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    New Moon Guide

    Once in a new moon a malicious cult of witches, the witches of the North, meet on the top of mount Blackborg to perform a ritual of black magic, whereby they sacrifice an innocent virgin to a fairy queen.

    Don’t be fooled by the term fairy queen! This particular one goes by the name Karabossa and is most certainly not a serene and peaceful fairy but a horrid and evil creature. In exchange for the virgin as sacrifice, Karabossa is promising to award the witches with the renewal of their lost youth.


    Malyssa, the local witch from Kingshill, is counting on you to stop the ritual and, if you’re so inclined, safe the virgin.

    The way to Blackborg
    From the Full Moon Event you might already be familiar with realm fragments. Approach Thabo, the laidback realm magician, in the cities and he will create realm paths to Blackborg for you. Alternatively you can purchase realm paths to Blackborg from the shop in exchange for Andermant.

    Blackborg by day
    In order to stop the ritual, the heroes have to prepare for the night when the ritual is taking place. As the name of the event and the beginning sentence of this guide states, the ritual is only performed during the time of the new moon.


    Quest “Fairy Wood”
    Accept the quest from NPC Malyssa and enter the woods of Blackborg. You need to collect fairy wood, which only happens to grow in Blackborg. Defeat the enchanted Root Chreatures to receive fairy wood.

    This quest is just used for explanation. You can collect the fairy wood without any quest.

    Blackborg by night (Event)
    When the new moon has appeared in the sky, the witches gather around to perform the ritual.
    Travel to Blackborg via a realm path and meet Malyssa at the start of the map. NPC Shady John is also present in the map and is offering you the following items to aid your journey to disturb the ritual:


    NPC Malyssa has four quests for you to complete:


    Quest “Eternal youth”
    Seek out the witches who are about to sacrifice the virgin. To play the Hold Ground Quest you need to talk to the virgin.

    When battling the approaching monsters, make sure to defend the virgin as you will fail the quest if she dies. One of the enemies will be Karabossa's Icy Fairy Minion who will bestow upon you the buff “Fairy power”. (Repeatable)
    Quest “Fairy Fire”
    In order to progress in the event bar you have to burn some of the collected fairy wood in the witches’ cauldrons found all over Blackborg. The event progress comes in form of fairy fire. After having collected certain amounts of fairy fire, you will be rewarded with magical scrolls which you need to have, if you want to encounter Karabossa.

    This quest serves as an explanation and to complete it you have to burn the fairy fire in Malyssa’s cauldron.


    Quest “Karabossa”
    Follow the course of the map until you see the Fairy Ring (a magical circle of mushrooms) and use the magical scroll to banish Karabossa. Beware hero: Without the buff Fairy Power you will not be able to harm Karabossa and will be pushing daisies faster than you can imagine.
    (Once you have defeated Karabossa, you’ll need to exit Blackborg and re-enter the map before you can confront her without the quest.)

    Quest “The Fairy Plague”
    Defeat 700 monsters on the map of Blackborg to complete this quest.
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