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Discussion in 'Event Questions' started by -[-anemos-]-, Apr 14, 2021.

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  1. -[-anemos-]-

    -[-anemos-]- Forum Greenhorn

    hello, i have almost finish the event at painfull mode (45-50 maps clear) and daran dropped only one mount and one pet at my firsy run, and after that none. other players has 4-5 of each of them already. is the drop better at normal mode? can i do anything else to farm more mounts and pets?

    THOR_RAGNAROK_ODIN Someday Author

    Hello, surely the only thing they are going to answer you is a matter of luck and perseverance, as if the players did not have more important things to do in their lives outside the game.-

  3. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    I experienced the very same thing having a pet drop from Daran and a mount from lair map on my very first run. Others I know have had the same experience. Also I had 2 event unique drops at the egg circle from one instance and nothing since.

    Thinking they set the hook early on for what never arrived down the road.
  4. -[-anemos-]-

    -[-anemos-]- Forum Greenhorn

    I thought that the drop rate was the same for all players, and then i saw at all chat that players was searching teamates for "fast farm for mounts and pets at normal". i pm them and their drop is INSANE. I believe that new accounts have far more better drop at anything, including the reward chests per 5 lvl, which of course i dont receive because my account is too old, as support said.
  5. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    The same. I got 1 pet from first run, then I ran only lairs and got 3 mounts in quick succession with drop rate around 25%. Since then, I ran 30+ lairs and no drop.

    Now, I understand why pay-to-win MMOs do these tricks but it's still a disgusting practice, one could say almost like false advertising. Of course new accounts have better drop, they need the player to get the taste before taking all away and hiding behind payment.

    Also, on an unrelated note, I strongly believe that drop quality isn't fully random but that there are "streaks". The difference between having a lucky streak or not is so huge that it's almost impossible to be accounted for with randomness. For example, during lucky streak when farming runes Temple Sector, I drop 2+ runes per run, and almost 50% of them green (merciless). When not in a lucky streak, 1 white rune in 3-4 rounds is common. Also interesting in a lucky streak is its consistency where it can go on for an hour or several hours.

    My guess is that the PRNG the game uses isn't neutral and therefore affected by many biases. Intentional? Or not? Who knows...
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  6. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Commissioner

    it is completely random
    there is who drops a lot and who nothing
    It's the law of random in this game ;)
    after three events I have completed the mounts, but the pets not
    In this edition of the event they gave the boss the ability to release a mount and a pet on the first kill.
  7. -[-anemos-]-

    -[-anemos-]- Forum Greenhorn

    well, i ve never purcase anything with real money in this game, so i shouldnt complain. however, im glad that i now have the knowledge about the drop rates. i have also experienced this lucky strike my self, when i got 5 runes in a single hour. only once tho.
  8. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Last year I got ONE egg. This year I got ONE egg. I still only have ONE egg.

    Yes, I got the SAME egg TWICE.

    This is the horror of DSO random hate-a-rater.

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