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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by teddy.bear, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    With the new skill system that we are bringing to Drakensang Online you can customize your skills using talents to create your own specific build.​

    As you gain levels through the game, you will unlock new skills and talents for those skills. With each new level, you will earn 1 talent point. Every skill has three possible talents, with variable costs, from very cheap (2 points) to very expensive (5 points). You can purchase one, two, or all three talents, or you can spend your talent points to improve other skills. You can reorganize your talents whenever you like, changing talents to explore new options, and play styles, experimenting with new builds and getting the most out of your gameplay!

    With this system we are aiming towards a more personalized character experience for all of you!
    Skill System.jpg

    We want your opinion!

    Since this skill system is important for you, we want to hear what you guys have to say about it! That´s why we would like to ask you the following feedback questions – try out the new skill system (available now on the test server) and drop us your feedback!

    1. What are your overall impressions?
    2. How intuitive is the new system? Is it easy to understand or too complicated?
    3. Do you prefer the new system to the old system?


    4. Do the prices for talents seem fair and balanced or too low/high?
    5. Is it alright, that sometimes you will have a talent point you can’t spend until you gain another level?
    6. Does your favorite class feel more or less powerful?


    7. What do you think of the new skill level 50 for your favorite class?
    8. Do you need a lot of consideration to decide between talents, because they are equally useful, or do you find it easy to choose between talents, because some of them are obviously more powerful and more important than others?


    9. Does the new system give you enough freedom to customize your character and your play style or do you feel limited in your choice?
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. L0li

    L0li Forum Greenhorn

    Okay, so first of all, I really look forward to see every option for all the skills, but the TS is offline.
    1. I definitely like this much better than before, and I will spend long time choosing my skill upgrades :)
    2. It seems easy to understand the system.
    3. Yep.

    4. They are fair I guess, even tho I havent seen what the upgrades are.
    5. Yeah sure, I mean until now you had 4 almost useless talent points at level 4,9,14 etc.
    6. I dont know, I havent seen any of the talents, only the wisdom and the fame talents, but looking at the wisdom talents ranger will get a bit stronger definitely, but DK will be the most overpowered.

    7. Ranger has a decent/tolerable skill in my opinion, spellweaver... well, could be worse, dwarf will have an annoying skill, and I have no idea what the DK skill will be, I watched videos, but I still have no idea what will it do.
    8. It will be hard to choose most definitely, but I havent seen them yet.

    9. Yes, it does.

    Hope it wasn't a stupid idea to write my opinion, before I havent even seen the experience talents of the classes, but hey, why not?:D
  3. morituritesalutamus

    morituritesalutamus Forum Apprentice

    What exactly changes when you spend 2 or 3 or 5 points in a particular skill, is a more complete description forthcoming ?
  4. xEthnic5

    xEthnic5 Forum Apprentice

    Just wait for the Ts to come on again.
  5. matami

    matami Someday Author

    Is that true that mages doesnt have armor break in singularity anymore????? i cant see any kind of text that it would break!!!!
    if so BP your are going to have a LOT OF ANGRY FACES :mad:
  6. xEthnic5

    xEthnic5 Forum Apprentice

    They still have that.
  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I'm going to begin translating the DK's skills.
    I'll post them as I translate, expect tons of edits.

    Note, I'm using Google Translate and some interpretation, so it may not be perfect.

    2: Generates 10 rage per hit as opposed to 8. (Available at LVL 4)
    3: Each hit increases attack speed 10% and run speed 5%, stackable 5 times. (Available at LVL 4)
    5: Each time you crit, all active cool downs are reduced by 1 second. (Available at LVL 39)

    Summery: 2 and 3 are the old ones just relocated onto this "tree" (Have we figured out what to call it now that it is not really a tree?), 5 is nice, but the fact that crit rate has been nerfed means that it is nowhere nearly as useful as it would have been before R155.

    2: Each enemy killed by a smash generates 6 rage. (Available at LVL 4)
    3: Each smash increases attack speed by 5% for 1 second, stackable 3 times. (Available at LVL 5)
    5: Increases the damage of smash by 20%. (Available at LVL 6)

    Summery: 2 and 3 are both nice given that Smash is the primary damage dealing attack of a DK. 2 will be great in large mobs, and 3 will be great for sustained damage. Only down side is that you may want to reconsider 2 if you are looking to do bosses. I'm not to thrilled that the 20% damage perk is 5 points, but at least it is available at LVL 6.

    2: "Each hit of "Rageful Swing" has a 33% chance to build 1 rage." (This is a direct quote. I think it means you have a 1/3 chance to get 6 rage instead of 5 on a swing) (Available at LVL 4)
    3: Reduce damage taken by hit enemies by 20% for 3 seconds. (Available at LVL 5)
    5: Adds 100% physical bleed damage for 4 seconds. It is unclear if it is 100% per second or 25% per second to add up to 100% over the 4 seconds. (Available at LVL 9)

    Summery: Not to interested in 2... I get most of my rage from taking damage. I'll be happy to spend those two points elsewhere. 3 Is an old skill, but now that I have a choice, I'm not so sure I'll pick it. I heal enough that the 20% damage is almost irrelevant. 5 could go either way. If it is 100% per second for a total of 400%, that would be OP and a DK would have to be a fool to not use it... if it is 25% per second, it might be nice to use. Either way, I'm thinking about this, stacking with Dragon Fury, and then smashing the enemies to oblivion.

    2: Increases the range of the attack by 40% (Available at LVL 7)
    3: Increases the damage by 22% (Available at LVL 8)
    5: Bleeding enemies have 40% slower run speed and 20% slower attack speed. (Available at LVL 15)

    Summery: This was an attack that I never used anyway... I see no reason to start using it now.

    2: You get 60 rage instead of 40. (Available at LVL 10)
    3: Debuffs negative effects. (Available at LVL 11)
    5: Reduces cooldown of the Rage Jump by 25%. (Available at LVL 12)

    Summery: Some nice things here. It is interesting that the debuff is now a PvE skill and is available on the jump (Previously just the two war cries). The other two are ones we've seen before, but now that they are not the better of two crappy skills, I don't think I'll make use of either of them (maybe the cooldown to be used with the debuff)... but I will say that having an escape/debuff skill like SWs and RAs had will be nice, even in PvE.

    2: You generate 5 rage for each enemy hit. (Available at LVL 13)
    3: Removes the Rage cost. (Available at LVL 14)
    5: At the end of of the shock wave, there is an explosion that hits a range of 2 meters and causes 200% damage as fire damage. (Available at LVL 34)

    Summery: Nice tweeks. With the rage cost removed and 5 rage for every hit enemy, this can become a serious rage generating attack in a large mob. I'm curious if the explosion stuns too and if it counts for the rage generation. Even if it doesn't, it could be handy in PvP where the SWs and RAs have perfected the art of turning at the last second to avoid the attack. The explosion might still get them and SWs notoriously have low resists making the fire damage rather nice.

    2: Generates 60 rage as opposed to 40. (Available at LVL 16)
    3: Debuffs negative effects. (Available at LVL 17)
    5: Reduces the cooldown by 25%. (Available at LVL 18)

    Summery: About what was expected, but there is no HP regen like the currently existing LVL 45 skill. That means that it is a little less useful than it could be. I'd be most likely to combine the debuff with the lower cooldown.

    2: Generates 40 rage on a successful hit. (Available at LVL 19)
    3: ""Iron Brow" stuns any enemies for 2 seconds." (This is the exact translation, but it doesn't make sense... the attack already is supposed to stun. That is, unless the stun is not now included unless you use this skill and the help text just hasn't been changed yet.) (Available at LVL 20)
    5: "Any critical or fatal hit from "Iron Brow" solves its not cooldown." (This is the exact translation, but I think it means that if you get a crit or the hit kills, you don't have a cooldown for the attack and can use it again.) (Available at LVL 21)

    Summery: The Rage genereation isn't too useful outside of PvP and the the stun is not worth it if you have to pay 3 points for it (again, unless we are talking PvP). The last one is interesting, but I don't use the attack to kill monsters and with crit having been nerfed, this is likely only 1/5-1/4 attacks... not too useful.

    2: Reduces the cost by 5 rage. (Available at LVL 23)
    3: Adds a 2 second stun to hit enemies. (Available at LVL 24)
    5: If you hit a bleeding opponent, the cooldown will not be triggered. (Available at LVL 25)

    Summery: Two expected talents, but the bleeding/cooldown option is interesting. It might make Dragon Fury and Bloody Wild Swing useful... particularly in PvP when working with a SW so you could move really fast. It would be tough to work on the timing, but I'm sure that some people will make excellent use of it, but not likely me.

    2: Increases the range by 40%. (Available at LVL 27)
    3: Reduces the cost by 10 Rage to 50 as opposed to 60. (Available at LVL 28)
    5: Heals you by 20% of the damage done. (Available at LVL 29)

    Summery: This is good for DPS DKs. The 40% increased range means that large groups are even more HP back so long as you select the 5 point talent. The rage change is mildly helpful, but given that most healing is done in large groups where rage is not a problem, it isn't exactly important unless you have a very high attack speed and lower damage requiring you heal more often at the expense of other attacks like Smash.

    2: You heal 30% of the damage you deal. (Available at LVL 31)
    3: Removes the rage cost for Dragon Hide. (Available at LVL 32)
    5: While using Dragon Hide, you are immune to negative effects. (Available at LVL 33)

    Summery: It is nice that they finally separated the heal from the 0 rage cost. I like the heal for bosses, but would rather use the 3 points for the 0 rage elsewhere. Also, the immunity that used to be in the PvP tree, is now here... this seems to be the only immunity available making it invaluable for PvP.

    2: Slows travel speed in the banner down by 40%. (Available at LVL 36)
    3: Adds 30% fire damage per second for opponents in the arena. (Available at LVL 37)
    5: Increases you attack speed in the area of the banner by 35%. (Available at LVL 38)

    Summery: I don't care about the travel speed, so that is 2 points to spend elsewhere, but the 3 and 5 will be great for DPS (10 seconds of 35% means 350% fire damage if the enemy lasts that long). It's too bad though that there isn't an option to remove the rage cost like there is right now so that you could lead with this move.

    2: Further reduces the opponents running speed from 40% slower to 80% slower. (Available at LVL 41)
    3: Reduces the cost of the attack by 10 from 60 down to 50.(Available at LVL 43)
    5: When the attack ends (5 seconds) there is a shock-wave that stuns all opponents within 3 meters for 2 seconds. (Available at LVL 44)

    Summery: The stun from 5 used to be useful, but not as useful as the heal skill at 45... It may be useful again as crowd control, especially considering you can slow the enemies by 80%. This seems like something that will be useful while leveling and fighting monsters that are close to your level and are tough, but once you hit LVL 50 and start tweeking the character to the level we have right now, these points can be used elsewhere.

    Skill description: The new war cry skill increases your attack speed by 0.25% for each enemy within 10 meters for 10 seconds. This is stackable up to 100 times
    2: Opponents within range are focused on the user. In other words, the DK pulls all agro. (Available at LVL 45)
    3: You gain 0.25% chance of crit per monster effected by the War Cry and is stackable up to 100 times. (Available at LVL 45)
    5: Using the skill heals you 10% of your max HP over the course of 5 seconds. (Available at LVL 45)

    Summery: This attack is next to useless on single enemies like a boss (except the heal), but in a group, it is an awesome buff. Defensive focused tanks can finally tank with the agro skill. 2H DKs probably don't need that to hold agro (same with solo 2H DKs), but it is game changing for a low damage, High defense DK. Also, there is no cool down, meaning that using it every 5 seconds can result in a continuous 2%/second heal as long as you generate at least 60 rage in 5 seconds. This goes well with the agro skill. The attack speed/crit boost for up to 100 times could be useful, but I find it hard to envision 100 enemies in a small area other than the battle ground that has since been removed from the Dragan event. Much more likely, we'll see groups of 20-30 at a time meaning a boost 5%-7.5% each at any given time. Not bad, but not amazing. However, but all 4 effects together, and you are getting some nice perks.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
  8. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    For the ranger Adrenaline skill, it has a negative effect of reducing damage by 40%.
    This negative effect of Adrenaline could be removed before r155 by the talent, now after reading the 3 Adrenaline skill upgrades I don't see any mentioning of removing this negative side effect.

    So, now Adrenaline is a purely defensive/evasive skill that after activating it one must wait 5 seconds before being able to deal decent damage again? Run rangers, run?

    As a ranger, I'm extremely unhappy about this, because now this skill cannot effectively serve as a concentration refill and then to immediately attack again anymore. I mean, if you want the rangers to run and wait for 5 seconds, they will automatically regen 40 concentration points anyway. Redundant isn't it...?

    Also the new dwarf skill seems a little overpowered from the description:
    the summoned teslacoil deals 200% lightning damage each second for 10 seconds? And 2 can be summoned at 1 time? Are we going to see a lot of "Dwarf Mortis Solo Run" videos now?

    I just discovered 1 new OP skill. The SW "Destruction" which can now deal 500% * 150% = 750% base damage (It was 300% * 1.33 = 400% before)...Now I know it had a CD of 1 min, but basically in 1v1 or 3v3 freeze + destruction = guaranteed kill....
    Also meteor deals 400% instead of 300% fire damage now...

    I don't think the SW need anymore buffs in damage to be honest, and I don't think having slightly less base HP justifies giving this class so much more damage...

    Really, SWs aren't even that squishy... Now with equal HP and armor on gears for SWs, RAs, and SMs, SWs are gonna be real OP...
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
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  9. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    The new skill system for DKs was incredibly exciting for me until i saw the new skill for DKs. Are DKs so "overpowered" that they have to be given a skill which is useless in pvp? and marginally useful in pve? I feel like banging my head on the wall. Please Please, make it useful in pvp, all classes got incredibly high powered skills and we get what? This wont do anything for us in pvp without travel speed and damage buff included in it, or change the skill i dunno, just make it more useful against single bosses or players who would just run and shoot from far
  10. nasowas

    nasowas Junior Expert

    This is going to be a complicated process reaching the perfect balance on skills. I HOPE that the reset will be FREE because for all of us it's going to be trial and error for awhile.
  11. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    Have you used singularity on the test server yourself to prove this? I don't have a high lvl sw in the test server, so I can't check myself.. I used google translate for the skill tree, and it doesn't say anywhere that singularity has kept its armor reduction.
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It is free right now... that may just be because it is test server and they want maximum testing, but we can dream.

    EDIT: The 5 point HP regen skill for MWS is broken at the moment... makes it hard to stay alive when a tank can't heal.
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  13. Durrendal

    Durrendal Padavan

    Let me get this straight, the current HP heal skill at lvl45, Dragon Fury and Dragon Skin is not in R155?
    SO, how do we heal then? its like 2 out of 4 choices taken away, and being a 1-h I dont even use wild swings.
  14. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Singu now has armor break by default, but it deals no damage whatsoever unless you add the talent for it.
  15. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I created a new character (a spell weaver) on test server to try out the new systems.
    The first thing I noticed was that it is kind of disappointing and confusing that I am unable to specialize on a skill until level 4.
    So, when I am level 2 I have 2 skill points but I cannot use them until level 4.
    I know it is not a big deal, but it would have been nice that there is at least one specialization a level 2 can do with their 2 points.
    Just a thought.

    I can now imagine the amount of forum threads that will be getting created in the newbie forum about how to spend the skill points :p
  16. Pandemonium

    Pandemonium Forum Apprentice

    Ah ok thanks for the info
  17. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    The concept of the new skill tree is undoubtedly interesting, but balancing will surely be required for some things.

    For example, we Dragon Knights can now select all stun cancellation skills, the dragon skin that grants stun immunity and up to +25% running speed via the fame tree. I can hardly imagine that a mediocre DK would be easily stopped after grabbing the flag in a 5v5 match with all these. A high power DK like mine, well, good luck with that.

    The massive increase of damage for the Spellweavers is going to cause issues. Considering that they now also get the +50% two handed weapon damage skill that only the DKs could have up to now, their damage with two handed weapons will be terrifying. It seems that it will be all but impossible to take a single lighting hit, let alone a "destruction". This also buffs the 3000 gold two handed staff (sorry, I cannot remember the item's name). 500% lighting damage, +50% weapon damage from the fame tree and the ability to increase the attack speed up to 37.5% via the fame tree? Including the announced 150% base damage increase for two handed weapons? That's a bit too much. Most players cannot take a hit from that weapon as things are now, let alone with such a massive damage increase. But I think that the same stands true even for basic two-handed weapons. Considering their already very high damage, the announced 150% base damage increase plus +50% weapon damage from the fame tree is giving a terrible advantage to SWs in both PvP and PvE.

    Generally speaking, I like the new skill/fame tree concepts very much. They allow for much deeper, better customization. I just worry that some setups are going to make people invisible/impossible to compete with in PvP. We already had the dwarfs that were impossible to stop once they grabbed the flags and went into "Iron Dwarf" mode. Having a bunch of SWs that can kill you with just 1 strike and DKs that just grabs flags and run all the time is going to harm the PvP experience even further, not help it. Combined with the massive advantage that money spenders have from gambling money and getting movement speed gems, PvP is going to become very frustrating for casual players.

    Something that bothers me is the extension of the two-handed weapon damage increase skill to all classes. DKs have the huge disadvantage that they have to get in melee distance for combat and no, 10% higher armor does not help them in any way at all. SWs ignore armor and rangers can easily outrun them. The high damage of two handed weapons partially countered that - OK, I was at a disadvantage in range but at least I had an advantage if I managed to get close. Now not only that class advantage is gone but the extension of the skill to the rest of the classes makes the DK a far less appealing choice. Why risk getting close if I can have 3 times higher damage output with a class that bombards everything from afar? The same goes for the blocking skill. With that gone (and the -10% movement penalty makes it useless in PvP), it makes no sense why not to get a Ranger and equip him with a shield. You still get about the same defense and you can now strike from afar, possibly dealing more damage than with a DK considering the announced longbow damage increases.
  18. morituritesalutamus

    morituritesalutamus Forum Apprentice

    Previously when we leveled we received an experience point, every five points we could mod our skills and we receved stat increases. The "skill talents" seem to replace the experience tree. Where did the level stat increases go exactly ? With them seemingly gone from here and from the knwledge tree (1% increase to base damage and health per knowledge point earned) are we going to login to significantly lower stats after update ? Unless we could copy our current character to test its hard to tell what will happen....

    P.S. thanks for the nice summary Baragain !
  19. xEthnic5

    xEthnic5 Forum Apprentice

    Yes i tested it myself.
  20. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I agree with Red_Jaeger that 150% increased base damage on SW and SM two handed weapons seems to be too much.
    I would suggest a better way to balance this:
    +50% increase of base damage
    Up to +100% damage increase lines (instead of 80% that there is now) - at level 46-49 weapons
    Up to +120% damage increase lines - at level 50 weapons
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