Mythic level uniques

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phyrix, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    for single target; 250% AoE.

    why? That cloak gives only burning effect on EA if I don't miss something, so 2030%. or not?
    Sorry but where did you take this "2,041"?
    no: SS is -20% and bombs are -10% * 5; they are different and stack with others, if the enemy hasn't any %armour empowerment (like often happens on minibosses and always bosses) armour becomes negative and you deal higher damage than you have (tested).
  2. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    yeah, and since most people care about boss dps (cause mobs are not an issue 99% of the time especially for AoE skills.

    2100% without, 2130% with adamant magma.

    It's armor break. From 40% of your damage dealt (60% boss mitigation) to 81,64% of your damage dealt (18,36% boss mitigation).

    81,64% / 40% = 2,041‬

    Great that scatter and bombs exist but EA + Asar or Rocket + Asar reduce armor by more than 100% and that's enough.
    Negative armor is already reported and confirmed as a bug and I ignored it for that exact reason.
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  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Which is why @Slabutul9 aka Proto is busy petitioning that bleed refreshes and stacks when you apply it again
    If you go a few weeks back you will see I have been looking at builds from other ARPGS and DOT is insanely good
    come back to dso and no we dont do 6600% base per second for 15 minutes without touching a boss
    If you take that into consideration then, yes that torso is OP
    Ofc when a person petitions for dot from bleed to stack and refresh, other dots would be included such as burn, cold, poison.
    I know that its not in game but I have always felt like electric attacks should have dot too
    It was easier to revert to the wiki than to go through our arguments wiki is outdated ofc but its a good indication
    Anyways as for that staff for mages no just no
    the second explosion only does 100% of your base damage its not a second sphere, it is just a second minor explosion
    I wanted to call it an implosion instead but took into consideration that it might be hard to make and even understand

    Anyways just randomly between everything else
    if dot did stack you would get a max of 16 stacks dealing up to 800% of your base per second in burn

    The point is that, that armor break is included in their spam skill
    Quickly just for arguments sake imagine fs and smash did the same
    What do you get?
    its only an option, mecs have the ability to last longer and they can get away from a lot of bad things and pack a punch while doing so
    its not made to replace anything other than creat skills diversity and I am certain many mecs will use it
    secondly I did not know the punch only happens once per second but it would come in at 360% base per punch

    Also I dont think they can use heavy shot 5.13 times per second
    it might look like that from the triple shot, however heavyshot is a 33 frame skill
    in other words even if q7 reduces its frames by 50% it would be a 16.5 frame skill in other words at over 3.437 attack speed they would do 4 hs per second
    however now this weapon shoots 2x and hs remains a 33 frame skill, except if you plan a build with that chameleon cloak I made, then the numbers change because you can craft the grenade protector to the cloak and that would increase hs speed by 16%
    Which would make it a 27.5 frame skill
    which could push a mec to shoot 3x triple shots per second <- didnt calc and I could be wrong
    However remember if you take the chameleon cloak into consideration then that weapon ofc on the other hand could be crafted to that cloak which would double the dps of hs during q7 and just have cooldown free hs outside of q7 buff and double shot xD
    and ofc once again if you take my dot plans into consideration the torso for mecs is once again pretty potent and not useless at all
  4. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    You misunderstood - I meant 4 spheres is another free sphere IN TOTAL (4 x [60 + 350 + 100] not as 4 x [60 + 350 + 350]).
    Still beyond broken considering they add these uniques but not stacking dots.
    These uniques would be barely used and only temporarily which doesn't achieve your goal.

    Still 1/3 of what SMs do normally now.
  5. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    And sometimes (often to some bosses) some mobs intercept the attack so bosses are affected by the AoE dmg and not the direct hit.
    ok… then why not 2000% 4 EA * 500%, or with the last speedbreak they aren't 4 but 4.2 as you wrote? Then we always forget the burning effect on net (q7 gloves) which is another 33% to add.
    Ok I thought that I wanted to be sure, thank you, but these are old numbers they are now a bit different since r220, I calculated them (still approximated, I need other tests) now armour value is around 11250 (63-64%) during the first phase, higher in the second and third.

    BTW, maybe I am too rigid but I don't think it's correct to evaluate break-armour in this way because it modifies mitigation not the base dmg of the skills: our output dmg is always the same, armour and resistances are external factors that don't depend on us; to me is better to calculate our output damage as they have 0 arm/res and then consider the mitigation, which is different (minibosses have higher armour than bosses, not calculated sentinels).
    False because if you consider minibosses and sentinels asar's pet doesn't work (maybe on sentinels yes, I haven't tried), and if you consider bosses the break-armour works only during the second phase when they get an armour empowerment as I said before, so you won't reach the 100% reduction: they get something like +30% and you first remove this buff and then you break the armour: -85% (skills) -18% (asar) +30% (boss' buff) = -73% so you need them and it isn't enough to reach -100%, only in groups you can that.

    Sorry to say this but I think you have to correct your numbers.
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you blaming on DSO Wiki for your shortcomings? :)
    Some articles are outdated but most of them are not, and we are giving our best to find spare time and update the old ones. That is only how much we can do considering the huge team of one person and few helpers now and then.
    You are frequently using it but you yourself, have never found a time to contribute there :)

    My words?
    Are you a psychic or something. How do you know those are my words? Have you checked your facts?
    As you can see ... those are not my words. In fact I believe that text was the background on rangers from the old website (the one that was gazillion times better than the new one) on which a lot of useful info and miscs could be found.
    But that predates your time by centuries ... you couldn't have known there was a cool DSO home page in the past.
    Please don't show me ... you haven't explored fully even the DK class you are playing let alone the ranger class for which you are ignorant as much as you can be.
    One does not use DB to deal damage over time.
    That bow is new kind of bow ... it is not a shortbow, it is not a longbow and it is not a hoaxbow. What is it?
    Those grizzly teddy bears are one example you need a proper playing experience XD
    "50% of your HP" ... in example the Wooded Wraith is being killed in one hit without even being properly summoned. Do you know how much HP the Wooded Wraith has? :D
    Therefore you unique enchantment is 0 - NULL - void XD
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  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    which would explain why my rs looks so damn fast atm
    well not all of them could be as good as the others
    that is how it has been for all classes and is even now
    but these items arent finalized and written in stone
    as an example
    or this
    I mean I would rather be helped to make these items viable and not broken more than anything else
    You are very right, and I could have and at times wanted to contribute there.
    I do not blame you for having a life, as you said most of it is up to date.
    And apologies i did not mean any offense towards you btw
    What do you think of that bow?
    Sorry didnt see the last bit
    Funny story about that bow huh
    then would you say 100% of your hp is enough?
    No I do not know how much hp the wraith has xD
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  8. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Net has much less uptime than EA burn which is why i didnt include it.
    Which is EXACTLY why im ignoring it - explain that to mr. phyrix over there.

    you never listen, do you? I already explained to you almost half a year ago that 2.3 attack speed is not 2.3 RSs but it was more than 3 RSs per second and now you're shocked?

    Maybe before you try to design items you should try understanding the game.
  9. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    it has good hp (with 5p talent) but it looks like it has some problems with arm/res stats to die so fast even with the 5p. Another bug or intended? Idk anymore what is a bug and what not here:confused:
  10. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    lol not shocked
    However i was under the impression that im doing 4 rs per second on 3.333
    being wrong is not a sin xD
    Assumptions is the mother of?
    so its cool
  11. kankerkanker2

    kankerkanker2 Forum Apprentice

    Hey, maybe i am out of place to say all this but i have been watching this thread for a while and, i really like the fact that Someone is coming up with ideas to make the game more fun. please do not stop doing that! even of your idea is incomplete or if some people think it is trash, don't let it affect you! use it to refine your ideas. We need more amazing people like Phyrix that put so much effort into trying to save this game for us. Love you dude, even though you are kind of a troll. I still LOVE YOU!!

  12. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Tyvm xD
    I think I have learned to take the criticism and learned to adapt the items xD
    I know, look I know its OP okay
    It really is, but my head gets really creative at these hours
    So it hit me
    I know the consequences of this item for most classes
    You will say it is OP
    I dont care
    I love these friggin gloves!!!
    I tried to think of a negative effect such as moving resets the buff or non crits resets it or lowers the stack by one
    After thinking about it for 30 minutes I just decided bugger the negatives
    I want these gloves
    Not to make q4 equal to q7
    These gloves, they make the idea about the game exciting
    think about it, q7 rangers would opt for bloodrune
    q4 dks would get a boost
    mages would finally experience true power with fireball
    and so many classes can use this on so many skills
    So I made them like this -_-
    I dont care about the consequences -_-
    They are awesome -_-
    Plus anyways I did do some maths today
    if my items from this thread gets implemented and Protos idea for stacked and refreshing bleeding gets implemented without these gloves q7 will reach 2040% base while q4 would achieve 1760% base per second
    However with 5 attack per second being possible with these gloves
    lets see xD
    150*15 = 2250/3 = 750 + 1450 = 2200% base per second
    Q7 Beaten :D
    the 2250 is from the torso and q4 smashes combined
    You will be able to do banner every 10 seconds with these gloves ofc
    I dont see these gloves as being class locked so...
    Yes mages will do much more damage, rangers can break from q7 if they build high conc
    the wep from here combined with these gloves for mecs yes it would be OP
    Yes mages will be able to do 5 fs per second
    And hell yes rangers will be able to do 5 ea per second
    and 1h players when these gloves gets combined with ghost jewels on yellow level will get 250% increased damage and 5 hits per second on 20 frame skills
    @.RakshaRanja. I saved your breakpoint chart this time
    Hey @trakilaki
    I had a discussion with @Hetsunien
    He advised me on the unique modifier
    Since that other bow cannot so to speak be made real in this game
    I did something else
    I took a longbow and removed the crit from it and then because it has no crit I gave it the ghost bows' base
    I mean this would make sense because if a long bow had that level of damage, it cannot have that level of crit too.
    However this enables the long bow to have 20% conc reduction too. <- yes its a long bow
    So here goes xD
    And the answer is mythical level uniques have insane stats, and unique modifiers

    Well I am editing this so as to not triple reply on my replies but, I dont know if you have seen traki but more recently I was making a melee ranger and yes I agree, db actually needs lets say ie 5% hp regen per crit for rangers to make rangrs melee viable at all
    @trakilaki I would like your opinion on this
    I know you have played this game for a very very long time.
    And I see you as one of the master gurus in dso
    I believe you have been only an asset to bp and I feel like many older players have gotten negative with the direction this game has taken in many aspects.
    I hope that the CE will lighten your heart and well lets see what tomorrow brings.

    actually this is exactly what I was thinking, iow you now what herald cloak does with fireball
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