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Discussion in 'Spellweavers' started by mocny090, Jul 24, 2021.

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  1. mocny090

    mocny090 Forum Apprentice

    Hi, I reach 100lvl today and I have few questions.

    Can someone send what are currently the best items for begginer mage. And what weapon is going to be the best 1h? Starlight is so useless with bloodmage.
  2. RantNRave

    RantNRave Someday Author

    quite a few weeks old. I'll post my input for SW.

    prior to anything you should have your crafting enchantments trasfer done by level 100. (make 30 legendary items in crafting).
    focusing your enchantments (Stripped from 140-145 gear) on any piece that high base % values in damage, crit, attack speed, health.

    your gear progression will be epic/legendary with the above type of enchants. (id prefer legendary since you can get 4 enchantment lines that can be fully trasnferred to the next piece, uniques are silly you can have 4 on them, but they come with only 3!). its very possible to wear legendary orange items for quite awhile. wearing base 105? progressing up to 130/140/145 stuff.

    next progression is world unique drops from any zone including PW zones. For spell weaver - cloak of heroes, master pauldrons, heredurs head, starlight, riddle offhand, remis' battle harness and lastly the 2 unqiues from desert, the wand and boots.

    next progression is PW zone uniques. Theres only so many options, sigrismarrs body and adornment. balor rings/regen rings. singularity neck or frost charge neck. crit gloves from ship graveyard, and the only unqiue belt in one of the zones.

    then the super rare stuff like lingering memory boots, or event items like zeal, or specific set bonuses (mind you its hard to get a set thats going to be 130/140 in level with good base %, without help). At this point as well you should be unlocking your uniques gem slots to 10, as normal gear cannot (limit 7/8).

    what i am curious about is other spellweavers who have a viable 3 piece blue set that is viable (instead of the 5 or 7 set types).

    i find there is more unique values helping an ice build, some for lightning, very few for fire. I prefer ice, but lightning builds are grossly strong as well for packs of mobs.

    p.s. starlight is hands down the best weapon imo, highest attack speed in the game afaik outside of desert wand. mine offers 1.5 attack speed buffed right. yes the damage sucks but in order to get the same attack speed attributes elsewhere, your sacking attack/crit damage from your rings/cloak/gloves (maybe adornment or offhand i cant remember any) as theres no other gear choices that gives attack speed.. atleast not nearly at a base of .450 like these 2 weapons have. Yes ill agree that its unique value for mana is completely useless on bloodmage.
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