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  1. dkisbestithink

    dkisbestithink Forum Apprentice

    yes title is true no one is helping and this games community is terrible high levels always wants high level guys with them and low level never gonna improve theirselves high level guys is so so so so so so so so so ARROGANCE

    a new player always in need for a high build player and no one can find them high build players not even writing hello to you the EDIT
    (im not saying this to who is high build and helping oher players i love them <3)


    i mean just you guys can go and look pve players wanted forum and you can see 5500 view threads and all of them have 1 replies and that 1 reply is moderator reply for saying welcome this is so EDIT terrible this is same in game
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  2. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Padavan

    Want to know why a lot of high level players won't help ?
    Most of the players asking for help are twinks , low level players that want high level gear to PVP.
    They do not want experience , they just want gear to use.
    If you see a high level with a low level more often than not it is a twink.
    Plain and simple why my answer is always NO.
    If you are not getting experience why do you need to run at a higher level ?
    If you need help killing a boss or doing a defend yes I would help on normal so you get experience.
    By the way the twinking in Dark Legacy is worse than it was in Drakensang.
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  3. mayberangerbruh

    mayberangerbruh Forum Greenhorn

    im level 100... i just need items i mean they are not helping even 100 lvl xD
  4. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    Did you at least reach lvl 100 ? or are you just that slacker who stopped at lvl 30, sits in the city and keeps looking for someone who will get lvl 100 for him ?
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  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Tsk tsk, you must know that characters are bound to a server. Sometimes, you can find helpers, but they unfortunately live on another server.

    Also, even if you were on the same server, I don't carry people with bad attitudes. Attacking helpers is literally the best way to guarantee I won't lift a finger to help.
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  6. Lambrusco

    Lambrusco Active Author

    Hi @dkisbestithink i have right now 3 characters and their lvl are the range of 69 to 77 and i decided by myself not to be a burden to my colleagues even though they tell me they don't mind to help me to lvl up my charts and i thank to them for that but i decided i have to spend less time in this game...

    For sure you could find someone to help you to improve your character cos one have to do quest or unlock achivements and there's a lot to do it's justa matter of attitudes, but here nobody is a slave on no-one. the thruth is that being a begginer is not easy now the way this game is now but we all had a beginning... take your time try to get to know more people and see if you get on with them, maybe one day you are gonna do a lot and maybe three days more you won't be able to do the same like days before but do not yield... do not try to do it all in one day. with time you are gonna do friends and someday someone is gona ask you to joint to a guild. Complaining in this game doesn't work for anything...
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  7. dkisbestithink

    dkisbestithink Forum Apprentice

    i have 2 100 lvl characters on werian and 1 100 lvl mage on heredur so ?
  8. Sayaa

    Sayaa Active Author

  9. wojtekwjk

    wojtekwjk Regular

    Oh yeah, Werian is a perfect place to looking for help. 95% of its players dont know a single word in english
  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Maybe you should concentrate on one character instead of three.
  11. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Commissioner

    It is one of the many problems that this game drags on is the main reason why it doesn't work.
    The chat region is almost dead it does not work on a few players, you can try to propose yourself to already formed groups but usually I do not answer you and in some you find the word not noob.

    Trying to give this cross to the Dk class was detrimental and produced bad balancing results.

    In general, strong users, here the class does not count, it discriminates against the weakest, the solutions to the problem are not simple, if you do not invest in aggregation systems and improve the game in general for the little ones, without assuming that old players are not available 24 hours a day to support new players too, they also have their own things to do and different, the void is left by the developers.

    The only advice I can give you is to create the group yourself, choose the farm map where you can find more users, such as the great desert, and farm them first in Ruthless if you can and then in bloodshed. Over time this map provides you with the foundation for more challenging levels and bosses, including resources and everything in between.
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  12. Асото

    Асото Forum Apprentice

    the problem is that every new player level 100, wants for almost 1 day to make all the items at max,
    and constantly cry in the chat help me help me, no one owes you
    go alone and fight like a man, but no it's easiest to cry
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Well, the problem is that the progression system is broken, to be able to farm comfortably alone on fatal you need at least level 140 gear.

    That's beyond bonkers and it leaves newbies in the dust, given that they are unable to progress meaningfully.

    That is why they are asking that.
    While what you say is right, it would apply 100% if the progression system actually worked.
  14. Dragenstein

    Dragenstein Padavan

    This forum and the game are dead. There are very few posts in this forum and they are mostly about how bad the game is. I play on Heredur and there are not many players there. It is not easy to find groups, especially if you are not level 100.

    **UPDATE on April 23. I was on Heredur just now in Quaizah. There were only a few level 100 groups and very few players. Looks like I'm done playing *again*.

    **UPDATE on May 10. Depending on when you are on, there can be quite a few groups in Qaizah. There have been some high-level players that carry low-level players. I appreciate that. However, it takes FOREVER to level up. The other thing that is getting under my skin is the the ridiculously high numbers for everything. I am at level 76 and I need 14 MILLION points to get to level 77. And what about a quest that needs 9999 kills? Seriously? And then the payout is only 600,000 points after spending weeks getting that many kills.
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  15. _Younec_

    _Younec_ Forum Apprentice

    I will simply say - it beacause we play in few purpose
    - gears -> you want only 100lvl
    - runes -> there is no problem but only few maps and mostly in mercilles (Atlantis, Desert and you need 75 or 80 lvl !)
    - gems -> (on bosses - you should try this Sigismar 65 needed to mercilles i think)
    and so on ...
    you need to find a key to this and join to group !
    But you should think about lvl of mobs - there is a big chance to mobs with lvl more then 45 from yours and you will no have exp ...
    and item`s you recive will be not useble for few lvl.

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