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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SilverDuchess, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. SilverDuchess

    SilverDuchess Forum Greenhorn

    I am unable to complete the misserable pile of bones quest. I click on the skeleton to deliver health potion (I assume it is taken from my inventory). But nothing happens
  2. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Forum Veteran

    You need to get a "Special" Health Potion. Kill all the monsters on the map as I believe one drops it. Either that or there is a special box it is in. I forget..... gettin' old I tell ya!
  3. SKyWiZ3R!

    SKyWiZ3R! Forum Greenhorn

    Put your health potions from your hotkey in your inventory and try again!
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  4. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Correct. Also there is a level prerequisite (I forget if it is 15 or 20.) You can take the quest as soon as you get to KH but need to be the right level, with potions in inventory, to complete it.

    Luck be with ye,
  5. SilverDuchess

    SilverDuchess Forum Greenhorn

    Thank you, that worked :D
  6. Erebus

    Erebus User

    Issue resolved, thank you all for your amazing support!, closing now. ;)
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