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  1. DSO Production Team

    DSO Production Team Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Dear Heroes,

    Some Spellweavers cast angry spells into the sky above Dracania and we want to clear the air:

    We’d like to comment on the current discussion about the latest bug fix of the Mind Control skill that was introduced with Release 215.​

    What happened? With Release 215 we fixed a very, very old bug that the 5 points talent Astral Phenomenon of the skill Mind Control was triggered when fighting bosses even though the Mind Control skill should not be possible on bosses.​

    What does this mean? Our goal is and should always be to fix bugs even if they are several years old, BUT we also understand the concerns that players built their gear and developed a special way of skill combinations in correlation with a working Astral Phenomenon talent when fighting bosses.​

    What will happen now? We will revert the “mind control bug fix” with the next release (216). The talent will then be deactivated for PvP only! Which means, the talent Astral Phenomenon will work again in boss fights…for now!​

    Why? What will happen next? Fixing a bug is right, but the timing should be right as well. In this case the timing was not right. We know that there are still other issues with gear set buffs, the overall balance of gear sets amongst all classes, as well as the way gear set buffs and skills/talents are behaving in boss fights. To avoid another bug fix being considered by players as a “nerf” we won’t deal with these issues individually but with a major update. An update that needs to be well-planned.​

    Thank you!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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