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Discussion in 'Questions about Getting Started in the Game' started by Rafa_Official, Apr 20, 2020.

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  1. Rafa_Official

    Rafa_Official Forum Apprentice

    Hello everyone, I have a question about crafting. Since most of the threads are at least 3 or 4 years old and the game has changed since then, and those threads are no longer open for discussion so i had to start this thread.

    I'm completely new to this game. I discovered it like a month ago and now I've just reached level 55 so i guess now i've to start the crafting process. I've a good idea about it but my question is: based on the current state of golden lines drop rate of various rarity of items, which way is the most efficient to craft 3/4 legendaries or even 4/4 (although it may be too early for me to think about 4/4 since i don't even have a single crafted item yet). And by efficient i mean both time and gold wise. I think trying to minimize the gold costs is more important since farming a lot of gold takes time too. Anyways here are my thoughts, help me decide which one is the best or even if there's a better way please don't hesitate to share it:

    1- Building my way up from greens, I want to collect green items with gold lines and make them into blues.I want to use only one 1/1 green and the rest 3 are junk since it's 25% chance and the cost is low. From here on, all 4 items i put will have gold lines, by that i mean all 4 blues are 1/2 ==> a 2/3 purple.. then make 3 more purples like that ( craft four 2/3 purples ==> 3/4 legendary ). May be dropped 1/2 blues and 2/3 or 1/3 purples may help me a long the way. The purpose of this method is to make the gambling only in imrpoved items since it is cheap to craft the blue item. I think this will require the absolute minimum amount of gold(saving me the gold farming time also) but it totally depends on the drop rate of gold lined greens. Me not knowing the drop rates is the main reason why I'm making this thread. And i know it will HURT when i see my crafted purples I've put in slots 3 and 4 go down the drain when i press revert.

    2- The most common but more expensive way, use 2/3 purples in slots 1 and 2 and junk purples in slots 3 and 4. This method requires a lot of gold and i do have a hard time farming 1k of gold since i can only go as high as painful (normal world painful not PW). The question is do i've to craft the two 2/3 purples that go into slots 1 and 2 ? Or they drop easily ? And if they do drop which difficulty do they drop in ? Cuz i can't find them in painful desert.

    3- A mix of the 2 methods above. This is also because of my lack of knowledge on drop rates, but if 2/3 purples actually drop commonly. I think the time needed for dropping 2 more purples to put in slots 3 and 4 to maximize the odds may be less than the time need for farming enough gold to try over and over with junk purples. But if 2/3 purples aren't that common this would be an unrealistic way.

    So to summarize, it will help me a lot to tell me which way is the best ( not necessarily the best out of these 3 ), what are the pros and cons of it ? (specially how long does it take to craft a 3/4 legendary from scratch). And giving me info on the drop rates of gold lined items of all rarities and tiers would be a great help too.
    Also should i revert and try to get the random line also golden to make a 4/4 legendary ? Or should i settle for a 3/4 and then there are 2 options. Jumping to make a perfect 4/4 platinum or making a 4/4 gloden legendary first out of 3/4 legendaries ?

    These are all the questions i have for now, please help and thank you. If you have anything else to say on this topic ( how to optimize the crafting process ) feel free to share them with everyone.
  2. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    All 3 lines you presented are wrong. Forget about green and blue items in first place. Most efficient way of crafting is starting from purples - 2+2+1+1 or 1+1+1+1 if you don't have double golden. Tripples of course are amazing. Than 3+3+2+2 or 3+3+1+1 on legendaries.
    This is for 4x golden lines. For only 3x golden lines you accept 2x gold from pinkies and throw in 2+2+1/2+1/2. There are no pros and cons, it's simplest and mathematically best in terms of time and gold efficiency. As for platinum lines they are way more rare so the process is very slightly different but you shouldn't be worrying about that for now.

    Don't count on getting golden random enchantment in desired enchantment type. Odds are too low even at very high inferno items which you will not use anyway.

    Besides that it's too early for you to start serious crafting if you farm desert only on painful. What you should do now is concentrate on making kamikaze desert farm on inf II-III. While doing this your crafting process varies because you don't want ONLY enchantments, you want as well high tier, in much lesser degree good base - with rings as well proper base line - on which you kamikazing as you having prospects of wearing those items for a while. Usually this means you postponing crafting for gold lines after you done with kamikaze. You will have plenty of time anyway.

    We don't know exact odds for golden and platinum enchantments appearing.
  3. Moerco

    Moerco Forum Greenhorn

    Some players forgot when they were weak, or have never been weak because they were helped by their guild or so.

    But world is not all white or all black. It is sometimes light grey, or dark grey...

    The most effective way depends on your ability to farm fast, alone or with help.
    If your ability to FAST farm is in Painful mode (I insisted on FAST because it is important to drop a lot), you will have too few purple with gold lines to craft effectively when starting purple. You will have to start from blue or even green.

    If your fast farm level is in Infernal I or higher (in Great Desert for example), you will have so many purple that you may not even pick up blue and green.

    In between, you can choose to start the most crucial equipment (weapon, ornament) from green and the others from purple.

    But starting from green or blue is a long journey and can require a very large inventory.
    You might be better off getting help to start in fatal at least ;)
  4. KingsGambit

    KingsGambit Forum Expert

    What does ability to farm fast have in common with crafting :D:D:D Of course faster better but faster only for sake of faster is pointless.

    Let's take snakes from GD and do some simple math. I'm might be wrong cuz I weren't on low modes there for ages but i think on plainful from them you dropl 4 items - 3 greens and 1 purple or blue and let's count last one as purple. At inf I you drop 5 items - 4 purple + 1green/blue and let's count blue this time. So the number of enchantments in comparison from 1 kill is 6 to 14. Besides that difference in golden lines appeareance is approximately 3x. Overall you getting 42/6= 7 times more golden lines from single kill on snake. So if it takes even much more time to farm inf I you still farming that difficulty level ;) At least at GD cuz it's quite specific map, on other maps differences in mode are much less profitable.

    And yeah crafting from greenies needs huge inventory space + somewhat slows your farm as well as you have to more often check and sell items. I don't find a reason to bother when you can yolo GD as most of us done in solo mode and switch to infernals in short time which already bypasses greenie/blue craft. When you get there greenie/blue is super unefficient as you getting too little of those items and golden enchantment rates are enough to make it unprofitable.

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