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    In Short

    Version 122 provides convenient new features such as the quest progress indicator and various bug fixes.

    Release 122

    Release 122 brings with it a series of convenient features and helpful modifications. This includes a mini-window to display quest progress directly within the game. As always there are also a few bug fixes.

    New Features

    ● Quest Progress Indicator
    A small window on the upper right edge of the screen now provides a quick and convenient way to keep track of your quest progress. If you're not happy with the pre-selection, you can use the quest log to specify which quest should be tracked. You can also hide the window if it bothers you. We're pleased to offer this classic feature in Drakensang and are excited to hear your feedback to fine-tune it even further.

    ● Dynamic Adjustable Viewpoint
    The game window automatically adjusts to the size of your browser window; this also means that the game is not starting its minimized size anymore.


    ● Switching to "Improved Image Quality" no longer requires a restart of the client, but rather takes effect immediately.

    ● The successful hit animation for Water Vortex has been added in. In addition, the visuals on the successful hit animations for Buzzsaw, Snare Plant and Technikus have been adjusted.

    ● An improvement to our quest tool means that class-specific quests are now better integrated into quest series. Quest progression should now flow more smoothly in some places.

    ● There are now realistic fire effects in all regions. Torches, campfires and other sources of fire have been completely replaced throughout the game.

    Selected Bugfixes

    ● The entry to Kingshill has been reworked to make the entry situation more clear on the map and to avoid graphics errors.

    ● Grizmek the Tamer is no longer depicted incorrectly.

    ● The "Mechanical Set" for level 43 can now also be found from the Steam Mechanics in Myrdosch.

    ● The tooltip for the Slifmoor Steel Carbine has been corrected.

    ● The click box for Gorgons has been readjusted to work correctly. Going forward you will be able to move around and react to them much more dynamically and precisely during battle. For example, you'll no longer attack gorgons incessantly if you click two meters away from them.

    ● The time-delay explosion of the Steam Mechanic skill "Heavy Shot" is now also triggered if the monster dies before detonation.

    ● Character names during arena battles are now only visible if the character itself is within the field of vision. They are no longer distributed about the entire map.

    ● Several quests in Myrdosch have been reordered. In the past it was possible for players to be assigned quests that could only be pursued much later. This made it hard to follow the storyline.

    ● The support pillars in the quest "High and Dry" in Mystras have been redesigned to actually look like support pillars.

    ● The various Blessings in Surprise Chests have been replaced with lock picks. These were legacy items and were much too strong for the existing balancing system, especially in PvP.
    A comment from the game designers can be found here: Surprise Box Changes

    ● Erroneous values for Steam Mechanic tools available for purchase have been corrected. The critical hit values for several of these items were too high and the Steam Regeneration rate was incorrectly classified.

    Known Issues & Last Minute Fixes

    MAC OS X Downloadable Client
    ·If you resize the game window to a size zero (the size of your mouse cursor) the game crashes
    ·Occasionally the game client might crash if you enter the map for the 6v6 match in Player versus Player

    ●Adjustable Browser Window
    ·While scaling the game window to a maximum, sometimes the mini map appears to shake when opened

    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Duria!
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