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Discussion in 'Dragonknights' started by A$taroth, Apr 3, 2023.

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  1. A$taroth

    A$taroth Forum Apprentice


    I just reached level 100 and am wondering which are good gears to have? So far, I have come up with these gears:

    Cloaked Wrath
    Balor's Ring of Chaos (for both ring fingers)
    Warlord Pauldrons
    Cloak of Heroes
    Heredur's Royal Shield
    Keen's Power
    Keen's Fist
    Linngering Memory for chest, adornment, and boot

    Please let me know if these are suitable for me as a new level 100 Dragon Knight. Also, most of these gears have a stat of damage, and attack speed. Is this okay? I was under the impression that when you reach level 100 and have level 100 gears, you should have 30 damage gems and 50 critical gems. Do I need to alter these gears to fit that? If i do use these gears, it will be 30 damage gems, 10 critical gems, and 20 attack speed gems.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.S., my Wisdom level is 55. I do not know if that will play a role in choosing my gears, but I thought I should add that.
  2. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Hello :) Congratulations on your achievement! ^^ Some of those items you listed would certainly be useful to keep around, such as the balor rings, cloak of heroes, lingering memory boots and adorn, etc. You can also keep items that you are unsure about tucked away safely in locker or somewhere safe in your inventory, if you suspect you may need something in the future but are not sure.

    In regards to your gems, you seem to have them switched around - you would want 50 dmg gems and up to 30 critical gems eventually. At endgame, you will not need 30 critical gems, but there will come instances when 30 (the max possible to wear at one time) maxed critical gems will come in useful. While growing your character though, you would definitely want to use all the critical gems possible, all equipped on items crafted with x4 crit enchants. Crit is the most important stat, after all :)

    And in response to one of your questions, yes, you would want to alter all the items holding gems to contain enchantments that correspond with the gem values - for instance, you want to put x4 dmg enchants on items holding rubies, x4 crit enchants on items holding onyxes, x4 attack speed enchants on items holding zircons, etc. ^^
  3. A$taroth

    A$taroth Forum Apprentice

    Let us take Cloak of Heroes. If I want them to hold critical gems, i would change the enchants to 4 lines of critical? I want to make sure that I understand correctly. By the way, I am not sure if I was clear on this, but when I stated the gears only had damage and attack speed, i meant the base values, not just the enchanted section.
  4. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    You could add Onyx (crit gems) and recraft that Cloak of Heroes to have four % critical value on this item enchantments, but you'd be better off adding Rubies and % damage on this item enchantments instead, because one of the two Unique Values on that Cloak is +xxxx damage (the exact value corresponds to the item's level when dropped) and those %damage on this item enchantments you re-crafted onto the item would then boost the damage Unique Value, as well as the damage in the Base Value section and the damage values of the Rubies on the cloak as well.

    Enchantments and % increase stats in Unique Values only boost the values of the corresponding statistic on that item, and are not applied to gems or Base Values on any other equipment.

    There are some even more specialized unique items which boost specific skills or even introduce completely custom enhancements, but that's for another day :).
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