New Classes in game?

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Naikon, Oct 21, 2019.

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  1. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn


    its a lot of time and years game have only 4 classes.

    Is GameOwners planning to add some new classes?

    i think its not crazy hard, and it will upgrade interest of game.
    and if add some, need not just +1 class... mb 2-3 atleast.

    Game have some Bacis classes like Hunter,Mage,Warrior, and than additional Dwarf Mech.
    but its a lot of basic classes they can add too. (healers will broke the game like Priests and Paladins, so we looking only for dps classes)

    1- ROGUE for example (some stealth style with daggers)
    2- mb DRUID? (but with out ressurection and tonns of heal for group, cos its disbalance mb) but some good skills and Beast Froms can be interesting.
    3- WARLOCK? with some dark magic and so one... mb with some skill to summon demon for short time like Rangers wolfs or trees
    4- SHAMAN probably can work too, with out big Heals too, just some DPS magic+melee class, with totems and other shamans things)

    its not hard to do some moves to new classes cos Game Industry already create all this classes and style of classes, we just need to balance a bit, and add....
    but tonns of years, no new things, that really add different things to game.

    5-Last patch we have changeble view of items and castomisation... ok its cool. but before patch "dye" (paint colors bottles) we can buy for Gold... now its only for 500 Undermants... ofc i understand that they Bait ppl to donate. But really.... its not good idea to make smth cost Undermants, that was free in previous patchs.

    6-some patchs ago they add Additional slots for Potions... cool , ok . but What the reason to make Health and Mana Balls view HALF? just some them a bit so sides and it will be full view, its more comfortable.... and its so simple and easy.. (and if it some DESIGN things, just give ppl choice, in settings, FULL with a bit to sides, or HALF like we have now).

    7-they add a lot of party things, skills, lvls and so one. ok-cool. But dont you understand that is a bit discomfort to loot items with CTRL in group, when ppl runnin and looting too? cos they Nicknames are became clickable, and you always click for nicks and Addplayer, deleteplayer and so one. Is it hard to Remove PlayerNickNames from CRTL button? and add it to another button, or just Settings choice, to Remove player Nickname when CTRL? too easy i think.... (and btw ppl add players and so one just from nicknames in chat, probably its near NO reason to have nicknames in CRTL)

    and so one and so one. tonns of simple things, but we dont have them.
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    What we need is a subclass system.

    Current classes are mixes of a few roles. For example, a DK can be a tank or a berserker.
    That's why every class should be able to evolve to a subclass (1 of 3) on lvl35 or so.
    Eg. a ranger could evolve to a sniper type, shaman type or a rogue type (names are up to discussion).
    A subclass would gain proficiency in skills related to their subclass (eg. sniper would deal more dmg with PS, shaman with wolves/tree, rogue with DB).
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  3. Pt12

    Pt12 Forum Greenhorn

    Or they can simple add a Spear type class , would love to see that xD
  4. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn

    mb yes.... but its a bit really different classes, to add to ranger a shamanStyle and so one)

    and probably for player, for example i play ONLY MELEE in all games, i dont like magic and distance class.
    i wanna play ROGUE, and if it will be Rogue Class, not subclass of ranger.
    ill be sure that event if some nerfs or balance things will add in game, i will still play on MY Class that i like, on rogue for example, and it will be never Ranged dmg class or will be removed as subclass and so one.

    Or if old players wanna play new class, that will be added TOO LATE to game, but they already Invest 6 years playing to old class. They can add smth like on Same Account, you can Move item to another character only once, for Undermants for example... they like when ppl wanna do smth for undermants))))

    Big Choice of classes is really great, and more interesting in groups and play.
    they can Add some different Specializations to all classes like Berserk or Tank, Fire mage or Frost, Sniper or Hunter with Pet too.

    but first of all, game need a good choice in classes, like in all 2019 online games, where ppl can play class thet is attractive to each player
  5. JohnWick

    JohnWick Advanced

    The game lacks a good skill tree, with that no new class is needed, you could create it yourself, it would not require creating new models of clothing or characters for designers, so money in the pocket for the company, just to think a good tree of skills that could be worth to make the pj you wanted, sure, if they put it in the forum type contest there would be many people who would create trees of fantastic abilities and even that could save
  6. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn

    the only reason why ppl say, no new class, just skill tree, is because they invest tonns of time to play game on tier class) and want smth new on teir class. But its not a same. and probably new Classes can be added with some new skill trees. But some classes are really different styles, and its not just build of some classes that we have.
    Ofc better to add it 5 years ago, but its ok to add sometime, instead never.
    And adding new class is way to make different gameplays for a lot for years of game.
    Adding only skill trees is good too, but not so much choice as it can be, with Adding it with new classes too.
    All games have a lot of different classes, and classes have different builds, which makes game interesting and variative to play on each character.

    Even in (here was name of Game that was banned "P*E") , where probably any class, can be same build+-, they have Warrior, Ranger, Rogue, Witch(mage), Duelist(near same as warrior), and smth like Paladin and so one... but Rogue is not build of Ranger, its different Class and its melee class. like in all games.
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  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador


    If we were to have new classes, those should be quite distinct and of course should fit in this game.
    In my opinion, we have two such possible classes that would really be very interesting (because of the distinctness).

    One is the Priest of the Order: low HP, a bunch of healing and supportive skills, a few slow but strong damage skills, a basic melee attack, very slow resource regen compensated by resource regenerating skills, most skills should be delayed.
    The second one could be a bard/jester sort of class (not sure of the name), it would be tribute to jesters removed from the game. Since the jesters used "rune plates" (or something like this), they could be used here too. Supportive skills, runic traps, some illusions, some ranged attacks, some AoE destructive songs perhaps. While their last April Fool joke was seriously low-effort, they could use some of the ideas presented there, too.

    Then, everything that is closely related to an existing class and has no real place in the game's lore, should be used as a subclass.
    A shaman class based on Tayaz could be created... but Tayaz are very closely related to rangers, they even worship the same goddess.
    A shaman class based on the Nords could be created... just like a Nord warrior class. If they make it distinct enough from the existing classes... then sure, why not.

    The reason why I keep saying "skill tree" is that I think that we need more possibilities and some more available complexity in the gameplay with each class.
  8. Naikon

    Naikon Forum Greenhorn

    skill tree yes, for sure it will be interesting, cos ppl now have same gear same weapons same skills. nothing different inside class.
    but rogue/assasin and ranger is not same class at all and not build of class.
    Rogue/Assa in all games is only melee class (and is easy can have different build specs inside class)
    and Ranger/Hunter is Ranged Class, yes it sometime have some melee skills, but its not main skills at all, and main weapon always bow.
    like in all mmos, for example wow, l2 and so one, rogue is meele dagger class, Ranger is bow ranged class (except 1 build in wow, where he use melee weapon and ranger weapon 50/50, but its now about daggers and assasin skills at all)

    btw Healer in this game is tank, he spam argo and heals all group non stop =)
    and probably games like this never will add healer cos all classes in that way of games are Damagers. like in Diab**. PathOfEx*** and so one. And they just turn game more casual when add this Potions with 1sec CD.... ppl can just spam potion and tank boss... its stupid) potion must have CD for sure, like 10 sec or mb more, like it was in previous patches
  9. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    New class would be definitely fun but i'm not sure if it's either high priority or best in DSO realities. Improving - by making it considerably larger and more specialize - skill tree in my opinion would be much better. I understand it's not the same, actually far from the same but that's just my opinion. Theoretically with much larger skill tree there could be part for ranger to perform in melee with dagger for example. It's just animation and skill part. Securing exclusivness may be done by simply blocking some skills when picked others - so "rogue" type of hunter would use some new skill tree part which blocks "range skills" like hunting arrow, ea, precise etc. + things like deadly, blow, trap and universal dive, adrenaline, bird, pack. It's quite a challenge in terms of balance but way less work than programming whole new class from zero and it has much more positive impact on whole community.