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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by MoonYu, May 25, 2023.

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  1. MoonYu

    MoonYu Forum Greenhorn

    I am use to the game having to reload itself frequently for whatever reason your team needs to update the game, but can I offer a suggestion about that?

    Can you please add to the settings a choice to disable the tutorials? I don't need to know what the Fair Ground is for every time the game reloads or what the currency bag is for. I have been playing for quite sometime now and having to shut those "helpful" tips off each time is very annoying.
  2. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    There are a few options in the first tab of the Settings window you can try. For example, there's actually an option to turn off "Tutorial tips." Now, I don't know exactly what that controls, but it might be the answer to your prayers :).
  3. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    Thing is that the settings are reset to default each time the game redownloads, so that won't do much good.
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Commissioner

    I recommend that you open the DSOClient folder within your %temp% directory (which is typically here: C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Temp\DSOClient where "******" is replaced by the ID for your personal user account on that computer) and copy the settings.xml file to another folder outside of that %temp% directory. Then, when you're forced to re-download the entire game in the future, you can copy that settings.xml you saved and paste it over the freshly downloaded and non-personalized copy in the %temp%\DSOClient folder (when the game isn't running).

    I doubt this team will ever change the format of that .xml file, so you're unlikely to cause any conflicts by doing this simple file swap.
  5. StayinFrosty

    StayinFrosty Someday Author

    Good to know that. Unfortunately far from all players will have the sufficient knowledge or patience to do this every time something goes awry. (Which isn't very uncommon)

    As always we are missing an official solution to the problem and the community has to either come up with their own solutions or haunt support in hopes of at least getting an explanation.

    Thanks for your time.
  6. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    I do this regularly. However, the game still shows the next quest, the currency bag and fairgrounds tutorials. While it isn't horrible to have to close those things, it is a tad frustrating. I gather it is just a bug that is probably pretty low priority to fix.

    The rest of my settings (hot keys, cursor, sound, etc.) do seem to stick when copying the settings.xml file back. It really is the best way to not have to reset everything when DSO forces a new download.
  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can prevent the game to "force redownload" again. ;P
    My client has not force-downloaded in years.
    You can prevent it in two ways ...
    1. Easiest way to do it is by always launching the game in the browser. I have several alt accounts that I collect dailies for, every day. I do that in browser because I have them passwords saved (another client flaw). Once the game is launched in browser the game is modifying the setting which requires "Forced Re-download" when new version available ... and all other settings are being left untouched.
    This way I can see if the game version is changed without letting the game destroy my old files (that is why my DSO Folder is over 20 GB in size) .
    Then I can log off and switch to client ... the client will display the message "you are good to go without downloading new files" ... and you can play without worries about lost settings.
    You only need to launch the game in browser for a few seconds and then switch to client.

    2. I haven't tested this second method but I guess it would work.
    Open the "gamemanifest.xml" file and change the
    Open the "status.xmll" file and set the values
    to 1.

    But the easiest way is launching the game for a few seconds in browser. ;)
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2023
  8. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    So it has been a while since I ran it in a browser. I had to upgrade to Windows 10 and it really doesn't like IE 11. Since I'm not a Firefox fan, I'd ignored the instructions/information on using that instead. But, intrigued, I thought I'd give it a go. I pulled up the instructions (and it is on the Wiki too) and followed along.

    I have confirmed I have the 32-bit version of Firefox 52.9 on a windows 10 64-bit OS. I installed Java and confirmed it is also 32-bit. I configured Java and added the various pages needed.

    I then tried to install the ad blocker to get past that pop up. That took some time. The current version of the recommended ad blocker only works with the latest version of Firefox. Since we need to use an older version of Firefox, I eventually found Adblock Plus version 3.12 here.

    That successfully stopped the pop up for the cookies but it seems that there is an issue with Java. I can get to the login page but when I click Play, it wants to download the client. I've copied and pasted the various URLs into Java's Exception Site List but no go on running the game.

    What browser/configuration are you using? I'd love to go back to a useful browser. The thin client is rather frustrating.

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