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    EXEPCİONAL Forum Apprentice

    1- COMMON Vault: It would be a great innovation to be able to transfer stones and jewels to our other 100 lvl characters, provided that our characters are at lvl 100...
    2-DELUX PREMIUM: If the free rise feature is added to the bosses, both the players will be very comfortable and the premium sales will increase, everyone will win...
    3- SKILLS: In the skills section, when we accidentally score a skill, we completely clear it, we won't lose a lot of gold if each skill is reset piece by piece...
    4-POWER MARKET: Kingshilde will have a special NPC, and there will be prisoners who will fight with us..warrior-archer-mage-dwarf ... we can buy 1 piece of gold for a certain amount of gold..the captive we bought has its own items and a certain power never mind..
    5-DARK SET: The dark set is currently only available for lvl 100. and because everyone wears 140-145 lvl items, no one buys them.. If it is brought with 140 lvl, I'm sure there will be areas..
    6-DAILY BONUS: we're looking for a daily task for minutes and it's so should be much simpler..
    7-WHEEL OF LUCKY: every day we can spin only 1 time and in it 1000 andermant-100 orb fragments-100 draken-500materi-50coins etc. If we had a chance to win one of these, it would be so much fun..
    8-NEW CHARACTER: A strong character with different skills should be made and such a character should be higher than all the characters.
    1- A new pvp system should be introduced and stones, runes, jewels should be disabled in this system, so that it will be possible to watch longer and more enjoyable, etc. depending on the gameplay.
    2-New items should be brought, the bonuses of which will only pass in pvp..
    3-pvp events that will last 10 days every month should be brought and should not overlap with other events..
    4- In each pvp competition, 2 prize chests should be given to the winning team and 1 prize chest should be given to the losing team. random andermant,draken,globepiece etc. from reward chests. may come out..
    5-For a long time, the players did not do pvp and they got cold from the game.. To warm people up to pvp again, extraordinary rewards should be given.. Example: Marshal and above players should be given an object called a skill generator and we will produce our own skill, for example, 1 skill belonging to other classes should be preferred. In return, let's disable our 3 skills that we don't like.. If this feature is added to the game, it will be a revolution and I believe that many players will return to the game.. Let me end with an example again. Let's say we are warriors.. We chose a singularity from the mage, we chose a hunting trap from the archer, and a rocket in the dwarf We chose it.. we have a very strong character..we will disable 3 of our unwanted abilities.. this will be incredibly enjoyable both in maps and in pvp, because imagine a warrior opens a singularity, or a mage turns heads or an archer shoots rockets.
    Don't you think it's amazing... Best regards, NEW DSO TEAM..
  2. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    I stop read this on #3 = waste of time
  3. oOKellueHazeOo

    oOKellueHazeOo Regular

    The pvp section is actually pretty good, the ideas he proposed were actually interesting. The pve ones however... no, i agree with 1/3/5/6
  4. danielcarol3

    danielcarol3 Someday Author

    PVE section

    1. It is good for solitary players also another option is to be able to sell these objects in a market for the players and we choose the price ourselves
    2. it suits them well for the paid players
    3. It was already implemented and they removed it to make us spend more resources
    4. It was already implemented in an event and let's say the AI was not good enough
    6. It would come in handy since it is good although it is not the only item that comes out at level 100 and not at 140 or 145
    7. It was already implemented and they removed it because it helped a lot with the essences for new and old players
    8. You would have to wait for the new big explosion for the new wait to come out

    PVP section

    1. It was already implemented and it was a disaster as well as making them work mainly the problem lies in the match if it is true that you can defeat the opponent with skill
    2. It was already implemented and it went wrong since no one wanted and used those items
    3, 4. I agree although it should be deepened
    5. The idea is not so bad if it is true that we do not use skills in pvp, the problem is that op skills would penalize us, which is what we are looking for, but also other skills to eliminate the stun effect that currently in pvp only there is one so there will be quite a problem with that

    I have two proposals to fix the pvp

    1. Pairing is by titles of + -1 so the bonuses would not influence so much due to the difference in level
    2. The items, gems and runes that you have are not valid for the PVP only select items pertinent to the pvp
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  5. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    At least he presented suggestions, whether good or bad, kudos for his effort.
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