need random players in pvp not one player everytime

Discussion in 'PvP Players Wanted' started by yurio, Mar 18, 2019.

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  1. yurio

    yurio Forum Greenhorn

    hi i realy like pvp but i have a problem every time at night i played pvp t i faced players with higher rank ,that is not a problem but the real problem is i faced one player with higher rank for 10-15 repeatable times please i want to play random not with one player 15 times
  2. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Hmm... I would consider myself lucky if I could get 15 matches in a row against anyone ;)
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  3. yurio

    yurio Forum Greenhorn

    not 15 as i remmebr but i faced a certain player in row like 10 times and he is a higher rank what you do if you lose 10 repeated times
  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    That is why you always choose "Play x matches". Soon as you take the "Get x wins" you'll be matched with someone you can't beat... over and over and over again.
  5. Talbor

    Talbor Advanced

    Yep and that one seems to ALWAYS show first, at least for me, whenever clovers are in the daily so you'l spend Ander unless you're Premium/Deluxe. :)
  6. guardpaladin

    guardpaladin Forum Apprentice

    the problem is simple: at night the number of players online is very low, and the number of players who want to play PvP is really really low, so when you encounter someone and register again after the match ended he will likely will do the same, and you will face him again cause ther's no many other players registered.
    try playing during the day and you will face lot of players, or simply don't register again so fast after the match ended.
  7. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Yup, timing is everything. As well as having a guild.

    This morning, I had clovers and Me, 3 other guildies, and two other randoms all were doing PvP-1v1 for clovers. Took all of about 28 minutes to do 14 plays (2/4/8). *sings:* It was Rockin'. Never gonna stop. Gotta keep on rockin'. **

    Now, when I do it in the evening, it takes about 40 minutes to get the 14 plays. I'm on Agathon. So not really understanding people saying that there is nobody playing PvP. We all still getting the clovers for that 9 completed dailies at least a couple times a month.
  8. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    You keep getting the same players over and over because they are the only ones registered. BP destroyed PVP no one is bothering, all you have to do is look at the daily PVP LB to see that only a dozen or so are even playing pvp.
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  9. Ment4l

    Ment4l Forum Greenhorn

    I totally agree with you Cigar ,that is why i'm only playing PVP for DQ doesn't seem that fun anymore so i will keep PVE until PvP settles to an enjoyable/fun experience . 10 years later i might be still waiting :)
    And Cigar its soo nice to see your name again , you used to play on Tegan server and then you disappeared ,remember you in old grim luring nefertari and massacring rapid death miniboss :) woow those times were awesome . I just got such a melancholic vibe right now !!!On what server are you playing now days ? I miss playing with you.
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  10. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    PvP has been destroyed for a couple of years now, At 55 all you vs are grand marshals and marshals, At low level you are lucky to find a 1v1 with someone.
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  11. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    I am still there Mental never left been over 5 years now,, I talked to you few months ago... used that free name change the gave us years ago when players where whining that there was no female dwarf.. I am Runewolf I seldom bother to look at forum. They don't listen to what we have to say just a waste of time. They only listen to a select few on the test server.. not worth messing with forum.
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  12. Drabis777

    Drabis777 Forum Apprentice

    Yes it's very sad to see this, even asking in chat won't get any response. If only there was an AI matching generated within the game then it would me match easier to do so. Now we have to wait for that stupid PvP event.
  13. salotr

    salotr Junior Expert

    It's better to ignore pvp, to ignore pvp daily mission.

    Let them play with each other, they need to stay in the leaderboard otherwise they cannot satisfy their vanity.