New moon event when big point will respect us .

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ~THE~LEGEND~, Dec 3, 2013.

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    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    Today i was playing new moon event trying to get full set of the event items

    bought andermants , bought blue essance bought red essance bought 15 scroll to bring boss . and what happened ?

    first 11 kill boss drop emote wave last 2 kills bow level 40 .

    first this is not good drop rate for unique items

    and this is not fair nothing at all when we fight boss lvl 45 a lot stronger then boss lvl 40 and at the end drop item lvl 40 . this is disrespect for the gamer's

    we are level 45 from 4 months and all the events comes with items level 40

    why khaly and mortis must be made lvl 45 and items drop 40 ?

    have big point ever make a boss lvl 40 drop unique 45 ?

    on Drakensang facebook page , big point promissed from 1 month and 10 days the next event will come with items lvl 45 sargon full moon new moon events came with items lvl 40 and new moon could be drop items lvl 45 if you put 100,000 andermants farming the spider boss , this is the system of big point

    we love money we dont care of gamers .

    our dignity have been insulted from big point for video game

    really shame players are disappointed , im player in big point since years i never found player love this company sad story .

    big point will never understand what event mean

    event mean something good for gamers , on this games its mean more money for big point .
  2. ~IceAngel~

    ~IceAngel~ Junior Expert

    Hello ~THE LEGEND~ the reason they made bosses harder is too keep the game competetive and so pay to play wont abuse and do hundredths of bosses in one day.

    I do agreee that they over did it and now khalys and mortis are a simple waste of time and money.

    I also agree that full moon is a waste of time and the drop rate is unfairly low for the spider.(the armor not too great anyways)

    I do think khalys should be a bit easier yet level 45 so drops are that level.

    Big point never said when event would come till recently they just said it would come December this is off their facebook page:

    November 28
    +++ Upcoming Updates +++

    - Mortis
    - the Parallel World
    - Comfort Features
    - Mac Alpha
    - Gnob

    They are going to tweak mortis to make him possible again (yay), possible add a new difficulty or drop or new parallel world so i am very exited and last but not least the gnob that you so dearly wish would show! So hand in there buddy he is comming :)

    Drakensang Online

    November 28

    +++ Upcoming Updates +++

    - Mortis
    - the Parallel World
    - Comfort Features
    - Mac Alpha
    - Gnob
  3. Kasherinae

    Kasherinae Junior Expert

    I have a question. They long ago envisioned 3 settings for the parallel world, "Challenging," "Heroic," and "Legendary." When is this system going to be implemented, and what will it mean? One thing I can tell you, the "Legendary" Mortis better not be as hard as the current level 45 Mortis is. Also, will "Challenging" just be for quest completion with no chance of drops? Whatever the system is going to be, it should be implemented asap--it would introduce a refreshing change to the idiotic roadblocks that BP has placed in our paths.


    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    i didn't care of money i had keep playing and killed him till now over 50 times and all the drops is lvl 40 items only 1 drop lvl 45 for bow i don't want it its bad bow , this is unfair when boss lvl 45 drop 40 they are just fooling the gamer i had drop my fairy wood today and i swear on my life this was the last time i ever play this event .

    i had play many games of big point and this kind of disrespect and fooling the gamers is pretty normal for me i used to play another game called from big point and i spend so damn much money on west server till i reached rank : 1 but i had quit the game , cause big point never answer the gamers when they contact them and last update on that game was on 2009 they promised the gamers on 2010 updates and its almost 2014 and no updates yet , just broken promises shame :)

    be sure big point who missing on the new moon event they made drop rate of items level 45 so low .

    i was admin on and i know how they fool the gamers .

    they can make in 30 min drop items for the boss lvl for example if you are lvl 20 playing the he will drop unique lvl 20 but they dont want , they only wants to get more money but making the gamers keep trying .

    good luck gamers with drops but u will never get them and this problem with everything u can say i killed khalys 1 mill times i didnt get anything from him mortis a lot and nobody have ever kill destractor more then me i just got the bow after spending 100 k andermants on him . money money money .

    look at full moon event its easy 4 months we are lvl 45 they didnt make the items yet 45 cause they know its not going to make money for them , they will work on another event make more money . u will see future of game is my proof .
  5. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    I have to agree with you. I feel really bad that you spent so much money and time and got such terrible drops.

    I went for the draken, because doing past events I no longer trust that the drops will be worth my time. After I finished my bit (445/1620) a friend with a strong character invited me to come for a run to kill Kabo. Well, it took a lot of health pots, essence and time, and I got...... ordinary legendary gloves, when I already have equipped Ammon's clutches grrrr, ONE draken, a flawed gem, some coins. What!?

    Okay, so it was just one kill. But it has only strengthened my case to never bother with boss kills again. It didn't make me want to try again. In my entire 2 guilds only 1 person spent more time... but not money as he had farmed all month saving blue essence. It's a small group that spend big bucks and try no matter what.The average player that keeps this game truly alive never will.

    I don't mind that a boss is difficult (but doable) but after all our effort we should be rewarded. Yes, 1 draken is an insult.

    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    the admin who make the rewards completely unfair person .

    as i told you i will never ever spend any cent on this event and i will never play it anymore , defending the virgin is so hard , reward bag of coin , for 36 coin its drop from any npc when you are lvl 10 , 1 draken is a joke drop , emote wave worst and worst , they are bulling the gamers cause they are a lot atm and the game is making a lot of money when any gamer conclude later wut we are concluding , they could also quit the game , again the admin who worked on event rewards pathetic person :)
  7. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    i would fire that person who came up with lowered drop fixed with new winter cape and those stupid timed rewards.
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