Mythic level uniques

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well I would atleast consider these on mythic level for what they do to classes.

    First up DKs :D
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and then about a week later I made 2 more pieces for dks

    This set I made really would close the gap between q4 and q7 dks and cause hours of discussions.

    Next up Rangers, I really enjoyed what I did here, as it makes rangers the ninjas they are supposed to be :D
    also would like to know what @trakilaki would think of these :D
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Not going to post the weapon for rangers as it was no good xD
    On to mages then :3
    bear in mind I made these and basically they act as skill amplifiers, and mages will be pretty OP with them
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I did make a typo on that staff xD

    You know what happened?
    During xmas event I saw a mec using iron dwarf when running through the ice towers
    So I looked and it just got me thinking why so few mecs use iron dwarf?
    Well they only do 120% base per hit and thanks for an awesome wiki Traki
    got me into making these awesome pouldrons xD but torso first ofc and then the weapon

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So there you have it xD
    Lemme know what you think :D
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  2. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    Hi, @Phyrix! You didn't ask me, but I like the SW items! I would use them, definitely. As for Rangers, I guess the weapon is that of 50% concentration reduction? If so, that was a good idea to not post it, but as creative as you are, you could post another one.

    That being said, I started playing as DK recently, and the major flaw I see, as you pointed before was its armor break skill, if only ground breaker could armor break too, at least at 20%, like scatter shot, it would help to improve DK's performance. Well, I'm a noob DK atm, so I don't know as much as others in that matter.

    What I want to say is that you should work on other skills too, not only on smash. What about 2 spins of bloody/might wild swing everytime it is activated, dealing, idk, 25%-50% additional base damage as physical damage? Idk be creative.
  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    xD you shoulda made that dk on HEREDUR :D
    Anyways I currently dont want to touch mws or bws because I believe they should not be cooldown powered skills but instead frame based skills. bws coming in as a 15 frame skill and mws coming in as a 20 frame skill <- therefore I do not wish to touch them
    Added you didnt quite look at the first torso then, see thing is gushing woulds would be considered as immediate bleeds, therefore bleed damage mws heck any attack should deal a insta bleed at 25% of your base, now those gushing wounds do not sound like much, however
    you do lets say for example groundbreaker, each hit foe would receive an additional 25% dmg which could also crit if they were hit by a crit.
    so lets say a q7 dk does 6 smashes a second and 4 of those 6 smashes did crit there would be 4 hits that did 25% additional gushing wound damage each which then ads 100% of your base per second.
    As for the set, yes I did focus on smash and rage attack as those would automatically have 50% higher bleed for q4 users so in other words smash would do 450% of your base in bleed over 3 seconds coming in as additional 150% of your base per second.
    and ofc since q4 does more dmg during bleed all smashes will be at 290% of your base, since rage attack causes bleed too now :D
    so I had my reasons for making those :D
    Anyways I am in the process of trying to convince someone over at bp to give dks a spin to win skill, picture this a dk swinging 360 degrees with his weapon in hand the spin dealing 350% of his base damage :D <- that would have to be a 20 frame skill ofc.
    anyways if they removed the skill cooldowns on mws and bws dks would be much more efficient, added they also need this since any class can spam potions both hp and resources any time they like.
    I guess those gushing wounds should be named as bleed physical damage, added q4 users would then benefit an additional 37.5% of their base per hit xD
  4. blackassam

    blackassam Forum Expert

    There are plenty of other items that deserve to be remodeled for which it is absolutely necessary. Grimmag's robes, but he's not one of them.
  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Thats not a rework...
    the icon is just a placeholder but that is a totally different item
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Deadly Blow dealing damage over time? :rolleyes:
    How many targets can you hit with DB? Only one.
    What is DB used for?
    It is used to replenish concentration and heal. How can you deal damage over time on a dead monster?
    DB needs tanking as well ... rangers are the only class who can't tank because they can't heal and have no taunting guardian :D
  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    and you skip db giving you cdr
    you also fail to think on how rangers were meant to be played, iow weakening dmg from a range then coming in for the kill, I took these things into consideration when designing those items
    Look, ik ea is OP and a highly used skill by rangers, however db can work really good for you on mini bosses and timed at bosses
    let me show you why db with 150% dot is good
    fristly you do 260% base on marked enemies
    additional 50% base puts db on 310% base and it causes cooldown while filling conc with the pouldrons added ofc
    EDIT xD wait wouldnt the poison dmg be double on marked too? so thats 100% additional base per sec
    Anyways no one is asking you to tank, just get close cause some cdr some dot and some filling and you can continue with your onslaught of the boss or mini or whatever
    if you do need to be a bit more tanky for that then imagine what dks need xD
    I am going to quote your wrtitten words on the wiki quick
    "Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also adept at melee. Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow. "
    This was my aim with these uniques, I know and understand that it is totally different atm, rangers mages mes everything just a mix but still, it was my wish to amplify your melee.
    Think about it, you have cdr with db with these 2 pieces and then you can use adrenalin how often while the enemy is poisoned and weakened?
    You will be a whisking ninja on the battleground while being able to push 12 explosive arrows, when youre further away.

    Anyways heres something that is worth looking at xD I had this in mind for a time now but just finalized it.

    See where I am going with this build?
    I used ghost bow base and gave you conc reduction but its only conditional and at the cost of 10% attack speed.
    But now think about this
    You use those 3 items you can summon wild pack and they can distract the enemy, while enemy is distracted you go in with db and cdr all skills including adrenalin so you can escape and wild pack itself too so you can go in for another attack. and so it goes attack weave attack and very high base per second
    db at 260% base per attack = 1040% base per sec +100% makes it 1140 and the bear bites at 200% base per bite = 600
    which = 1740% base per second when in melee mode alone, now throw in ea and what do you get?
    Man this build sounds so good I friggin will want to make a ranger just for that xD
    Edit nr 555:
    now imagine ghost jewels and quiver with this and the amplified hp jewel
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  8. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    ranger was designed as the second tank of the game, to substitute DKs when they needed to heal themselves, actually is the worst class to tank: mages and dwarves can taunt, and have better defensive skills, rangers not: they have only damage, atm ranger's gameplay is "kill before die" this is why we have double break-armour (both without any CD), and skills as adrenaline, deadly blow and thorns.

    no: it deals 80%, *2 against marked enemies is 160% the highest dmg for a skill with 0 CD and 0 mana of every class; it becomes 96/192% with q3 helmet, reaching the same dps of DKs (with the last speedbreak: smash: 240 * 4 = 960%, DB: 192 * 5 = 960%) so it doesn't need any dmg improvement.

    why? it doesn't happen on blade dance's bleeding, why here?

    not, but to can fight melee without 1-hit by exaggerated dmg some minibosses and bosses have (as DK I think you understand what I mean).

    Same for me, but not sure this is a good idea: I'd like to see improvements on our weakest and "useless" skills, not the just OP 4 skills we have, the other 10 need improvements, not these 4 (DB, adrenaline, thorns and EA).

    Imo it should be switched to a longbow with same dmg of other weapons, not this; btw the cost isn't 10% speed, but 0,1, which will be amplified a lot by wisdom, runes and enchantments.

    How? they can't taunt, and even if they can they have almost 0 hp to stay alive; problem on wild pack is that the wolves/tree have their own stupid defensive stats instead of inheriting a % from the char, like dwarves turrets do: this is what we need to make them useful in any mode without making them too op for newbies or useless for the strongest.

    endgame rangers already have adrenaline active almost all the time (5 secs every 7,5) and it's a problem if you reduce it too much because it's bugged: if you activate it while it's still active (during second chance's buff, dwarves in group) you don't refill concentration, before is important to correct this, then we can talk.

    rangers have at least the second if not the first dps, but it is only for 1-2 seconds, they need something to be more constant during time, not to improve this burst dmg.

    Btw, you have very nice imagination, thank you a lot for this:)
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    ok well there I advised the wiki as i do not have a ranger
    but you seemed to miss a lot about the item I made let me show you
    you scroll right up to the top I combined the effects of this weapon with the torso and pouldrons
    I assumed the rule would be double for poison, apologies if I was wrong xD
    I am aware of that but in essence its 10% less from 1.00
    the fact that conc cost reduction only happens during wild pack
    yup and they ask why dks cry xD
    but this is exactly why I put cdr from db on those pouldrons
    constant adrenaline and constant wild pack
    and just to appease you I will throw in gloves quick and show you what it does.
    I am aware wild pack has low hp and if you did read the unique value of the bow you would see the bears has 50% of your hp and 200% of your base dmg.
    So now, wild pack has 200% base with these items
    It has 50% of your base hp
    wild pack now also taunts enemies for 5 seconds
    db cooldowns all skills including those weak ones
    db also does dot
    this combined with 3 dragan parts, the effects of some rings belt etc, and you have an insane dps build focusing on melee more than ranged whether it is blade dance you throw at the monster or whether it is db is all up to you but you have 5 seconds to cdr a lot of skills with those pouldrons while doing dot
  10. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    I know these effects are good (especially shoulders) but what I said is that we don't need improvements on our strongest skills because they are already op, but on other useless skills (my opinion).

    What traki tried to say you is that this DoT on DB could be very annoying: it's nice against bosses but in map? We NEED to kill mobs using DB and with this effect they can die from it and we can't heal and refill concentration anymore, it happens now with that stupid toxic aura:confused:

    Your items don't say what happens if you use the tree instead of the wolves:p then I prefer the taunt as an improvement of the tree (because it's very slow) and only it can taunt, not wolves, so it should be a rework of the skill.

    I'm waiting the new cloaks to see these special effects on the skills, as they promised:)
  11. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Seems like there is a bigger chance of the cloaks I made making it onto the scene, it looks like they abandoned cloaks after the first 2
    Am not sure if there was an official statement on this but ya cloaks coming in at this rate will be 3-4 annually
    Added afterwards they did add greeds end and the cloak of darkness so there might be hope
  12. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Pls stop making stupid ideas. BP will give this to game and what next? Adornment what increase crit dmg to x7?
  13. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count


    Anyways idk who you are but my max crit dmg idea would only be for a weapon, and secondly I wont make it broken by adding what? 40%
    My original 20% max crit dmg idea was for 6.00 and that was a 2 handed sword, so thats not broken at all, if you take base damage in consideration.
    Anyways, none of these items are broken in anyway except for the fact that it boosts certain other items.
    It does break the dependancy on Q7, they also make q4 a lot more viable for 3 classes.
    They enhance skills and amplify classes basic functioning in dso.
    I have to admit the sw pouldrons has bothered me a bit so here goes
    Not a single other item was too OP imo
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  14. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Realy? Don't you see there anything wrong? Now fireball with herold cape deal 150% dmg + your pauldrons that will be 263%. With q7 set this is too op
  15. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    And what class are you?
    Because firstly FS does 50% base and 332% base on explosion...
    Just a random question but do you know what % base per second each class can attain?
    Rangeers do 410% base per hit on EA
    however mostly players do not consider armor break
    the fast that armor break happens at 95% means that the monster or mini or boss has no resist against it whatsoever
    people rate ranger base dmg at 2000%? more or less but in actual fact its double that
    people do not consider that vortex reduces armor, people do not consider that the initiating skill to get q7 buff for mecs causes armor break
    And more than anything else eople do not take crit into consideration
    lets say they say you do 2500% base dps per second they are wrong because it is x5.00 which leads you to 12500% base and heck quess what, people do not consider armor break in this either doubling up by 95% comes in at 24k% base per second
    Now youre telling a dk, a non q7 wielding dk his items is too OP
    Dude did you even look at the effects and how they work?
  16. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Nope, I'm mage thats why I see this is too op. FS is slow with good dmg, fireball is fast with less dmg and why you want change this?
  17. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Fireball can be 500 times faster if you wanted it does not change the fact that fireball is a 20 frame skill
    Assuming you know how breakpoints works
    it does not matter if the travel speed is the same even beause you can fire just as many fireballs as you can push fs in the same time frame
    As you can see in this thread.
    Thus for that given reason for fireball to have remotely higher dps than fs it would then need to be a 15 frame skill too, which its not.
    But let me explain a bit clearer
    you need 3.6364 attack speed and at that speed you can do 4 fireballs a second and 4 fs a second.
    In any case 90% of mages would opt for the fs staff, thus in doing so yes they have more dmg on fs but still not the broken speed of the bloodrune weapon
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  18. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    I'm not talking about the shot speed but the speed of the skill itself. You can shot 4 fireballs and 4 frozen spheres ok, but that fireballs come to the target faster than fs + cost less than fs
  19. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    as if cost mattered nowadays with potions and tonics and physics the way they are, as if costs mattered considering how we get 3x xmas jewels in 1 xmas now.
    what im saying is that even if you get it to the target 20 times faster, you can still do it only 4 times a second
  20. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Most of these uniques should never be considered "mythic" simply because they are weak and on par with regional sets.

    All items with dots don't matter since dots don't stack (and for long dots, it's even worse).

    DK uniques:
    - Weapon is super weak.
    - It's on par (or even slightly weaker) with current Q4 due to rng and requiring DKs to reach 3.636 on top of that.​
    - Torso has a dot effect which are memes in DSO.
    - Pauldrons could be useful if haste buff was at least 5s.
    - 2nd pauldrons have a dot effect which are memes in DSO.
    - 2nd torso has a dot effect which are memes in DSO.

    SW uniques:
    - That grimmag torso is so bad its insane.
    - You hit with 1 fireball, it deals 50% per second and then every fireball during these 3 seconds deals 0 damage (since dots dont refresh, they can ONLY be reapplied when 1 dot of this type is GONE).​
    - Pauldrons are decent.
    - They add 12.5% dps increase for fireball (but fireball with 216% is and forever will be a meme in a world where FS or LS exist)​
    - Sigris staff is beyond broken.
    - 100% of base damage on every sphere is basically another free sphere (420%, sphere is 410%) per second increasing your dps by 25%.
    - This weapon single (or double) handedly makes BM look like SW Q7 in comparison to BM.​

    SM uniques:
    - Torso has a dot effect which are memes in DSO.
    - Pauldrons have Iron (meme) dwarf still will be useless even with that increase.
    - You can use 200% (on triple damage) attack once per second which is 600% dps while SM during Q7 can use heavy shot 5.13 times per second which is 2 054% dps (without death AoE from talent).

    2054% > 600%​
    - Weapon would be weaker even if it would DOUBLE the number of projectiles (creating 2 MAIN projectiles aka from 3 to 6) and I assume that's not even what you thought.

    Idk how you managed to screw every number but ...
    FS does 60% base and 200/350% (idk what you think the "base" is, non-talented or talented but neither is 332%) on explosion
    EA does 375% (unmarked) or 500% (marked) base per hit

    And that's simply because everybody has the same caps when it comes to that which means that only skill percentages make any difference.

    Armor break reduces boss' mitigation by 85% but that doesn't mean its mitigation drops to 5%.
    Mitigation requirements grow exponentially meaning 1 resistance is much more valuable when you have low amounts of it rather than when you have a lot.

    Boss' mitigation is a flat number the same as players' and that number is reduced by armor breaks.

    For pre R220 the exact numbers were as follow:

    Base boss resistances:
    Vulnerable: 80 x 80 x 0.5 x 1.5 = 4 800
    Neutral: 80 x 80 x 1 x 1.5 = 9 600
    Resistant: 80 x 80 x 2 x 1.5 = 19 200

    How to get mitigation % reduction:
    f(x) = x / [x + 6400] x 100%

    f(4800) = 4800 / [4800 + 6400) x 100%
    f(4800) = 42,85%
    f(9600) = 9600 / [9600 + 6400] x 100%
    f(9600) = 60%
    f(19200) = 19200 / [19200 + 6400] x 100%
    f(19200) = 75%

    Now let's reduce them by 85%:
    4800 x 0.15 = 720
    9600 x 0.15 = 1 440
    19200 x 0.15 = 2 880

    f(720) = 720 / [720 + 6400] x 100%
    f(720) = 10.11%
    f(1440) = x / [x + 6400] x 100%
    f(1440) = 18.36%
    f(2880) = x / [x + 6400] x 100%
    f(2880) = 31.03%
    As you can see the difference between 720 and 2880 (2 160‬) resistances is almost 21% while difference between 4800 and 9600 (4 800) is almost 17%.

    Not only the resistance increase is much bigger (2640 more) but the % mitigation you gain from that increase is 4% lower.
    Numbers are slightly different now since they added "increased mitigation" with their "phases" added in R220 but the increase doesn't matter at all since it doesn't change the way resistances work but only the exact numbers.

    Sadly can't provide numbers for armor but it works exactly like that as well (armor should have the same reduction as "neutral" resistances).

    RA max base dps is 500% x 4.2 = 2130% (with adamant magma) and 500% x 4.2 x 1.3 = 2 769‬% with Q7.

    Then max RA dps is:

    Non crit: 2 769% x 2,041 = 5 651%
    Crit: 2 769% * 5 x 2,041 = 28 258%
    Total: (80 x 28 258% + 20 x 5 651%) / 100 = 23 737%

    Sure we can consider crit and armor breaks but what's the point?

    DK total dps: DK %dps * crit * armor break
    SW total dps: SW %dps * crit * armor break
    RA total dps: RA %dps * crit * armor break
    SM total dps: SM %dps * crit * armor break

    Every (major) armor break is 85%.
    Every player has x5 crit dmg with 80% crit chance cap.

    You can (and should to avoid huge numbers for convenience) just cut it out from the equation.
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