just delete sw frozensphere skill, its crazy slow and short range and doing grimmage boss is almost like instant death when he started to explode.
    I would say mana replenishing is one of the fastest among the four characters, but strong skills like frozen sphere require tons of mana and are force to use either ice missiles or magic missiles.
    Singularity isn't a bad skill but stands zero chance against dks immunity which is also 8 secs as well, dks uses stun charge over and over while doing damage and avoiding damage as well
  12. Nelias

    Nelias Someday Author

    Sorry but let me laugh. I play this game since servers are online and you clearly dont have idea what are you talking about. In your world you just compare fully crafted mages with royal gems vs weak warriors with not crafted items and and low gems. First lets talk about some facts not fairy-tales.

    There are mages that can hit 40-50k dmg with one fireball to players with about 70% deff(0 block rate), but you forgot mention some important informations: for example as warrior your jump deal 125% so is technically same dmg like sw do with fireball. Now lets compare charge that can be spammed without cooldown with 175% dmg and 2 sec stuns. And what about ground breaker with 200% fire dmg? Your all stuns deal more dmg than most of skill for sw.
    Now to be able hit 50k fireball with mage you must have crafted rings and amulet with 72% critical dmg so mages like this dont have any % hp enchantments on their char and result of this is that they have max 50k HP with sacred or even royal gems. Strong 2hand warrior do 40k dmg with single jump and they can have 80-120k HP with 2hand. So by your logic mage is the most op class cause need make several hits to warrior with same gems, but warrior can 1hint 90% of mages on server with 1-2 stun but warrior is weaker class in entire universe right? Best joke ever..

    Here you can see a warrior with 200k hp with full deff setting.
    With dmg setting and shield he can make 140k hp with 10k dmg, 80% critic and big critical dmg. If full royal q7 2hand mage with crafted items deal 50k dmg to other people with 2hand, then cross block it will be like 20 or max 25k critical hit with fireball. So mage need 7 fireballs to kill this war if warrior just dont move and in kitchen prepare coffe. But if this warrior use healing and dragon skin you will need 14-20 fireballs to kill him, whilst he needs only 2-3 stuns to kill royal mage with q7 set cause charge deal 175% dmg. You call to nerf sw cause royal warrior on 1hand kill any mages with 2-3 hit but royal mage need 15 fireballs to kill royal warrior with cant be serious.. :D
    You can go to german forum to see some fully crafted op mages with royal gems and they looks like trash comapre to best heredur warriors or any boter warriors generally..
    Since warrior have much better hp gems and 400 more hp in every item with same dmg enchantments like sw. Here you have link for wiki where you can see value of all gems just scroll to hp gems and look of symbol for every class and compare value.
    price of one gem is 275k ander and warrior get 312hp gem and sw just 240hp gem :rolleyes:

    And i agree when you said spamming isnt playing.
    But my question is why spaming charge on 6vs6 and destoroy towers with that is ok? dont you think it miss logic when warrior with 1k dmg destroy tower faster than mage with 25k dmg and warrior alone win match for red team? Cause when he put bleeding on tower is almost impossible hit him with any strong skill so i can spam only base skills or fireballs that have low effect to him since he has jump shield and dragon sikill...btw. warrior spam skill with more dmg than fireballs and 2 sec stun with any set but sw can spam fireballs just with one set :D so again you complain about something what your class can do with any set and with stuns but when mage can do it just with one set and withotu stuns its worst right? All what you wrote isnt suggestion but trolling...
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