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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by piteris2, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I’ll keep this short because I know a lot of you here are super busy.

    I started playing some DSO again a few days ago and literally not a week has passed and already I’m bored to death. The sad truth is that participating in this forum has now become more interesting and enjoyable than playing the actual game. Well done BP, great job there. On the other hand, I think I’m getting a lot more joy and happiness from verbally wrecking BP and seeing the consequences of their actions first hand on this forum. Over the years that I’ve played DSO, I have to honestly say that this forum and the meaningful discussion we reasonable people have had has impacted me positively much more than the actual game has. And now it brings tears of joy to my eyes when I see everyone turning against BP because it means we’ve finally woken up, collectively.

    The only reason I won’t quit DSO again is because of this forum, and that’s the only reason. BP should be ashamed of themselves for screwing us all over and straight up mocking us for years, with their so-called “updates” and “new content”. This game had so much potential.

    I’m so glad that when I come onto this forum I’m actually speaking with reasonable intelligent humans who can clearly see what has become of this game and who is to blame. So thank you everyone on this forum for making this game continue because without you it would be completely dead.
    Signing out.
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Let me tell you why I get bored in Drakensang. I think there are more reasons, but one of them surely is the fact that every time I enter a dungeon, it's the same thing. It wouldn't be an issue if the game was an adventure game where you only get to visit the same one place once or twice, but this is an online ARPG built around the idea that the player has to enter the same locations a million times.
    This starts already while leveling up. You're sent to the same dungeon multiple times, and this grows until in the PW and events that require hundreds of runs. And that's what's boring to me.

    Some (A)RPGs deal with this by introducing randomly generated dungeons. The rooms have a different layout and interactive objects spawn at different locations. Drakensang only has slightly randomized locations of treasure chests and crafting ingredients.
    I get that many of DSO's dungeon areas are not simple rooms that could be shuffled. But still there are some locations that literally beg to get randomized: Deeps of Demise & Secret Lairs.
    On top of that, why not add entrances to randomly generated sub-dungeons to the existing dungeons? So for example, PW Stonekeep could still remain the same map forever, but there might be one or two entrances to crypts with random layouts. This would not mess up the design of the map, and there would be more to explore.

    That is just one reason why I'm getting bored in DSO. But there's more that could be made less dull.

    The fact that you're enjoying the forum more that the game, is a serious problem for the game : D
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  3. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    Yeah exactly like it is in poe. Copypasta but definitely good copypasta. This should be added long time ago and some extra loot from random dungeons. As parallel world is based on existing areas my proposition would be to implement layout of some map in same region as a "random" generated dungeon with random shuffle of monsters spawn ground. Entrance to map would appear in one of couple places on the parallel map so randomness doesn't mess things up. Those "random" maps would have +100% lucky hours style lootrate and defeating map boss (spawns when all monsters are vanished - same as for regionals) would be guaranteed rune loot. In addition sentinels chest that appears could give any sort of rune not only wisdom one + sth like 10x chance to generate gold and 20x platinum lines on items from it (i guess impossible to make it guaranteed so just huge occurance boost). That's my proposition.
  4. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    I feel like they really messed up when they removed enchantments and gems from PvP because there is no longer any motivation to farm much and craft perfect uniques now. Some people say farming is the endgame but that doesn’t really cut it for me. Why would I spend all this time farming and PvE-ing just so I can do more farming as a result? Now anyone can just get to level 55 and use any old items in PvP with good base stats without putting any effort into the game. This really broke the game for me, among other things.
  5. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    What I read above is all true.

    Another fact that makes things so boring is the stupidity of the enemies, the mechanical nature of their behavior, the total absence of an artificial-like intelligence that could add any sense of challenge. It seems to face hordes of zombies from Romero's first films, with the fun that follows in the long run. The only objective of the developers is to slow you down, and this is understandable, but it cannot always and only be done 1) increasing the number of monsters 2) making them stronger 3) nerfing the characters, even if this has not happened for a while of time.

    One reason that instead discourages new players is the difficulty in obtaining good equipment, due to having removed the shops - and this is also understandable - together with how hard it is to find good enchantments at the low modalities they can afford, how difficult it is to combine them in a decent legendary because of the obsolete logic that rules the crafting, and how expensive it is to pass them onto an unique of good level (if they can ever find it).

    The coup de grace to this shack is, as written elsewhere not only by me, that events have become an exclusive for people who do not have a life in the real world. Even in the case of paying 50 euros to make things shorter, in the end you can only save a few hours but not avoid the torment. Time ago the events could be completed in an afternoon, and it was wrong, but now they are at the other extreme, where you should plan your days and your commitments according to the game requirements. Lol.

    A big mistake of developers is not having understood, or being unable to satisfy, the fact that we are in 2020, and the expectations of the players are growing day by day: they ask for a smarter challenge, a higher variety, a better interactivity and all them can't be postponed forever.

    The exact same words I wrote in a post on the Italian section, in which I interact from time to time (less and less often). My involution towards this game is the same as yours: in the end you stop on the forum because you are sorry that things are going like this, because you want to understand if your point of view is shared by others, because you want to express your sense of frustration (exaggerated word) even being conscious that this is and remains only a simple pastime.

    Then you realize that everything you say is totally useless and unheard ... and you stop having interest even towards the forum.
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  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I quit playing the game quite a while back because of all the nerfs and the pointless mind numbing grind for lousy rewards just isn't worth the time or the effort.

    Now I limit any DSO time to checking the forum every 4 to 6 weeks hoping to see that new developers were hired or that the game was sold to an actual gaming company.

    Since they went completely out of their way to merge all the forums together, even logging in is just about more effort than it is worth.
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    JEKAJE Junior Expert

    I haven’t played this game in half a year and even a long time before that I was just fooling around with my brother, trying to squeeze the last drops of fun from this game. Personally, I enjoyed this game the most when I had a sense of achievement and progress that accompanied me throughout my playtime. And that may have been because I was younger, interested in different things than right now or maybe the game was way different than it is now. Also, there may be one major factor and that is that I have never really played this game too much or even non-stop. I had many breaks throughout my time with the game, whether long or short ones. I have also never taken this game very seriously nor have I wanted to pay for it. I and my brother were building our characters together throughout approximately 4 years, and looking at the game right now, I can say that there is something missing compared to the past. The sense of progress and achievement, the feeling of finishing a dungeon a few times and already see some results are gone. Now it is about meaningless grinding of the same maps again and again, the various difficulties are still the same maps, the same enemies, the same patterns and the same AI. I can’t even put most of my farmed gear to use in PVP because of the current system. There is no goal, nothing to look forward to and no new content to explore. There is no gear variety as well, because why would I use something that just looks cool instead of something that actually shows some results while playing. And my biggest gripe is that there is actually a huge difference between the players’ stats. This creates another problem. I think that the average damage now is about 35k right? I can’t even imagine how much time new players must sacrifice to grind to get to that number. How many same maps they have to finish again and again. And on top of all that they pushed the boundaries again, they again raised the difficulty and HP and damage of enemies and all that fun stuff. Great that they had removed the boss unique gear merchants but they kind of forgot to raise the drop rates like Daenerys kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet. But hey, maybe my sight is just clouded by nostalgia and good memories of this game and maybe it has always been like this. Never mind. Is it just me or does it look like BP is wrapping up anyways though? The merging of the forums, rise in difficulty to at least occupy the player with something, the latest events have been meh as well from what I read and the new cloaks too. It seems they focus mainly to get as much income for the least work possible and they try to save resources too. Some people even say that the events are unfinishable for people with lower stats or at least very unfair and some say that they don’t have bad characters, they would just have to sacrifice a disgusting amount of time to finish it. The last time I actually had fun with this game was after patch 220 (I think, it was the one that made the golden lines drop more frequently), we returned to the game after a long break, ran some dungeons, farmed or crafted some golden lines, bought unique gear from the then still active merchants and then transferred it but most importantly we had fun doing it because it wasn’t time-consuming or repetitive and we saw the results and the progress almost immediately. But that patch was just a bright drop in a sea of darkness, because even before that patch we had not been really playing and since after the enthusiasm and joy caused by it went away again it has been worse and worse.

    EDIT: Okay so it definitely wasn't the patch 220 but some way before that :D
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