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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Kernelly, Jan 22, 2021.

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Would you like a free, or gold priced skin change for Premium/Deluxe?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. I'm not buying Premium/Deluxe

    15 vote(s)
  3. No (please write in the comments why)

    7 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Kernelly

    Kernelly Someday Author

    Yo. I'm not certain if that's too much, but it would be nice if either Premium or Deluxe had free skin changes because we already pay for these ranks in cash. I think a lot of players would like it, would be handy and another good reason to buy Premium/Deluxe. If removing andermant price from changing skins is too much for these two ranks, maybe make it entirely a gold price instead of andermant for the Premium/Deluxe players. Me and a plenty of players would appreciate it. Regards.
  2. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Forum Connoisseur

    For what u want it?
    This game is already broken and dead so...?
  3. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    so the game is dead and needs like 10 big bugfix patches and you want them to let you change your transmog for free? you should return back to reality asap because you are delusional .. who [EDIT] cares about some transmog atm? don't you realize that the game is almost dead and they don't give [EDIT] about your opinions and suggestions? come on man .. you should accept the truth: few more broken releases and all servers are going to become a ghost towns
    Last edited by moderator: Jan 22, 2021
  4. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Active Author

    I think that at this point of the game that if you come with these ideas when the main problem is that this game is not playeable more makes me think or you have enough money to waste it in premiums etc or someone is paying this game for you.

    I've never been premium but for the gift where you obtain premiums for free and before paying a € in this game i leave it at a stroke. At this point I don't mind the way I look I want to play... it easy
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  5. Marginal013

    Marginal013 Forum Greenhorn

    It is a great idea if you disregard that no one with a good mind puts money into a dead game. First that the normal / delux premium no longer pays off, delux no longer has the 25% bonus for less glyphs, the cubes only come with bad items level 100 and stones of fragmented and gross level, the fame bonus is useless, because the pvp died at level 45.
  6. charleiharper

    charleiharper Forum Greenhorn

    it doesn't pay to use more premium / delux, the game is dead, so developers will understand when they don't have any more money to pay their salaries, not to mention that as the player mentioned above, premium / delux no longer has good rewards, the worst cubes of that never, I would really like them to go back to level 45, I think all players would come back.
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    FAALHAAS Forum Pro

    Damn people, you dont have to bash this guy for a simple suggestion. Sure it shouldnt have any piority over the big pile of bugs/bad changes, but damnn chill out a bit :)
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  8. Kernelly

    Kernelly Someday Author

    What a friendly and respectful community we've got :) The fact you dislike the game, is your thing. But be so kind and focus on the topic of this post and stop demotivating people who still enjoy the game. As I've said, I already reported a few bugs that I've experienced and I've also given a few suggestions about drop rates and balance here and there.

    --- MERGED ---

    I already reported most bugs that bug me, thank you.
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  9. JadielS

    JadielS Forum Greenhorn

    the game died in 2015 staff, give up they not improved nothing hitherto and not will improve, who put money in this game is the burn.
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  10. ManaThief

    ManaThief Someday Author

    I don't see much use for it, maybe for someone who is playing some king of fashion wars, and even then, it's 1 time thing. For an average players, characters don't look that different and most of the time it's hidden under a costume or an armor.

    Overall, I think cosmetics is the last issue this game has, in front of many much more major issues and this would be one time feature for very tiny amount of players, I doubt anyone would buy premium for this, therefore, I'm voting no.
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  11. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Greenhorn

    So as you can see, they still care about things payed by money. The game is so dead and all you think is about suggestion about new premium? yeah okay I will give you some advaice. Make premium 50 cents, deluxe 70 cents per year. Make premiums possible of getting by farm(bought by gold or something simmiliar), make premium bonus to have everything x40(drop of everything, 40x less paying for everything in game etc. crafting,buying pets..), make 40x bonus expirience, and bonus for knowledge...forgot so many stuff but u will get it...and by that make people again love this game 40x..I think u get the quote here..and I can see you are the only one defending them, so you must be payed well for that.. or you just became part of them so u have some happiness right now..
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  12. Anyki

    Anyki Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    It's alright to dislike the current update and express those opinions. But do not attack other players or you will be given a nice little vacation.

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  13. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Greenhorn

    haha bye bye, have a good time!
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  14. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Active Author

    At this point kernelly, that you ask that seems ridiculous. As you asked for, nobody seems to want to invest in premiums etc, at least people who had premium, most of them decided not to extend premium, why? because this game is not working properly. Now it seems you get angry cos you don't like our answers... then, or you accept our answers even though you don't like them or you should think twice before puting more suggestions...

    Now, as we've reached to here, it seems that now we can't explain why we vote this or that... the only solution to this is ereasing all our answers posted here and votes too, and you stay alone with your suggestion or pay to other for them to vote what you want to, this way you'll be happy and without traumas, cos it seems that 10 votes agains premium and 5 agains your post are not of you pleasentness

    I want to play a game not to look pretty
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2021
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  15. -justre116-

    -justre116- Forum Greenhorn

    Well written bro. Good job.
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  16. Kernelly

    Kernelly Someday Author

    Neverending story, I guess I can't have a proper civilized, discussion on topic. If you were at least focusing on my suggestion and not on how much you dislike the game... I'm done with this post, no point in arguing with you, I've made my point, people who enjoy the game and care will know it whether they like my suggestion or not.
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  17. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    You know the game has severe issues while you're making here a cosmetic suggestion which makes no sense at all at this stage of the game. I had 1 month of deluxe from events, it passed for nothing in December, now I have almost 300 days premium which is passing every day for nothing as both premium and deluxe makes no sense at all in their current form and neither me nor others would buy any of those for a dead game to gain some cosmetic advantage. If you can't understand this then it is not my/our fault I guess :D
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  18. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Forum Mogul

    Stop wasting your money on this game. After this terrible thing B*gpoint called a CE there is nothing of value for your money.

    I have been premium for six years and that runs out in six days. I will not waste money on this trash CE.
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  19. silverseas

    silverseas Forum Veteran

    If they implemented this, it would actually be free advertising of their skins because people would use them. One of the main reasons why I haven't used any skins at all since the CE came is because I am likely to swap my gear pieces out due to upgrades. So until I reach a state where further upgrades is unlikely, I won't be wasting andermants applying skins... that I already bought. :p

    On a related topic, I would actually like to see BP to stop being so p2w by offering more cosmetic options. Also, all their existing skins should be offered for andermants. I would list a bunch of games that have successfully done this, but that's against forum rules. But seriously, there are so many bigger games that manage to survive off cosmetic offers... not selling gems and event progress.

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