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Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by Sm0Oth, Mar 1, 2021.

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  1. Sm0Oth

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    Hi everyone, I have a problem with transferring spells ... I don't understand the mechanism and I don't understand what I have to do or what I have to transfer from one item to another ... I don't understand why at the beginning there is a percentage and at the end another ex : 42.11% incrsed damage on this item (95%) (+697) which is the most important ecnhantmagic transfer?
  2. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    The first number is a percentage increase of a given base stat from the item (including unique values), the next percentage in brackets is a marker of the relative power of the enchantment.

    Items have lower and upper bounds on the values of the enchantments. The percentage in the brackets tells you its position within the bounds - 100% means it's a maximum for an item of a given level, 0% the minimum. For example, upper bound for damage on lvl 140 item is around 44-45% inc. damage on this item. The same brackets/bounds exist for base values. Note that if you transfer from lower level items, the bracket will display the same percentage even if the bounds are different on the higher level item.

    The third number displays the absolute increase of the enchantment. With base damage of 1000, 40% incr. damage would give you +400 and this would be displayed in the last brackets. To check how much absolute increase you will get on that stat, just add up base value, all green numbers in brackets and any unique (gold) value at the bottom.
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  3. TwiliShadow

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    The description on the "(95%)" part is incorrect (correction: incomplete) in some parts.

    On base values, the 95% means that the 42.11% is 95% of the possible range on that piece of gear. The minimum (0%) and maximum (100%) changes depending on the level of the gear (Lvl 1 to 145) and the rarety of the gear (Normal to Unique).

    On enchantments, the 95% means that the 42.11% is 95% of the possible range on THE PIECE OF GEAR IT ORIGINATED ON. This is very very very important. The range is affected by the original level (1 - 145), NOT the level of the gear to put the enchantment on, and not the rarity of origination or destination pieces. When you move it (transfer craft) to another piece of gear, the enchantment maintains it's "Value"/"Min"/"Max" numbers and that 42.11% and 95% numbers will never ever change. This means that you can get good level 145 "100%" enchantments from GREEN and BLUE items as well as from PURPLE, ORANGE, CYAN, and YELLOW items.
    (*** Note: that is unless they change the mechanics of the game again. ***)

    It's very important to understand that the range gets higher and higher with each level. In the end, you want all your enchantments to come from level 145 gear and preferably be either 99% or 100% (eventually all 100%).
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