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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by anderson92acs, Sep 11, 2022.

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  1. anderson92acs

    anderson92acs Forum Apprentice

    The topic is open for new suggestions aimed at everyone's benefit and not the selfishness of making just one op character.
    Open up new difficulties or events for some little used maps.
    Introduce new millennial items to these maps. Temples of Okeans(millennial poison item), Frygon(millennial fire item), Fjalnir(millennial ice item).
    Open a new tree of knowledge for elemental domain. Points for this tree are obtained from secret lairs. The tree of each domain is pre-selected according to the already existing skills, for example: select the fire domain and automatically receive the bonus increase from the skills - earthquake, battle cry, assault, mighty spin.
    New items for each elemental domain. Item bonus, for example: weapon activates a skill effect and tunic activates another skill effect.
    New millennial items for each class obtained by achievements of killing absurd amounts of creatures. Millennial Dragon Recipe
    Mission 1/5 Defeat 10000 Mummies in the Fire Temple
    Mission 2/5 defeat 10000 shamans in the fire temple
    Mission 3/5 collect 10000 dragon wings in Dragon Caves
    Mission 4/5 Defeat The Destroyer 10 times on Massacre difficulty
    Quest 5/5 delivered 1000 fire keeper hearts to xxxxx in Frygon Temple.
    A new type of ore to craft the millennial items in the new difficulties.
    Temple of Frygon = Drakonite Ore.
    Temple of Okeanos Mandrake plant.
    Fjalnir's Temple = Ancient Ice Tear.
    Temple of Life, Ring of Life regenerates % health per second. Death Temple's Ring of Death increases 25% damage but takes 80% of our health.
    Balor in the betweenworlds now!
    Balor gains area attacks, immune to armor break and resistance. When his health points bar reaches 50% he goes into HIBERNATE to damage him you will need to destroy the corrupted crystals on the edges of the arena, when leaving the HIBERNATE, Summoning her hatchlings which cause % Armor Break/Resistence per stack. When health points reach 30%, Balor receives increased 30% damage and attack speed making combat violent and funny. Dragon roar stuns all enemies in the area of the skill and breaks 50% armor/resistence.
  2. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    Element-based items might have an attraction, provided they do not penalize or worsen too much performance against opponents and bosses who are immune to the specific element. In this case the players would end up avoiding them, preferring generic items, focused on pure damage, such as the "classic" ones that we all use already now.

    A new tree of knowledge for each elemental domain could be the most interesting idea, which opens up to greater diversification unless, again, it becomes useless or even counterproductive against those enemies who are resistant to the element.

    "Millennial items" seems more obscure, I guess you mean "exceptionally powerful" items but, anyway, proposing that they'd require to blast trillions of mobs really does not add any fun nor take away repetitiveness to a game that forces players to already absurdly long and repetitive and boring tasks (such as accumulating millions of gem's dust nowadays, for those who still need it).

    Killing tens of thousands of mummies in the temple or wherever goes in the wrong direction, and if a person lives inside the game and does not have a real life worth living, I think it is its problem only and should not penalize those who have a "normal" and tight scheduled life.

    Balor in Parallel worlds would be welcome, if its rewards will be worth (as usual).

    In general, I think it would be useful and healthy to go back a little to the old Drakensang, which forced us to destroy fewer enemies, but facing really fearsome opponents that the players would defeat only with great difficulty ... and not always (the run-up to the 999 Mortis' souls who promptly caused the players to fail).

    This different approach would be at the opposite of what you propose (multiply even further the number of monsters to kill), rather it should provide enemies/bosses a little "smarter" than now, therefore:
    • they would not use a single shooting pattern cyclically repeated, but can vary the sequence and type of their attacks (even randomly)
    • they'd be easier to be defeated if a group has different classes that cooperate using "combo" of blows in a certain way or order (and here the items or talents elements-enhanced could have their relevance)
    • which in any case do not penalize too much the non-heterogeneous group and even less the single player, considering the difficulty of forming groups with skilled people also due to the shortage of players in the servers

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