Multiple Problems With Tegan Server In Last Week

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by phenyxrogue, Sep 3, 2020.

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  1. phenyxrogue

    phenyxrogue Forum Greenhorn

    So my boyfriend and I had been having some problems lately. We are both on Tegan server. He had a problem were he would highlight enemies, but instead of being able to fire at them, he just runs toward them, his skill keys work for attacks, but no firing single shot at highlighted enemies. I was having a problem were occasionally I would open a 5 key chest or harvest a plant, while in group with him, then after doing so it was no longer there for him to open or harvest. Today, since around 6:30 AM (it's 10:00 AM now) neither of us can log onto Tegan server on either of our computers even though we were playing as recently as yesterday. Also, I on a somewhat regular basis have had a problem for quite some time now where when I am in a group I sometimes cannot open the pw boss chest after a boss kill. Please fix all these problems so I can start enjoying the game again without issues.
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Baron

    What a smorgasbord of issues. :D
    Just curious, does he use only Left click to use his basic attack, or does he use Shift+Left click? Because if you want to force a basic attack, the best way to do it is the latter option.

    Never encountered this issue before, so can't comment on it.


    My guess is that you may have missed a step in the automatic PW quest that you get as soon as you enter the map. Easiest example I can think of is Q3 M1, where if Person A has picked up only several of the quest objects, but Person B has already picked up 10/10, proceeds to kill the Miller and move on to the second map. Person A is not going to be able to finish the quest at the end as a result, and thus will not receive the PW chest. Always track your PW quest progress as you go thru the map to ensure you don't miss something.

    It's unfortunate the questing system in DSO doesn't let you share progress like in other games, where progress for Person A will automatically match the progress for Person B.

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