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Dear forum reader,

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  1. 7Kana

    7Kana Junior Expert

    Dear BP, or who makes the decisions for DSO, I had been playing here since December last year, I loved this game so much, so much so that I had also brought some friends to play here but then slowly the game got worse and they went to play in other games when you reduced the drop of the "sphere fragments" from the since they couldn't even play the events, I was left alone but I loved this game so much that I played many hours a day, I have always been a premium user and I advised guild members, who can, to at least do the premium to support the game I loved and didn't want to die, then Dark Legacy came, a stab in the back, the decline began, I uninstalled the game, but kept coming here to the forum to see if there is any news of improvements, but what I can find is just the frustration of almost the entire gamer community. You have a nice community of players, good people, people of heart and believe me when I say this because I have seen a lot of bad communities in other games; Why do you disappoint all these nice people? why did you make the decision to change the game for the worse, which in my opinion was one of the best? I have many other questions that I have not been able to give an explanation or to give myself a reason for, when a person has an interest in something he always thinks he can change things even when perhaps it is no longer possible ... and I am starting to think of not coming to attend this forum anymore just to avoid reading the sadness and frustration of the players because it upsets me. Mine is a heartfelt appeal, please bring the game back to the previous version!
  2. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    Hey 7Kana. I can advise you one thing, farm Realm Fragments now because they are much easier to get with the "Looter's Fortune Buff" that every player has until 21.01. I have already collected a few hundreds of Realm Fragments in 3 days just because I killed monsters in dungeons for a few hours :) When it comes to your preferences and opinions, I won't judge them. I enjoy the game as it is, even though it's bugged a bit I understand both players and staff, the bugs aren't easy to fix and track and most of them get fixed really quickly. In my opinion CE is a nice addition of content to the already big Dracanian universe, I like it so far. Regards.
  3. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    I am having a hard time discerning whether you are a EDIT, or just woefully EDIT. The drop of realm fragments prior to the bug introduced by BP was exponentially higher than it is now, even during the looters misfortune "event". This is a fact.

    Most of the bugs were intentionally introduced by BP, and all of them are easy to fix, and repair. If you knew anything about software development, DevOps, Agile or CI/CD you would understand what misleading EDIT your post is. The only ones that get fixed quickly are those accidentally introduced by the developers that happen to benefit the players. Those ones get prompt attention.

    Your comments do a gross dis-service to the game and the community.

    Glad you like the CE though. BP will use your post to say they listened to feedback from the community the next time they vomit up a massive nerf upon us all.
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  4. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    I don't have any reasons to lie about it, I enjoy the droprate as it is. You just have to put some effort into farming realm fragments. I'm playing 4 hours daily and I have 200 realm fragments from 4 days circa. I would appreciate you minding your tone, I didn't insult you, I adviced you and you're straight up flaming me for my neutral opinion, way to go... I have no idea why are you so negative about my personal opinion and the fact that I enjoy the game. One way or another I hope you will have better time playing the game, because judging by your comment you are mad because of many things, I understand. Everyone has the right to share their opinion. Mine is that Bigpoint is literally doing their best to fix most bugs possible and even compensates us with bonus codes and bonus event progress for example for the bugged event quest. When it comes to the Realm Fragments as I've said the droprate is much better now because of the buff and because they fixed the Realm Fragment bugs. Regards.
  5. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    Only if you write against the game you are appreciated on this forum and get lots of likes.
    if you write in favor you are bullied, they did it with me when there was the Italian forum.
    but even if there are few who have the courage to write positive thoughts, there are many who read and go beyond ;)
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  6. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    I am so glad and relieved someone understands me. Appreciate your words and I hope people will understand as well that diversity of opinions isn't a bad thing <3
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  7. Steve75

    Steve75 Junior Expert

    I assume you are a new player or at least were not around when this happened otherwise you would not be happy getting 200 realm fragments in 16 hours ;), normal drop rate was better than "increased" drop rate with the introduction of looters misfortune "event", bottomline this part of nerf should have never happened as it was working fine before. It was also a lie that they would have less events requiring realms frags, after a certain point many players were not able to do the DtU event due to missing realm frags. Just do a search on the forums using "realm fragment" and you'll see how many complaints occured after release 228.

    I hope you were not serious that they are doing their best to fix issues :D, group talents are broken since the implementation of CE and such bugs should not be open for 1.5-2 months (they might fix them at the end of January). I get 1/2/5 realm frags in both solo and party even though my Realm Changer group talent is lvl 9 thus in party I should get 10/11/14 realm frags. Same goes for Anxiety Keeper which is lvl 4 and I should never get 1 anxiety shard in party ... these are just 2 small examples, there are much more serious bugs out there.
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  8. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    What is broken in your opinion doesn't mean it's Bigpoint's fault, they do what's best for the game in their opinion often listening to the players - it's clear. As I've said in my BIO I am not new to Drakensang Online, but I also ain't pretentious. I see the problems in the game, I am not blind. But most of the bugs get fixed fast and are always noticed. Drop rate of any item DOESN'T HAVE to be a bug, it might be. Talents do have some problems, I'm aware. Although as I've said when it comes to the Realm Fragments they aren't such a big deal and it's a diversified matter. You might think they aren't good enough, I think they are much better even without the Looters Fortune. I have rights to share my neutral opinion, you have yours. The thing is that I actually have read the patch notes and I agree with their decision, it seems like a good compensation. Quote from the official patchnotes here:
    "As you might have read, we decided to reduce the drop rate for Realm Fragments with this release. One reason for this is, that we run less Realm Fragment-based events than we have originally planned.

    We have also implemented a special version of the Looters Fortune event that increases the drop rate of Realm Fragments. Our plan is to run this event regularly whenever an event is coming that requires Realm Fragments.

    This change is the first step to decrease the huge gap between players with an endless amount of Realm Fragments versus players that struggle with finishing events due to a lack of Realm Fragments. The Looters Fortune event is supposed to create a balance between these two."
  9. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    OmG ufff no way Just becouse of your missleadin and defendin opinion i went to test server discord and check how much bugs was reported from time CE hit test server there was over 3k report of bugs there i stop count got bored and it was at date 20.12 2020... So till this date 13.1 2021 will be this number probably double triple up... Honestly what is broken in his opinion doesnt mean its bigpoint fault..ridiculous..
    Yes they do whats best for their wallets not players in this CE update... They listen to players?? Geeez wake up is really ridiculous...
    All major bugs are not really bugs is clear... All these are bugs on purpose to milk money from players which dont or cant wait with cashing to be OP in broken game...
    All these major bugs was known like ...JoR jewel dont give crit...broken armor break skills...broken unstun skills...
    ...flawed gems drop on highest difficulty...drop of uniq boss items near to 0...drop of event uniqs/sets items near 0(rocketman,winter) talents instead of 10rfs you get 5rfs...WISDOM no drop at all...
    And i can continue and you know what??
    All these are MAJOR BUGS FOR PLAYERS
    All these are MAJOR INCOME FOR BP(if you dont get it i can write you in next post more)

    All this above shows you know nothin I dont take your opinion you can keep it:rolleyes: just laugh at it as every experienced player do...
    is just ridiculous nothin more;)
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  10. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Flies also like things that most would find disgusting, and in fact they are not the majority in the world.

    This to say that all tastes are right and worth of respect, it makes no sense to divide into personal and subjective opinions.

    I am continually postponing the moment when I will write a detailed and possibly objective post on what happened with the CE, but at the moment I consider it unimportant: production do not care about feedback at all, and it is not known if there will be a tomorrow here (seeing the few people who still play daily) if not for those who like the game regardless, because they project their real existence in a digital transposition ... which is very sad and worrying, but so be it.

    For everyone else, I believe that the feeling is only that after the CE the "interesting things" (that is: the useful things to do, in playful terms) are even more scarce than before. Before of it we used to do bosses-solo on higher modes just to have some fun, now we can't anymore, some bosses are undoable even with a "very strong" group. Before, there were 3-4 Qs with sets worthy of consideration, now those sets no longer exist, replaced by junk uniques.

    Now what remains once you reach level 100 is the rune farm and the search for the uniques in Brigavik, probably, the most worthy of consideration (and which in any case we will not be able to fully exploit, lacking the many necessary wisdom points).

    Of course, now for the most it's already late: compared to those players who hurried in the first weeks and found platinum lines in abundance, those who get there now will have much more to do, from the library that has become difficult like Brigavik, to the lines (both base and heritable) significantly nerfed in quantity and frequency compared to the first times of CE. So the amount of time they will have to devote to the items farm is much higher or, in short, they will have "fun" longer.

    But that doesn't solve anything, even not wanting to be critical beyond the demerits: I don't dislike the smashing and manga-style action of the post-CE, but I just say that at the moment the foundations have only been laid - that people in my opinion like little (I see in the friends list how few have reached lev 100) - and a content worthy of such heavy "revision", finally able to unleash the new potential (whatever it'd be), has not yet been given to players.

    The many bugs placed on purpose just to say "have patience, we are working on the fix" is a ridiculous scam, which further discredits the production. But I can imagine that they have no strength and don't want to invest serious money on game development, and so if they only have two thinking heads capable of doing things they can't do more than a few at a time. So any "trick" is good to get by today, which will be seen tomorrow.

    I don't criticize, I don't care, for me it's a simple pastime. I wait to see and enjoy new events and new items, in the certainty that they will soon be released, with the idea they will be playable as some positive changes of this CE would give hope, and in the doubt that I will be playing elsewhere (and if I don't, I think it will be because my real life doesn't give me any spare time).
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  11. Aslandroth

    Aslandroth Regular

    Posting your opinion is fine' everyone is entitled to have one but what you are doing is posting a lie. BP lied about the amount of events requiring realm fragments, and you echo their lie, which in fact makes you a liar. Being pretentious has nothing to do with it. In fact I am not sure how that statement is relevant to the discussion. Opinion is what you think, or feel about something but fact is reality based on actual data. The FACT s that the drop rate was reduced so badly that many players have to plan to skip certain events in order to be able to do other ones; even then, 80% of players cannot complete the DTU. BP intentionally created this situation, not to help narrow the gap between new and old players, but to force people to buy their scummy attire, just to be able to finish an event.

    I understand this is a business and I fully support their need to generate revenue. I used to contribute heavily to this game before BP proved how little they respect my money by stealing my gems and lying to me. Two things i hate are liars and thieves. If BP had been honest and came out and said why they were really introducing this bug, I would have disagreed with, but respected the decision, and not said a word. But instead they insist that this wonderful F2P game is open and welcome for all, and has all these great events to play, so long as you open your wallet to complete them, is just garbage business practice, and utterly disrespectful. If you want to support this with your opinion, that's fine, but if you want to support the lie, and repeat the lie then no. I will call you out on it every single time.

    I've seen others complain about the negativity and laughably call themselves courageous for writing positive thoughts about the game, even making absurd claims of being bullied which is utter nonsense. If you want to live in a fantasy world, that is your right. If you are kidnapped and tortured and wish to sympathize with your captor, this too is your right (or syndrome) but to say other people are bullying you when your silliness ans sycophantic attitudes are exposed is well, a lie. All of this negativity doesn't exist in a vacuum. I'm pretty sure people don't just sit around and think "Hmmm, how can I trash BP today?" When you see the negative comments, it is because people who have been lied to, stolen from, and generally disrespected need a place to make their voices heard.
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  12. Kernelly

    Kernelly Junior Expert

    Calling me a liar because of misunderstanding, rude. I didn't lie and you're all just blaming and not even for well argumented reasons. As I've said, I've built my part of the wall. Don't let your anger control you to the point you call me a liar for no reason, small tip. I am riposting you in a neutral way since you and the people who hate on the game and me for having opinion attack me, namecall me, I won't stay idle. I never called myself a hero or anything like that just because I'm being positive about DSO. I'm just honest, and you and the people like you can't understand that I have a different opinion. "Stolen from? Disrespected? Lied to?" you're saying Bigpoint did that? How even. Say specific arguments or you're the one who's lying accusing them of these things. Too much negativity, we really do need to end the pandemy quickly, people are so stressed nowadays, so easily angered, hmph...
  13. Inu

    Inu Junior Expert

    Hey HOUUUUU wake up dont write here about pandemic you totally OUT rageous this is game forum so stay on topic....
    And defend bp about RF change... geez i dont have more energy to write somethin about it so i just laugh... was enough
    everyone who was at that time active saw how scam and lie was it many left some stay...
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  14. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    sorry you lost me at "often listening to the players".

    this just proves some (or all) of the following:
    a) you just started playing
    b) you're blissfully ignorant
    c) you are paid to write positive comments (in either virtual currency or money like our tomato guy)
    d) thoughtless shilling for attention (?)
    e) all of the above

    I will eat my shoe when BP starts listening to players. For years there was radio silence on the players - developers line. Discord was meant to be a "big step" towards changing that and yet here we are, 1.5 year later, in the same spot where all the conversations with CM when you mention any flaws of the game look like this:


    So yeah. Good luck on your path of shilling for people who never cared and never will care about you or any of us in particular.
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I heard of this ... I have no doubt it is true ... they are paying people to write positive things on the net and even comments on forums :)
    Imagine that! Paying for something that you can have it for FREE ... all you have to do is maintain good relations with your player base :)
    Yes a scam.
    Most of the "bugs" they say will be fixed in 5 months ... are intentional features left there to keep players from advancing too fast.
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  16. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I am with you :)
    but I don't think many know how to accept the difference of opinion because it is easier to shield one's own ;)
  17. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I have never imagined such a thing. I have always considered questionable the marketing carried out by the mother house, as well as their inability to build convincing moments of involvement for the followers (from the poor social interactivity to boring twitches of eternal agonic length). But falling to the point of buying positive reviews or comments, as only the wretched do, is something I (want) refuse to believe.

    This is the only place I know where the many malfunctioning things are "features" placed to put a spoke in the wheel for their customers. And to think that people usually pay for a defect-free product. Anyway the producer's reasons are flawless: when customers are deemed to have excessive demands, they must be stopped or at least slowed down as much as possible.
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  18. ргцт

    ргцт Active Author

    for all of those players that LOVE the new Dark Legacy game .. create a brand new account and get to lvl 100 without a help of your friend/s and without using your credit card .. after that come back and tell me your opinion about the game :)
  19. 7Kana

    7Kana Junior Expert

    In my opinion some people are so addicted to the game that they can no longer even distinguish reality, and it is sad to say it but they do not even notice if they are mistreated, like when the shepherd leads the sheep to be sheared and they follow him meekly, but my letter was not addressed to them, and I also believe that BP does not need defenders, nor accusers, in this letter I expressed a true and heartfelt feeling, what I perceive when I log into the forum since after CE, after all as a player like I was, I just made a request that will certainly not be heard.
    If I wrote this letter knowing that I was fighting against the rubber wall, it is only because, as someone told me 'you have to at least try'.
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  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Instead of paying for actual good developers and training new developers they are paying people to say good comments.
    The irony is that if they made the game passable, good comments would come automatically.

    I mean, i praised BP and the game when i though that they have made a good decision, so i don't think i am an hater.
    Although regretfully, positive comments from me have become very very rare, but not due to me, but due to their decisions.
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