Opal Guide, Things You should Know Before Creating one

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by kanlıhançerr, Jun 10, 2021.

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  1. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    Opal gems are special gem types that can be obtained by crafting three different gem types. If you are playing the game when 55 level was the max, opal means "jewel of coalescence, also known as pyramids". It is now renamed into opals.

    When crafting an opal, the three gem types have to be in the same rarities, for example, three royals or three trapezoids. And they have to be three different gems. Also, the minimum rarity of opals is the royal rarity, which means you can't craft opals using flawless gems or sacred gems.

    The maximum number that you can use opal gem is 10. You should also know that after crafting an opal, you can't grind it into the shiny dust easily. You have to divide it first by using an opal divider, and then you can grind the three gems into shiny dust.

    You can pretty much use every kind of gem to craft an opal. But in the current game meta, you have a few options.

    • Hp + Attack Speed + Damage (for the end game, when you don't need the extra crit rate from opals)
    • Attack Speed + Crit + Damage (it's especially good if you are using 2h, or 1h but lower attack speed weapon i.e. q2 arachna's weapon)
    • Damage + Crit + HP (standard & one of the most popular option)
    • Move Speed + Damage + Crit (for boots only)

    As you can see, we tend to use damage gems on each type of opals, because it can allow us to use one extra damage item. The options are much more than that, but as I said, these four options are the most popular ones.

    One more thing I should add, crafting and upgrading opals require quite a lot of shiny dust. So you should think carefully before crafting them. In terms of shiny dust and gem rarity, the created opal will always be 25% lower than the original gems. A royal ruby's damage is +80, for example, but when it comes to a royal opal's damage, it will be +60 only. This one goes for all types of gems.

    Sometimes, the workbench doesn't accept the gems we put. If that happens, just try to switch the gem places and try a few more times to get the correct order.

    For a detailed explanation, you can also check my tutorial video here:
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  2. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Active Author

    Nice guide, i was looking for this.
    Now i have a question; for a average ranger, which one is the best and i want to keep them from now till the end, no matter 1h or 2h weapons, like i say, i want to keep what opal i do to the end...

    I am waiting for guidance from you guys! Thanks.
  3. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    Hello, thank you.

    If you ever thinking about switching to 2h weapon OR 1h arachna weapon (which has low base attack speed), you should do it like this: dmg + crit + attack speed

    If you wanna stick to 1h standard predator build: dmg + crit + health point is a solid option
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  4. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

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  5. DamarèRo

    DamarèRo Active Author

    What about dmg+ att speed + health ? i wonder if is available for 1h and 2h build ?
    I have 30 x onyx who give 1440 crit each and with the jewel i have almost 420k crit (with pet 30% ofc) .. at 450k crit i see is max (80% crit rate on blood and 5x crit dmg)... so i wonder if crit is usless on future builds ? and max stone of crit give 2520 !! So i quess the crit rate on opal will be no more useful ? I say this bcs i quess 30x onyx max are enought!

    I see strong players with 1h and they have like 450-500k base dmg and i think a end player with 2h can have how much base dmg against 1h build ? like 800-900k! I ask this bcs i want to switch to 2h build but now i wonder if is not more good and solid 1h build with a good base dmg (lower then 2h) but more health points that means a hard time to die anywhere...
  6. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

    i have 30 max onyx and i have much more crit than needed + opal with crot in, BUT i do those opal with crit/ dmg/speed attack instead of hp/dmg/speed attack cuz i like play pvp sometime and with 30 onyx + 10 opal i can reach 80% crit in pvp, wich is pretty nice.

    if u don't do pvp, better go for HP.

    In PVE, i prefer play 1H ( but i'am a dwarf and dragon fire set is really strong setup for us), playing 1H i have a really good survivability, and i need 17 skills used to get 100% dmg bonus from speed attack, wich is pretty fast to get everywhere, i get more than 1000k dmg when i get the bonus. when u have 6.5 speed attack, u stack by 6 the 100% dmg bonus so u need 17 skill used. But if u prefer 2H, go for kraken as i mentionned it above: https://discord.com/channels/589142654542020633/590152742144835608/839427870253383710
  7. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    In your case, yes that would be suitable as well. I am also planning to remove onyxes from my opals and add zircons soon, since you actually don't need the extra crit from opals in end-game if you have winter runes + JoR, of course.

    yes, that's also a good point, since the wisdom tree is not available in PvP, the extra crit can be helpful. If PvP is your thing then why not, I think PvP has died with the dark legacy patch, apart from many other good aspects of the game.

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