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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by doctormaz, Jan 8, 2021.

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  1. doctormaz

    doctormaz Forum Greenhorn

    we continue with the saga of Drakensag Bug Online (DBO) we focus for bugs on:
    1) runes of wisdom eg. with + 105% should you have + 105% wisdom dropped or + 105% value dropped? Runes of Wisdom do not currently increase collected Wisdom! Damage to all players who still remain playing DBO
    2) Jewel of Fury does not increase Critical Impact by 30%, only Attack Speed by 15% for 10 sec
    3) Since there is the expansion it is no longer possible to create pets of tamed enemies ... a manual would be needed that would be obtained at the quests of the first levels (already completed) [other damage to the game experience of the few survivors of DBO]
    All the bugs reported so far have not been fixed and perhaps not taken into consideration (have you fired the staff?)
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  2. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    1) There is no such rune, the top tier rune of wisdom seeker gives you +30%. Also, I think the description is pretty clear: "Ancient Wisdom Drop Stack Size".
    2) That's true, but the jewel is actually called Jewel of Rage.
    3) You will get the recipe from event quest.

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