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    ~ Event Guide ~


    Before she died in Lor'Tac, Nefertari gave one of her minions, an old woman named Anabell Chester, who's dabbled in Andermagic, the knowledge how to perform a special ritual to travel back in time.Her mission: bury splinters of Nefertari's soul in different times areas. With the rise of the old Alliance and more powerful heroes fighting her son Balor, Nefertari wanted to make damn sure she was able to return from the realm of the dead in the Anderworld (not the World's Heart!). The splinters of her soul then still connect her to this world and provide her with an anchor to Dracania.

    So Anabell Chester, who also knows Queen Antonia from childhood and is having an old grudge against her, plans to destabilize the Kingshill area while burying pieces of Nefertari's soul. She whipped up rituals in the village of Silverlode to open the portals necessary for the time travel. She also picked locations in the vicinity of Kingshill to easily find them again, no matter how much time had passed in between (and how bad her memory would still get).​

    By opening those portals in time, Anabell Chester spread Time Dust over the world, infusing things and beings with it and tearing monster with her to aid her. These monsters are the first monsters to set foot on Dracania after the closing of the portals because all times in which Chester travels to lie before the story of DSO actually begins (with the exception of the Hagastove Grotto storyline, which takes place a couple of weeks after that).​


    Quick Overview

    Required levels20-50 (see note below)
    Duration10 days
    Number of Quests17

    Please note: The event is playable from character level 20 and onwards. You can play the event on your own (single), but it might be easier to play in a group. A group can have a maximum of 5 people.

    Start the Event

    To start the event you need to enter the city of Kingshill and speak with Queen Antonia, who can be found in the north side of the city. Accept her quest and make your way to the village of Silverode.The entrance to Silverode is located in the city of Kingshill, between NPC Father Fidelis and the entrance to the Wild Forest. In Silverode you will encounter NPC Seer. Speak with the Seer and follow his instructions from now on.Throughout the event you will travel to the past and learn more about the personal stories of known Drakensang Online characters, for example, you will learn why Shady Jon has not always been that shady!

    Non Player Characters (NPC)

    An overview of all important non-player-characters that are involved in this event.

    pp02.pngQueen AntoniaKingshillWill offer you the main quest and is the the main protagonist of
    a side quest.
    pp03.pngThe SeerSilverodeHas noticed anomalies in the screen of time. Wants to send the
    player in Antonia's past to see what goes on there. Gives advice and supports
    the whole Event with quests.
    pp04.pngMayor EvanstPast SilverodeExplains to the player what has happened to Antonia. He wants the player
    to rescue her and bring her back to the village.
    pp05.pngZumpePast Pilgrim’s PathThe main protagonist of a side quest
    pp06.pngShady JonSilverode Past Hagastove GrottoA merchant that offers items that are connected to the event and the main
    protagonist of a side quest.
    pp07.pngMalyssaPast Hagastove GrottoThe main protagonist of a side quest.

    Important Items

    During the course of the event you will need several items in order to succeed. The most important ones are listed here:

    pp08.pngTime DustAvailable in in-game shop (hotkey T) - Yes
    Available from: worthy opponents (enemies who are a minimum and a maximum of 5 levels compared to your character’s level).Time Dust will only drop outside of Silverode.
    Purpose: Is needed as entrance fee to access the maps after Silverode.
    Daily Login Package - For every day that you log in, your character will receive 50 x Time Dust
    pp09.pngHourglassAvailable in in-game shop (hotkey T) - Yes
    Available from: In Silverode and throughout the maps that one can access from Silverode you will come across Hourglasses that are guarded by Time Souls. Defeat the souls, click on the Hourglass and collect the Hourglass.
    Purpose: Hourglasses are needed to summon Time Twins in ritual spots (see section Time Twins).
    pp10.pngLost TimeAvailable in in-game shop (hotkey T) - Yes
    Available from: drop from one of the four Time Twins, the Time Sorceress and Festive Amphorae
    Purpose: Is needed to fill the progress bar of this event and get rewarded with the event’s main reward: Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet
    pp11.pngSoul SplinterAvailable in in-game shop (hotkey T) - No
    Available from: You will get this item first as a quest item from a Time Twin and later on the Seer will hand it back to you so you can use it to enter the Silver Mine.
    Purpose: Is needed to enter the map Silver Mine and face the Time Sorceress.

    Time Portals to the past

    Throughout the event you will visit several places that you can only access via Silverode. Portals will appear in Silverode in which you can time travel to the past and visit familiar places. In order to enter the portals you will have to have enough Time Dust. A portal will stay open as long as you have not completed the quest row that is connected to the location.​

    Silverode (present)​
    Past Silverode
    Entrance fee: 50 x Time Dust
    Story of NPC:Queen Antonia
    Past Hagastove Grotto
    Entrance fee: 100 x Time Dust
    Story of NPCs: Malyssa Shady Jon
    Past Pilgrim’s Path
    Entrance fee: 100 x Time Dust
    Story of NPC: Zumpe
    Past Neverhill
    Entrance fee: 100 x Time Dust
    Story of NPC:Levander​
    Silver Mine
    Entrance fee for the first time you enter:
    150 x Time Dust
    1 x Soul Splinter

    Entrance fee every other time you enter:
    150 x Time Dust​

    How to use Hourglasses & Summon Time Twins

    When playing through the quest rows of the event you will have to chase down the Time Sorceress. Before you can take on the Time Sorceress you will have to defeat several copies of her, the Time Twins.In order to summon the Time Twins you will need at least 15 x Hourglasses.

    You can find Hourglasses all over Silverode and maps within Silverode.Time Twins can only be summoned on specific spot. These spots are marked with an hourglass. Click on them to start the ritual and summon the Time Twin.​

    Fight against the Time Twins


    Time Twins will only appear alone; however, you will have to defeat multiple ones throughout the course of the event. The faster you defeat the Time Twin the better; because the longer you need the more monsters will spawn. That’s right, Time Twins are mean summoners and will try to set up a small army to defeat you. Next to that be prepared to be nimble; the Time Twins can conjure homing missiles! And if this was not enough, did we mention that all of the Time Twins have random monster enchantments?Defeat them and collect high stacks of Lost Time to progress in the event and get closer to the main villain: the Time Sorceress.​

    Main Villain: The Time Sorceress

    After completing all quests you will be able to access the Silver Mine and face the Time Sorceress. When you enter the mine your skills will be deactivated. This area is a safety area, where you can rest and be unharmed by the Time Sorceress. Once you leave this area the Time Sorceress will attack you immediately. Same as her evil copies, the Time Twins, the Sorceress is a skilled summoner and will not be alone for long. Defeat her and set an end to all the chaos once and for all!
    If you are lucky you will be able to obtain Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet from her. If not, don’t worry, once you defeated the Time Sorceress once, you will be able to visit her unlimited times, provided you have enough Time Dust to enter the Silver Mine. In order to progress in the event you will have to battle the Time Sorceress multiple times to collect Lost Time.​

    Main event reward: Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet

    Next to Draken, Legendary armor and gem bags you can obtain Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet as main reward of this event. Simply fill the progress bar of the event by collecting 4000 pieces of Lost Time and you will be rewarded with 2 pieces of this amulet. However, be aware that you can get a much mightier version of the amulet, see below:

    pp26.pngAntonia’s Timeshifted Amulet
    (Tier 1)
    This amulet has a 4,7 % to drop from enemies of the type Leader in the maps of Silverode and a 9% chance to drop from the Time Sorceress.
    Combine 4 of Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulets (Tier 1) to 1 Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 2):

    pp26.png pp26.png pp26.png pp26.png pp27.png pp28.png
    pp28.pngAntonia’s Timeshifted Amulet
    (Tier 2)
    Combine 4 of Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulets (Tier 2) to 1 Antonia’s Timeshifted Amulet (Tier 3)

    pp28.png pp28.png pp28.png pp28.png pp27.png pp29.png
    pp29.pngAntonia’s Timeshifted Amulet
    (Tier 3)
    This item can only be crafted and has the highest enchantments out of all tiers.

    On its highest level the amulet will grant your character the following benefits:
    + 300 all resistance values
    10,00% faster attack speed
    + 450 Critical hit value

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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