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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Mielisback, Oct 17, 2020.

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  1. Mielisback

    Mielisback Forum Greenhorn

    Nebula assertion

    Any idea, I can't log into my Heredur server due to this error. this error started happening after the maintenance from yesterday, I thought it might be gone right now but it still happens. any help? I don't know how to upload pictures as URL and the message doesnt let me copy paste.
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  2. RocheFelix

    RocheFelix Forum Apprentice

    Same shit happens to me. I can't log in not even browser because of this Nebula 3 error. Delete and re download client, java and flash player and nothing change. Today is 2 nd day event and I can't enter single moment because of this error. And it's makes me mad...
  3. Mielisback

    Mielisback Forum Greenhorn

    Same for me, yesterday and today are might be my only days to grind this event cuz of work and social related stuff next week and tomorrow. This makes me very mad and knowing Bigpoint they probably wont even compensate this stupid error. I also can't find any thread relating to this issue nor can I find any news about this maintenance, there just isn't enough communication about it, hence why I made this thread (first thread ever)
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  4. RocheFelix

    RocheFelix Forum Apprentice

    Yesterday I open qoutes and I post this error to support but there is no answers come back to me. I don't know what happen but probably I can't finish this event cuz of this error.
  5. Mielisback

    Mielisback Forum Greenhorn

    THey responded to me with this for help
    try it out
    Please clear your cookies, internet cache and your DSOClient temp folder. This has to be done manually - uninstalling or reinstalling the game will not remove this data.

    You can find the folder in...
    User > AppData > Local > Temp> DSOClient
    or... Start > Run/Search > write "%temp%" and press "ok" or "enter"> DSOClient folder opens

    Simply delete the Data and load the game (this will make loading slow for the first log in after clearing the file).

    If you still receive this error message after doing all the above, please uninstall the Thin Client and re-install it
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  6. RocheFelix

    RocheFelix Forum Apprentice

    Thank you so much. I'm gonna try it right now.
  7. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Advanced

    Is this the same as trying to log in and then a pop up says client is not available at the moment ?
    Client on this game is so broken.
    Give us access via browser ;
    1 Less lag
    2 Easier playability
    3 No downloads
    4 Can play anywhere with out this dumb client wanting to constantly download.
    My job takes me all over my country and this can be a distraction (ie stops me drinking so much after work) but this client makes this game so frustrating.

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