Offensive gems and enchantments for off hand

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Phyrix, Jul 31, 2018.

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  1. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    Well they havent given us dual wielding now have they?
    So how about the ability to modify the off hand of your build
    For all classes to have certain off hand items that not only increases crit like it currently does but damage too
    And ofcourse the ability to insert offensive gems into these offensive off hand items
    firstly my suggested offensive enchantments would be the ability to craft 25% increased damage x4 onto for example the shield of the wolf slayer
    4x 25% increased crit on this item or a mixture of both
    another one could be 4x 13.5% increased critical hitrate
    This will allow a warrior with a 1 hand item like the cube mace to attain 27418 damage
    It will still not be as fast as 2 hand ofcourse but it will bridge a huge gap between 1 hand and 2 hand in the game and allow for much more variety.
    Due to the gwenfara short bow it will allow rangers to attain 30k damage on 1 handed builds
    Bugger it they can add offensive enchantments to defensive items too like the cube shield
    that will allow for even more variety
    A build does sacrifice block rate for this so why not on cube shield and other defensive items too?
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Like i said earlier ... you are lacking a playing time with a ranger.
    Gwenfara's bow is not even option for farming. The only reason it is still some how viable option in PvP is because the arena is broken completely. If the arena is balanced as it should ... that bow will never be an option in PvP too.
    Even Predator is more viable option for farming than Gwenfara's bow.
    Rangers are everything that other classes are not.
    Now give that kind of weapon to the other classes and you get even more broken game.
    Ranger is dependent on concentration ... he can only get it back with Adrenaline or killing mobs with DB.

    As for the offhands ... there should be new damage runes for offensive offhand items.
    1,2,3 and 4% weapon damage.
  3. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    those are nice I like that idea
    However the enchantments should be there too to really make it OP
    That will put 1h and 2h in a much closer range to each other
    I also mailed bp asking for more dmg for 1h weapons
    at the moment no 1h weapon is really viable for any class
    Imagine the Q2 set and shar karab quiver in your case working together with 25k dmg
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Why are you always taking bad examples? :p
    Both Q2 and Shar Fatman's quiver are bad.
    The only viable quiver ATM is the Dragonslayer Quiver together with longbow.
    I really hate they removed all those contents from the old homepage and the old website.
    There were enlisted proper combinations on how to use weapons. Shortbow should go with a shield while longbow with a quiver.

    About those runes ... well it is only possible solution. With quiver you don't need more crit damage and crit hit from runes ... so the only solution to boost the 1H+offensive offhand is a damage rune.
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  5. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    I chose Q2 because if a 1h build had 26k damage the spiders could do some damage at least(for all classes) (however I understand your perception for more concentration)
    I checked your damage rune suggestion in the damage calculator and unfortunately they do not do much a dk sw and mec can attain 22k damage with that.
    we will need slightly more to the level of about 26k to make 1h at least 68% as fast as 2h farming (without bonuses)
    However the damage runes combined with 4x25% damage does quite nicely at 29k damage (even though it is still not the damage 2h can reach it will level the playing field a lot )
    *I calculated and if you had 100% increased damage crafted into shield or quiver and the spiders exploded they would be doing 188097 crits on greens
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Where do you get those damages like 26K or 30K with 1H? :D
    When you farm you don't have time to wait spiders to get to mobs and explode ... you also don't have time to wait mobs to bleed to death.
    Q2 set is really bad for farming. The weapon has lower damage and the amulet suck too.
    From rangers point of view any longbow would deal better ... from SW's, DK's and SM's point of view - you would be using Longbow equivalent with same base damage like mace . A weapon that has + (299-371) - (383-455) Damage on T6.

    It is not about more concentration ... it is about enough concentration with enough reduction.
    Shortbows and hoaxbows (exclude q7) can't provide that. Therefore Gwenfara's bow is not an farming option. You would go dry pretty much fast with it ... and then you have to run or engage in close combat.
    I have no high pool of concentration ... but with 135 concentration I can fire 4x EA in no time then use Adrenaline or kill a mob and do that all over again and again.

    1. what 4x25% damage?
    2. you are having false expectation from 1h :) ... you don't need to reach the base damage of 2H. Base damage is flat damage and it is just one of the stats contributing to the overall damage. Mace/longbow type of 1H with nice unique enchantment can outperform 2Hs .
    Q7 would still be faster ... but people are having wrong perception of balance and farming thanks to the devs and their broken sets. (actually they are not broken by chance they were made that way intentionally so they would force the players to buy more onyxes).
    In a well balanced game farming would take a bit longer. Endgame toon would be able to kill a boss in 30s to 1min. Every time shorter than that is not balanced. I have never played a game where I can kill a boss in 5 seconds with all the best weapons and items equipped and all skills and stats at cap. I can do that only if I cheat and modify my stats. but ... well this is Drakensang.

    Well what do you expect? 50% weapon damage rune? :D
    5x highest tier runes would have 5x4=20% weapon damage ... is it not enough? :D
  7. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    1. I mailed bp asking for mace/longbow level damage on sets like Q2 <- we dont need crit anymore
    2. I also mailed them asking to enable us to craft dmg enchantments into offhand gold value would be 24.99% damage x4 ofc
    With 4x25% damage crafted into offhand is where I get 26k damage and the 5% runes x5 on their own does not do much it pushes a 1h build to 22k
    However the runes combined with the enchantments ends a 1h build on 29k damage.
    3. Regarding your statement on bleed I understand that you see it as something on its own and that is where many people have a misconcept about it.
    You see when I make an opponent bleed with my bearach mace I use bws too in a matter of a split second so then my 3 hits in a second = 5 crits at variable values but hit 1 100% of my base hit 2 at 55% of my base and hit 3 at 125% of my base however during those 3 hits I am also doing 82% of my base and 38% of my base and after that untill an opponent dies I also do 290% of my base on smash.
    Now that sounds silly right, but its not.
    Me and Soulsight he is a guild member and friend (he is a ranger) he uses Q4 too, the other night he was running with a q7 user
    Loool believe it or not the q7 user asked him how he is able to kill so damn fast.
    And I have to say soul does kill fast (damn fast)
    It is because whatever he uses against a mob or mini boss the opponent is already suffering 50% of his damage without him having to lift a finger, well that and the opponents armor is broken so they bleed about 70-90% of his base per second.
    Since the q4 set bonus is rather crappy for rangers I convinced soul to possibly invest in the belt of zeal.
    We are not even close to 30k damage each yet
    I am closer than him but when we run a map we kill so fast we literally have to compete to get kills in otherwise there is not enough for either of us :D

    PS: I understand your build method with concentration cost reduction etc, I have seen it in action on videos with wigger using it in pvp.
    However there is more than one way to skin a cat, you do it with conc red build, bleed works too, Q7 broken as it is works too
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