Bug Minor regen saves a person from death

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sebastian_fl, Jan 18, 2016.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I'm pretty sure I know better who I am. And guess it is the best time to stop the conversation. If you have 0 idea of how the game works and you decline listening and throw bold statements, Im not going to teach you that.

    Not sure what you meant by 'wrong terms'. If you are about "programmer' - noone is using that term anymore. Everyone uses 'senior java developer' etc. Guess you are over 60, at that time programmers were coding peer2peer stuff you are refering too.

    Okay, it is far beyond off the topic. Gl
  2. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    A game developer does much more than come up with plot, and so forth. Many people have the mistaken idea that having a "good idea" for a game means they can be a good game developer. Game development involves managing all of the different jobs that need to be done, working toward a framework to build the game by, and keeping track of each pieces' deadlines.

    Game programmers work with the code and are usually directed by a game developer. I would imagine the programmers get more free time, but that is totally dependent on the project... it is hard to really make that claim.
  3. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    I am pretty sure I will have to close the thread if you both don't stop right now.
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  4. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    sebastian_fl said:
    MegaNuker said:
    An interesting debate you two have going. It sounds like two different tech tribes and slightly different generations going round and round.
    I wish the terminology wasn't so squishy.
    As far as supporting evidence, the thin client is at 930 MB. That seems huge, if the server is doing so much heavy lifting.
    Do the same processes work when the website is used, instead of the thin client?

    Maybe DSO would like to tell us why there is lag? Or why these events occur? An authority could shed some light on the process.
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  5. darogus

    darogus Forum Apprentice

    NOT A BUG!! guys i dont belive it is a glich you get hit with damage, then you get a counter ie. a healing abilit that restores you to a % of max life no mater how hard you are hit, if one of your skills counter the damage by restoring you to a % of of your max life. this is not a bug that is how this and almost every rpg game is. think of the card game magic as a exaple if, after you are attacked you have a chance to counter, if you dont have skill to counter the attack you will die. so i will say again this is not a glich it is what those heals where desined to do on occation if the timeing is right. Attack then counter if avalible, then desion by the game if your dead or not. it is in the right order. Not sure why this was not obvious to you like i said even D&D board game is like that and thats what the base brograming for these times of games is based on. dice rolls, attack counters then the destion if your dead been that way in every game from the very begining of rpg D&D style computer games, board games, and card games.
    also guys look at your skill every class has one that heals for damage done and on that restores you to a % of your max life. for ranger deadly blow with robed of life if something dies that i have marked it is going to restore me to 10% of my max life, so if that got off right after i get hit whith a blow that should have killed me it dont because i could drop to -1mil hp and still be restored to 10% if skill goes of within about .5 sec of me being hit. yall dont see it but at the programing level it is a turn based game. a programer of the game could conferm this turns last 1 seconed. you could get hit by 3 people and live as long as it all happens in 1 seconed. the turns are so fast so they are not noticed by players but this is what is going on in the game mechanics. now that you guys know whats realing happening you can ajust your play style and live though things that would kill you with proper use of you skills. marrk a enemy if he dies while your dieing his death will make you live, this is the way with ranger havent realy played the other classes. remeber in this and any game like this one skills that restore you back to a % of you max life are counter attck skills realy and are there to counter death blows. even the name of the skill for ranger explains it "robed of life" we in pvp i marked some one on ur team you shoot me same time ur teammate dies he is robed of life and i am restored to 10% hp and there for do not die. :) NOT A BUG!
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  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    It is a bug. If you have had 1000 hp, and received 1000 dmg, but also healed with 20 HP, okay, you alive, you have +20. But if you have 20hp, and you receive 5000 dmg, you should be dead and 20 hp out of some gem should not save you, you have -4960.

    And you can call the 'frame' a 'turn', or whatever you want, during that fraction of time, if you get dmg and get hp, they should be added before the decision isDead is made.

    Imagine a mob that hits you exactly once per second, and with some luck your healing has got in sync and happens during the very same 'turn' mob deals dmg. You would just stay in front of him and keep killing, being immortal to whatever dmg he deals, you would always have +20 hp.
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  7. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    There was this time when I was miding my own bussines in the pastures, my toon just standing there, static, it was back when I had 3k hp, some dude came and shot a destruction to me from my back and dealt 11k critical, I didn't die..., all in all I do think it's a bug.
  8. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    The 930MB are textures sound and other data related to cache. They are not needed and you can play without them. There is a client that does not preload that traki has provided.
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  9. darogus

    darogus Forum Apprentice

    look guys it dont matter how much damage you take if person has used robed of life on a mob or person and that mob or person dies at the same time you do you dont die becuse you recover ur hp back to 10%, would be imposable to die at that mmoment, because the 10% is a saveing roll and cancels out dieing cant die if you have 10% of you life. like i said it is a skill thats why it is there.
    i gaurentee you were fight stuff when you were shot and one of the skill you were useing marked a mob , so that when he shot you you killed mob same time and bam, you had 10% hp after the attack but did not die, well could not die becuse you would have got delt 11k damage, but at almost the same time you killed a mob so you seen the 11k hit cuz u were hit for that, but if you are attacked it goes like this. get attacked , counter(the hp recover from the skill), then the disition by the game if you are dead or not. its not just this game it is all game like this game every one that i know of they are built on the D&D board game, it all just done is semmingly real time but it is not it is a turn based game, any game that uses timed skills is turnbased at programed lvl.
    tecnicaly you could actualy kill the marked mob befor you got attack as long as in is the space turn time. the saving roll will always be calcualated in after damage delt to you as long as it is in the time frame of the turn. 1second.
    thats the way it works. go to book store grab D&D manual and read how you use the dice and everything because thats whats going on in this game but it is done by computers very fast so it seems like real time, but it is not. it is turn based at program lvl.

    frames are on client end set timed turns at 1 sec are server side. so you will see a turn as rougly 60fps. turn on server are set but if you lag and data hapens to be sent a bit late you can see some wired stuff befor server correct. have you ever seen ur self fall down but a half a sec later ur standing back up with a little life, that would be the server corecting the client because of latency issue. packets are time stamped to keep them in order even if the arive on server side out of order, then it has to send the corrected data back to the client, and if there is a latency issue again you might see something a little wierd because the sever is correcting the client.

    and very very very rarely you could see you do damage to someone but they dont die heck there helth wont move because the packet was lost or timed out by time it was found there for you saw the damage you delt but the server and the other player didnt. however what was describe at begening of post is the save roll from hp regen skill because... well i already explained it
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  10. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Let me quote myself as a response to this...

    I wasn't being attacked by mobs, nor I was attacking any mobs, and I have never used the only healing talent my Spellweaver has, not now, not back then.
  11. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Man, I'm not sure what is unclear and what board game you compare this with, maybe chess :) buy here is a deal.

    If a second is broken down into 60 periods, you can call them turns, than in all cases but 1 out of 60 the player will die. If you heal just 1 'turn' before or later, just 40 ms before or later, you are dead. There should not be any magic luck that would allow you to take 10k dmg and survive.

    If it was designed like that, they would say 'there is 1% chance you will survive a hard hit'.

    But anyway it does not make any sense. This game isn't discrete, it is to some extend due to tech limitations, but you cannot compare it with card board games, it is nonsense.

    And I really don't want to step into the details of implementation of 'turn' procesing, it is waste of time.

    Mods, I guess you have all you need to send it to the Dev team, and they will decide if it is bug or not. So you can close this one please :)
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Or you start the animation for MWS, but die before the HP is credited to your pool... plenty of these split second bugs that really can piss you off.
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  13. darogus

    darogus Forum Apprentice

    the board game would be dungeons and dragons the dice board game, the basic out line of witch has been turned into many computer games. like every single rpg game with gear with stats. where do you think the idea for these the games come from? go get the rule books yes plurel. for the d&d board game, it has been coded and turned in to games and this game is one of them. they have changed something to make it there own game but it is based on the dungeons and dragons board game. you wont see anyone from bigpoint stop me from saying that because it is true. (1% chance?)there is no chance it is a garentee that you will live if you used skill and the timing of the death of the marked enemy was corect. turns are so fast the there is always latency so most likely just gonna happen buy acident on your part. realy these are my opinons so they might not have desinded it like that but im perty sure they did.
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  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Let the dev team decide it is bug or not, deal? You explanation of the magic survival is nonsense.

    @Mal3ficent get your bulldozer here or whatever you use) and assuming the bug info is shared or is going to be shared with the Dev, thread can be closed. Thanks
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  15. Silentmist

    Silentmist Junior Expert

    Finally someone found how the real bug works. Does this thing work with lifekeeper regen and DK skills too?
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  16. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

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